About Me

My healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey started after battling weight issues for several years. I can't really remember when I wasn't on a diet. I grew up being self conscious and insecure about myself. My nickname as a kid was "Gordies" meaning little fat one.

I don't really think I was ever fat as a kid but I wasn't skinny either. My grandma loved feeding me sweets and fast food. I guess that was her way of showing she loved me. I also come from a Mexican background so tortillas, refried beans and rice were a staple in my diet growing up. I also had sugary Kool-Aid and Little Debbies snacks running through my veins. I wasn't very active as a child either so it was no surprise that my upbringing lead me towards a unhealthy path.

I got married to my high school friend in my 20's and had our first child a year later. Sadly my marriage didn't go how I expected and we found ourselves separated after 2 years of marriage. The emotions of a marriage shaken by infidelity and dealing with childhood abuse baggage had a toll on me.

I quickly switched into survival mode and my emotional eating began. I tried to shut every emotion up with food. This lead me to my all time highest weight of 245lbs. I may have weighed more at some point but I stopped stepping on the scale when I saw that number.

I tried several diets and diet pills only to lead me to the same place over and over again. Believe me I know the frustration of losing 10 lbs and then gaining 20 back. I did that for over 8 yrs. Then finally one day I realized that if I didn't get a hold of myself I was going to leave my daughter behind.

I knew that as a single mom I had to be my best to ensure I was setting a good example. I didn't want to leave my daughter in this world without any guidance. So after being depressed about myself and having several pity parties I did something about it.

I prayed and asked God to help me. I surrendered my heart and waited to hear from Him. Then I realized something that would change my life for ever. I was God's Temple.

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" 1 Corinthians 3:16

How could I be so in love with God but be treating myself so bad. How could I reflect His love and not love myself? It was my responsibility to not only worship and honor God with my spirit but also with my body. My lack of discipline and obedience was reflecting outwardly. So I decided to make some changes in my life.

The work started from within as I began to meditate and treat my body as a sacred Temple. You see the baggage I was carrying was not only emotional but physical. I was holding onto the pain and it was killing me. I was literally eating myself to death.

I didnt' want to live that life anymore. I didn't want to be a prisoner to my emotions anymore so I took control of my life. I started researching nutrition and how food reacts in the body. I also started exercising and making small goals.

Fast forward to this present day and I am over 60 lbs into my journey. I have managed to release over 60 lbs, complete a 1/2 marathon, run my first Mad Mud Run, heal my emotional pain, and make the steps to start up my own wellness empire and become a certified personal trainer and health coach.

I stepped out of being a victim and stepped into being an overcomer and full of power. I now know that everything is possible as long as you listen to your heart, pursue your passion and surrender your life to God.

Everything that you read on this blog is from my own personal experience. I am not a nutritionist or doctor. It is important that you do consult a professional before you start your own wellness journey.

I hope you stick around and follow my journey. <3 <3