Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LiveFit Trainer Phase 1

I will be starting this progam again on Monday. For those of you that want to follow along and transform your body here is a link to Phase 1.

The reason I love this program so much is because it gives you a daily workout with numbers of sets and reps as well as a meal plan. What is better than a free program that works?

A personal trainer would be nice to help keep you on track but when you have determination you can accomplish great things on your own.

So why not challenge yourself and get your sexy, healthy summer body in 12 weeks?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to get shredded!/pages/LiveFit-Journey/321466511218445

I wanted to share this page because I find her journey very inspiring. She also followed the same 12 week LiveFit program I did but stuck to the nutrition plan and lifted heavy.

I was consistant with my workout but did not follow the meal plan and didn't lift as heavy as I probably could have.

After two rounds of the LiveFit program this woman is getting ready to compete in her first competition. That is completely inspiring to me.

So this next round of the LiveFit trainer I promise to stick to my meal plan and lift heavy. I can't wait to get started this Monday.

I do plan on adding 2 days of HIIT in phase one just to make sure I am shedding fat. Phase 1 doesn't have any cardio in it but I was advised to add it anyways. :)

Woohooo for a strong, lean and sexy summer body!!!! :)

                                          These are her results after 1 round of LiveFit trainer.

                                                    After round 2....WOW! Amazing right?

For ME!!!

October 2009


                                                                   March 2012

Sometimes I have a hard time accepting that I have changed. I look in the mirror at times and still see myself as overweight. At times in my mind I still think of myself as an overweight 245lbs woman. I know I still have weight to lose to reach my ideal body but I have come a long way.

I have to remind myself when I am exercising that I am an athlete. I am not an overweight 245 lb out of shape woman anymore. I have the ability to run and I am healthy and strong. I am fit no matter what I still weigh. :)

I guess I struggle with these feelings at times because I feel I am not progressing fast enough. There are times I get so upset because I see people losing weight and transforming their bodies over a few months and my journey has taken over a year.

I know that I have lacked being consistent with my diet at times and that is one reason that I am not seeing the results I want. I am doing my best to get that under control now.

I just wanted to post this blog for myself so that I could see that I have changed. Even though it has taken me a while I have lost it in a healthy way. I have stuck to eating a plant based diet and stayed active as much as I can.

Along this weight loss journey I have became more educated about food and exercise. I have also learned how to deal with my emotional eating. There are still times that I catch myself having a slip up but I can pretty much catch it in time to stop myself.

This blog has really served as a journal along my weight loss journey. I initially started it to have a way of being accountable and letting my cousins take this journey with me. I was inspired by their passion for being healthy and wanted to start my own journey.

So here is where I started back in October 2009 and where I am now. Not so shabby but I hope to have some amazing progress pics to show by October 2012. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Portabello Burger

Pic: Taken from internet. Not pic of my actual burger.

I forgot to take a picture of my dinner last night but it was of course amazing and yummy. My daughter came up with the idea of making portabello burgers last night. Since I hadn't used my cheat meal yet I decided to have one too with some baked sweet potato fries. Oh and earlier that day I ate a Cadbury cream filled egg. I used to love these when I was little.

So anyways I bought two large portabello mushrooms and marinated them in balsamic vinegar and dried herbs. I cooked them in a pan and added veggie broth as they began to stick to the pan. I don't use oil when I cook so I use the veggie broth instead.

When they were done cooking I sprinkled some Daiya (vegan) mozzerella cheese and let it melt. Then I put the burger between a whole wheat bun with some ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce and tomato.

I also made some homemade sweet potato fries in the oven and seasoned them with sea salt and garlic powder. These burgers were so amazing I wish I could have another one. Maybe on my next cheat meal I will. :)

I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic but I enjoyed my burger with my daughter while we watched movies.

So as you can see it is easy and economical to eat plant strong. No need for beef when you have a nice "meaty" portabello mushroom. :)

Nutritional facts:
There are 452 calories in 6 ounces of cooked Lean Ground Beef.
Calorie breakdown: 61% fat, 0% carbs, 39% protein

There are 42 calories in a 121 gram Portabello Mushroom (or 1 cup sliced)
Calorie breakdown: 1 gram fat, 6 grams carbs, 5 grams protein.

