Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Small Update

I have decided not to blog as much for a little while to catch up on some things that need my full attention. I still regularly update my facebook page since that gets more attention than my blog. I haven't decided if I want to make my blog that public and attach it to my facebook page. You can access my page from my blog but those on my page don't know about my blog.

I might create a new blog or I might just keep it private. I am not sure yet. So anyways that is how it is for right now.

So lately I have been sticking to my nutrition plan pretty well except for Saturday because I attended a birthday party and had a few sweet treats. I didn't over do it but I had more than I wanted to. I also wasn't prepared at home and had some processed meat alternatives. Still not horrible but not what I wanted.

My workouts have been amazing though. I have been working out 4-5 days per week. Although it's been super hot (111 degrees yesterday) I have been going to the park to run after work.

I make sure to take a big gallon of water and stay hydrated during my workout. I also listen to my body and try my best to take small breaks if I feel overheated. I love working out outdoors because it doesn't make my workout feel like a chore. There is something about breathing fresh air, seeing the green grass and trees, and seeing other active people also enjoying nature.

I have been going to a park that has large steep hills. It is a soccer park so it has a large bowl were most of the games take place. I go in the bowl and find the largest steepest hill to sprint. Most of the time I sprint but sometimes I just jog up to the top and walk back down. I also walk backwards and sideways.

I also like doing pushups, squats, jumping jacks and jump squats in between each hill run. That mixes it up for me and really gives me a great workout. Sometimes I go to the playground area and use a bench to do step ups and dips.

I have been enjoying these workout and look forward to them. Some days I dread them but once I get out there and breathe the fresh air I feel awesome and motivated to kick my own butt. I usually workout until I feel exhausted and ready to pass out. :) That is when I know I have done enough.

When I don't go to the park I like to lift weights at home and do an intense circuit training routine. BUT I enjoy the outdoor a looooooot more. I have also decided to walk during work. My job is pretty boring. We are not busy at all so I have a chance to go outside and walk around the property for some exercise.

Yep it is hot as heck but a little sweat never hurt anybody. :)

So that's the update on my fitness journey. See you later. Thanks for checking on me.

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