Soul Food

Just as food and exercise fuel and strengthen the body.... prayer and meditation fuel the soul. We can't focus on one and deny the other.

I believe that we are all spiritual beings. In order to reach our fullest potential we must nurture every part of our being. So taking time to meditate, pray, read, sing, dance or perform what ever expression your spirit desires is important.

Through my own personal wellness journey I have found it helpful to create a positive dialogue in my mind. This in turn helps power my spirit and give me the energy to pursue my goals, passions and dreams with more intensity.

Telling myself that I am powerful, strong and capable and loving myself through this process has helped me reach many of the goals I have accomplished this far.

Coming from a abusive childhood and rocky marriage I have had to change the way I perceive life. I now know that "as a man thinks so is he" and so I do my best to feed my soul positivity in order to reap positive results.

Did you know that many of the food cravings we have often stem from a deeper desire? Learning to connect to your deeper self will help heal those cravings and create a healthier body and mind.

So take time out from your busy schedule to make that connection and feed your soul.