So if you look at it like this what is your best option? :) Hands down the Portabello Burger!

Saves your wallet, heart and waist line. :) That makes it even yummier...don't you think?

Boxing Class

On Sunday I went to a free boxing class that I signed up for at LA Boxing. I thought it was a kickboxing class but it was just boxing. I had so much fun. It was an amazing class because the instructor was awesome.

I really wish I could afford to take these classes on a regular basis but the intial sign up cost is too much for me right now. I have too many other things that I am saving up for in the next fews months so this is not a good time for me to invest in this boxing gym.

The reason I really wanted to take these classes is because they actually use punching bags for the entire class. It is not shadow boxing or cardio kickboxing. Those are still amazing workouts because I used to take them but there is something even more awesome about hitting a bag.

So let me explain how the class went. First you start off by warming up. The warm up had me breathless. I am in pretty good shape but I was still a little challenged. We ran around the bags (about 50 of them) while doing several punching combonations. We even ran sideways while punching....that takes coordination lol! Then the instructor would say do 25 jumping jacks, 10 pushups or situps spontaneously while we were running.

After the warm up which seemed to last about 10 minutes we began doing combonations on the bags. Then the instructor would come around to us individually and have us hit his pads. I guess I hold my breath when I hit so he kept remining me to breathe. :)

Half way through the class my right hand was in lots of pain. I guess I was wailing that bag pretty hard. There were two other ladies in the class and they barely tapped the bag. My bag was swinging around in circles because of how hard I was hitting it. So I guess that explains the pain. :)

I was able to keep up with the whole class despite my hand pain. I wasn't breatheless since I am pretty conditioned. I did have to stop a few times for a drink. I had brought water with some amino acid in it so it helped me get through the workout.
After the boxing combos we did some floor work. We did pushups and lots of abs. I was pretty proud of my planks but I was struggling through some of the ab moves because I was tired already. I prefer to do abs before a workout because I can really focus on the muscle but when I am tired I tend to not do them right and use other muscles to get me up.

That pretty much sums up the class. After class the instructor gave everyone pointers and told them what they needed to work on. He said I did great but needed to stand further away from the bag. I have never really punched a bag before so I am glad he told me. :) I really enjoyed it and hopefully one day I can afford to sign up for a memebership or find another gym that is less pricey.

I took a pic in the bathroom before I started. I didn't intend to but I pulled up my shirt to tuck in my tank top and was shocked at how small I looked. I want a mirror like that in my house. :)
When I got home I made this post workout meal. I made my normal salad with mixed greens, tofu, asparagus, salsa and apple cider vinegar. I also added a medium sweet potato with some salsa. It was so delicious. :) I also drank a large glass of cold unsweetened green tea.

So Sunday I would have to say I had a great day. I prepared some of my weekly meals and made sure I had all my gym clothes washed. I also went grocery shopping to make sure I had all the food I needed to have a successful week. :)

Here is what is on my meal plan this week:
Breakfast: protein shake (1 scoop chocolate raspberry plantfusion protein powder, water, 2/3 c. berries, 1 tsp raw almond butter)
AM snack: 2 brown rice cakes w/ 1 tbsp hummus, 1/2 c. cucumber, 2 slices tomato)
Lunch: 4 oz baked tofu, mixed greens salad, 1/2 c. cucumber, 2 tbsp salsa, apple cider vinegar
PM snack: small apple with 1 tbsp almond butter
Post workout: protein drink (water w/ plantfusion)
Dinner: Large Salad with mixed greens, 3/4 c beans, 2 tbsp salsa, 1/2 c cucumber, 1 tbsp apple cidar vinegar

On my one high carb day I add 1 small sweet potato or a 1/2 c. of quinoa to lunch and dinner.
I also get one cheat meal per week. I will use that when I am in Calfornia and I go to the vegan mexican restaurant my uncle is taking me too.

