What I Eat

Most would label me as being a Vegan but I don't like labels. :) I would have to say that I try my best to eat a clean whole food plant based diet. I do have my occasional indulgences and eat things that wouldn't be considered Vegan or healthy but I hey it's life. I am doing my best to live close to my truths in a sustainable and healthy way. I don't believe in restrictions or deprivation but I do believe in discipline and intuitive eating.

I believe we all have an innate wisdom that guides us through life. We tend to get off course when we allow others to drown out that wisdom with their own opinions. So learning to make the mind, body and soul connection is a very important part of living a healthy lifestyle and achieving permanent weight loss.

I am also a huge advocate of educating yourself and doing your own research. If it doesn't work for you or make you feel your best then don't do it. We were all built unique so why should we follow the same diet?

I try my best to create great healthy meals that my daughter and I enjoy eating. I like to share those recipes so make sure you check them out by clicking the "Recipe" tab.