Progress Pics

                                                                 My heaviest: 245 lbs.

October 2009 (side)

October 2009 (front)

March 2012 (front)

March 2012 (side)

Although the scale does reflect a weight loss at times we get discouraged because the progress does not seem sufficient. The results may at times even seem to go by too slow. BUT reflecting back on where our journey began helps to keep us motivated and inspired.

I may not be at my goal yet but I am so proud of my progress. There are times I get discouraged because I still feel fat but I have to remember this is a journey. I must celebrate every achievement.

It is not just about my body changing or my weight dropping it is most importantly about my perception. My mind must be transformed in the process so that I can appreciate the journey.

Sometimes we can lose weight but our minds still have not healed from the pain that caused us to become overweight. That can lead us to add all the weight back and then some.

 So for me I have to appreciate every part of my journey and reflect back. I often re-read my blogs especially when I get discouraged. Those days still try to come creep in and sabotage my progress.

BUT as long as I have this blog as a journal I can remember that hard work, dedication and discipline do pay off. They not only transform your body but they transform your mind and soul.

I am grateful for this journey and for those of you that have followed me. Thank you.