How I Workout

I love working out. I feel super powerful when I can lift some heavy weights or run on the treadmill. I believe in doing what you love because who wants to do anything they don't love. If you love what you do you will be more inclined to stay consistent and that is when you will reap the best results.
So my physical activities involve doing the things I love most which are: weight training, running, Zumba, dancing, kickboxing, yoga and spin.
I do most of these activities at my community center gym, home or outdoors when the weather permits. I also enjoy working out with videos and creating my own circuit training workouts.
I have spent years following other peoples workouts but I believe (just like eating) our bodies know what they love and want. So I try to listen to my body and mix things up. I don't want to force my body to do something it doesn't want because it causes unneeded stress that is not healthy nor does it promote weight loss.
So do what you love and you will stick to it! Most importantly love yourself enough to make the time to workout....YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Make time to nurture, restore and replenish your body. REST!!!