I plan on cooking my meals and having them with me when I am out. We will see how this goes. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

For My Prima Iris

My cousing Iris is doing a bikini photo shoot this May and wanted some suggestions on what type of swim suits I thought she should wear. She has an amazing our glass figure and does a lot of pin up style hair tutorials on YouTube so I thought these would look amazing on her.

I plan on doing a pin up style photo shoot this summer and picked a few suits I thought I would look good in. I am not doing a bikini photo shoot but I would like to wear a swimsuit as one of my styles. I am working hard to look amazing in one so I want to show my hard work off. I am not quite there but I will be by August.

If I look really hot by then this is my ultimate bathing suit I would like to wear. I can't wear this kind of top though because it's low in the front and I have scares from my breat reduction surgery. This is the general style though so I will aim high for it. I prefer the high waisted bottoms because they will cover my stretch marks. :)

The icing on the cake would be to look like this one day. I think she has an amazing toned and feminine physique. I know she has worked hard for it and her level of dedication inspires me. :)
Nicole Wilkins

Postnatal Exercises With Mama and Baby Part I

Working out with your little one can be fun. Why not try something like this if you have a small baby at home and can't find the time to workout on your own.

Like I said can find time. So try this little workout and see how you feel. Not only will you feel awesome but your little one will enjoy spending time with you. Just make sure they don't have a full stomach before you do!

This baby is a perfect workout buddy. She is so adorable too.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I saw this on someones Facebook profile and it brought tears to my eyes. I am at a place in my life where I feel like I am at the edge of glory.

That place where you know something is possible if you just commit yourself.

That place where you can see the vision in your can taste the victory of success.

You know you are at the point of something great BUT......

you feel something is holding you back.

I know the only thing holding me back is MYSELF!

Nothing and no one can keep me from achieving success.

I have all the tools I need to achieve my goal and today I am committing myself to it.

I will eat, sleep and train for success.

It's nothing but progress from this day forward. :)

I speak it NOW and I walk in it everyday.

Make A Game Plan

I was thinking about one of the post I made the other day about finding time to workout. I hope I didn't sound insensitive because I am not. I am a single mother and know how time consuming it can be to take care of a child. Having more than one makes it even more difficult...especially if you don't have a spouse or a supportive spouse.

The thing is that if you really want to lose weight and get healthy you can make time. YES YOU CAN! Even if you have 10 minutes here and there throughout the day you can get in a good little workout.

Every little bit makes a difference and drives you closer to your goal. Let's say one day you only have 15 minutes to workout. Then another day you have 30. Maybe on your days off you have 1 hour to give while your little one sleeps or they are at school.

Every minute you take to dedicate to improve your health will not only make you more fit but also help transform your mind. The more time we can give ourselves will make us feel better about ourselves and perhaps motivate us to find more time to workout.

Eating well is also something we can find time to do. Many have the misconception that eating healthy is expensive and time consuming. If you are going to buy specialty prepackaged items then yes it can be expensive but keep it simple.

Buy lots of veggies and fruit when in season. If they are out of season they will cost more. Many international markets have great prices on produce as well.

Buying grains and beans out of bulk bins can sometimes be more economical too.

A great healthy meal can be as simple a 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1/2 cup of rice and 2 cups of veggies with salsa. How inexpensive is that? The best part is because it is nutritional dense food that is full of fiber you will stay fuller longer. A great snack can be a piece of fruit with some natural peanut butter or some hummus and raw veggies.

You don't have to buy "low fat" diet food to lose weight and get healthy. To be honest many prepackaged foods that claim to be healthy are not. Try eating food in it's naturalist state. Stay away from prepackaged food as much as possible.

Taking time to make your meals a head of time is also a great idea. Once again do it when the kids are playing, taking a nap, doing their homework or at school. If you don't have a spouse try asking a friend or family member if they can come over once a week to help babysit while you dedicate time to cooking your food.

Making oatmeal, beans and grains in a big batch helps with meal preparation through the week. You can also premake turkey muffins or mini egg white omelette's ahead of time too. Try mixing some lean ground turkey (I used to use Jenny O) with your favorite seasoning and veggies and then portion them out into a muffin pan. Bake them in the oven and you have a perfect little portion of lean protein. Same thing with the egg whites. Mix egg whites with veggies and seasoning and put them in muffins tins and bake them.

Cut up veggies and fruit and section them out into snack sized zip lock baggies. Do the same with nuts and dried (unsweetened) fruit.

This can also be an easy thing to grab and go when you running out the door to run an errand.

Making sure you have food available will also prevent you from eating things you shouldn't eat during a ravenous moment of hunger. I like to fill baggies or mini Tupperware containers with protein powder and carry it with me for a quick mini meal.

See things can be simple if you prepare. We all have time to prepare. I used to stay up until 12am sometimes just to prepare my weekly meals. I would wait until my daughter went to bed and then I would go to the kitchen and get cooking.

I have heard many mommies say "I am too tired when I get home from work". Did you know that if you eat well and workout you will have more energy and feel great?

It's true. I know some days we are so tired we can't muster up energy to do anything other than ploop in front of the TV. I also know that there are days we are just not motivated because I have been there.

I sometimes get so tired of trying to lose weight and eat healthy that I want to buy a bunch of junk food and pig out. Or I am so discouraged about my weight loss that I want to just skip the gym. BUT GUESS WHAT? I do my best to chose the healthy option and I feel so much better for it.

Choosing to slack off can sometimes set you back mentally. Yes, we all have those days when we chose do "cheat" ourselves by eating bad or skipping our workout but we can't let them get us off track. After that "cheat" you have to regroup and get back on track. Don't let one bad decision lead to another or an entire day of poor eating.

Okay so what do you do about working out now that you have a plan for food? The best thing in my opinion is to do circuit training. You can even do it at work during your lunch break. You can do something like this:

10 Pushups (on the floor or against a wall or desk) (works: chest, back, arms and core)
10 Squats (works: glutes, legs and some core)
10 Jumping jacks (or march with high knees) (light to moderate cardio depending on your intensity)
10 Standing Abs (tuck your pelvis under as you contract your abs and crunch your upper body)
10 Standing Jack knives (abs)

Do these moves consecutively without rest. When done rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat 2-4 times depending on your time and fitness level.

This is a simple way to get a little workout that will help tone your body, get your heart pumping and give you some energy.

You can even take resistance bands with you to work and get a little toning in while you sit at your desk or during a lunch or break. Your possibilities are endless.

Why not do some circuit training while watching your favorite show on TV. You can even get a circuit in while making dinner. Hey we women are notorious for multitasking. While the rice cooks or the lasagna bakes get your workout on. :)

You can even include your children into your new healthy lifestyle. Why not take them along on your walk or run. They can even mimick you while you do some resistance training at home. If you make it like a fun game and praise them they will more likely to get involved and help you reach your goals.

When you go grocery shopping give them a small list of items to buy and let them push around their own cart or carry a basket. Make it into a scavenger hunt and see if they can identify the produce on their list. Reward them with a date to the park or a yummy healthy fruit smoothie.

Getting fit doesn't mean you have to eat organic and have a gym membership. Making a plan to get fit will take you a long way. So map out your course and start your journey today. Don't wait til Monday to get moving. :)

Note: Please remember I am not a health professional or nutritionist. I am just a mommy on a journey to get healthy. I offer these tips as motivation to help you along your fitness journey. Please remember to exercise within your limits and consult a physician before starting any diet or exercise plan. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Do It

I am one of those people who analyze everything. I want to know how and why things work. I weigh my options and think what if it doesn't go right.

BUT what if it does. What if I consistantly eat clean, exericise and sleep well?

I will succeed at achieving my goals.

I am determined to make it happen because I know it will happen.

The journey has been long but every step has been worth the journey.

I heard that "fear" is just an emotion. So maybe that is one emotion that I am still feeding because I am afraid at succeeding.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

By Marianne Williamson

Well I am going to starve that emotion and JUST DO IT...........

Motivation and Encouragement

Back Pain

I did my old Turbo Jam DVD on Tuesday and my back and waist was on fire on Wednesday morning when I woke up. It even hurt to cough. So yesterday I thought it would be best to take a rest day.

I woke up today feeling a little better so I will do the DVD again when I get home from work. I looked into a kickboxing class at LA Boxing. I am going to try a free class this Sunday. I will let you know how it goes.

I decided to go with this gym because they use punching bags versus just shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is great for an awesome cardio workout but you really get shredded when you hit a bag.

I am super excited to start incorporating these classes into my workout schedule. Hopefully they are affordable enough for me to do at least 3 times per week.

I totally miss kickboxing. I love being able to beat something up and get fit at the same time....LOL!

Yesterday after work my mom asked if I wanted to go eat somewhere so we went to a buffet. That is safe for me because I know I can eat a large salad and have some fruit too.

I ate well and did my best to avoid eating else. I absolutely love the dessert bars at buffets but stayed away this time. I did have a tiny piece of a coconut macaroon (my favorite) and a few pieces of fortune cookie.

Other than that I had a large salad and a few pieces of honey dew and watermelon for dessert.
It was so difficult to smell all the food and see people eating sweets that I wanted to eat. But I did well considering the pressure.

I was happy to get out of there though.........

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just some pics

I wanted to show you a few pics I recently took. I shock myself when I look in the mirror sometimes. I looked rather small in this pic so I wanted to capture the moment. I took it this morning while I was getting ready for work. You can also see I have my breakfast in the bathroom. See my protein shake and my glass of water. I am a multitasker for sure. I ate oatmeal once while sitting on the toilet...EWWWWW! I know that might be TMI but it's the truth. No to make it happen one way or another. Notice my shirt. :) I made these shirts when I ran the 1/2 marathon.

I have skinny little legs because I took after my grandma (my dad's mom). I am happy to say that they are buffer now. I want to focus on building them bigger by adding more muscle so I know I have to stop running so much because they slim down too much. I took this pic last night before I went to bed. :)

Just a few pics to keep you updated on my progress. :)

What's your motivation?

I know how difficult it can be to find time to be healthy when you are a mom. It is the common excuse that many women make.

"I don't have time to cook healthy food"

"I don't have time to exercise"

My question is:

"How much time do you give others?"

"How much TV do you watch?"

"How much time do you spend in front of the computer or on the phone?"

"How many times do you push snooze in the morning?"

Honestly, how important is it to you to be healthy?

Forget the skinny jeans and sexy dresses.

How important is it to you to live a long healthy and happy life?

Not just for yourself but for your children and spouse.

Healthy relationships start with YOU.

How can we fill someone else's cup when our cup is empty.

I feel that fitness and proper nutrition play an important role in those relationships.

Not only do they make us feel better but we can in turn strengthen our relationships with others.

So how do you start?

How do you make time for yourself?

How do you make that change and start transforming your life?

Let's start with motivation.

What is motivating you to change?

You have to be moved into action.

You can't accomplish anything without having something driving you.

God's spirit lives within us and definitely strengthens us but what gets you to put feet to your faith?

Each of us has a different answer to that question but you have to start by being completely honest with yourself because that answer will pick you up when you fall.

That answer will keep that fridge closed, make you push harder, keep you from pushing snooze, and make you put your gym clothes on when you want to stay home.

The journey to a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. There are pits and falls that we must encounter because they were designed to make us stronger.

This journey is a mental and physical one. You can't discipline the body if you first don't discipline your mind.

So ask yourself the question and then be still long enough to hear your heart answer.

AND then.....Get moving!!!!!!!!

Brown Rice and Lentil Rolls

6 large Swiss chard leaves (about 1 1/4 pounds)
2 cups cooked short grain brown rice
1 packed cup baby arugula leaves, chopped
1 cup of vegan cheese (optional)
1 cup cooked green lentils
1/2 cup chopped fresh mint leaves
1/4 cup veggie broth
1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus extra for seasoning
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, plus extra for seasoning
2 cloves garlic, minced
One 26-ounce jar marinara or tomato-basil sauce
1/4 cup nutritional yeast

Place an oven rack in the center of the oven. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Remove the thick stem from the center of each chard leaf. Cut each leaf in half lengthwise. Trim the ends from the leaves to make each leaf-half about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the chard leaves and cook for 10 seconds. Remove the leaves and rinse with cold water. Drain on paper towels and set aside.

For the filling: In a medium bowl, mix together the brown rice, arugula, Vegan cheese, lentils, mint, veggie broth, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper and garlic. Season with additional salt and pepper.

Spoon 1/3 cup of the filling onto the end of each chard leaf and roll up like a jellyroll.

Spoon 1 cup marinara sauce on the bottom of the prepared pan. Arrange the rolls, seam-side down, in a single layer on top of the sauce. Spoon the remaining sauce on top and sprinkle with the nutritional yeast. Bake in oven for about 25 minutes or until rolls are heated all the way through. Cool for 5 minutes and serve.

This recipe was adapted from Giada De Laurentiis's Goat Cheese, Lentil and Brown Rice wraps recipe.

My daughters dessert

I am trying to teach my 12 yr old daughter how to eat healthy but still have fun eating indulgent desserts. :) So the other night she wanted something sweet and was craving pancakes and we came up with this decadent concoction.

I let her make her own mini pancakes and I dressed them up for her. Here are the ingredients for her pancakes:

Makes 7 mini pancakes (using less than 1/4 c of batter for each)

1/3 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
almond milk...didn't measure it...just poured and stirred until it was the right consistency.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and drop a little less than 1/4 c of the batter in a hot skillet. We use a non stick pan so we don't need to grease it.

Then once all your little cakes are made just layer them while putting a scoop of chocolate syrup (recipe ...but I made it a little runnier using less coco powder) and 2 strawberry slices between each layer. I topped hers with mini non dairy chocolate chips (I bought them from Fresh and Easy).

She saved me a tiny bite and it was amazing. :)

The 6 pack journey and a burn out

I have been going consistantly to the gym for the last 11 weeks. I am so completely burnt out. I am usually very excited to go to the gym but not lately.

I am still motivated to workout and eat well but the gym has become boring. I decided to take a little break and go back to my old school workout DVDs. I also think my body needs to be shaken up with something different.

So yesterday I did my 6 week 6 pack DVD when I got home from work. Since my daughter didn't want to eat dinner until she got back from cheerleading I decided to do another workout DVD. I decided to do some fun cardio with my Turbo Jam Cardio Party DVD. Oh my gosh is it fun.

Not only did I get to dance and do some kickboxking but I sweat like a pig. Do pigs sweat? LOL! Anyways it was an amazing 45 minute cardio workout that I am paying for today.

My back and waist are super sore. I not only attacked my abs with Jillian's 6 week 6 pack but I hit them with some Turbo Jam too. All the twisting, punching, kicks and tucks had my abs on fire. Oh boy!

So I decided to do the following workout for the next two weeks to change things up a little. After my mini California vacation next week I will get back to the gym.

This week:
Monday- gym...Done
Tuesday- Turbo Jam- Cardio Party, 6 week 6 pack and 45 min weight training at gym...Done
Wedneday-Turbo Sculpt and 6 week 6 pack
Thursday- Zumba, 6 week 6 pack
Friday- Turbo Sculpt, 6 week 6 pack
Saturday- Turbo Jam, 6 week 6 pack
Sunday- Rest......

Next week
Monday- Turbo Sculpt, 6wk 6pk
Tuesday- Zumba, 6wk 6pk
Wednesday- Turbo Sculpt, 6 wk 6 pk
Thursday- Turbo Jam, 6 wk 6pk (before we drive to Cali)
Friday- 6 wk 6 pk, jog or walk at Zoo (while in reason to stop working towards my goal)
Saturday- 6 wk 6 pk, jog
Sunday- Rest and drive home from Cali

This is my plan. I will let you know how it goes. I also plan on sticking to my nutrition plan but leaving my cheat meal for california. My uncle is going to take me to a restaurant where he takes his Vegan son. I can't wait. YUUUUMMMY!

Nurturing Myself

This picture reminds me that what we put out there is what see reflecting back at us. So be kind to yourself and you will love what you see...inside and out.

"Pay attention to your relationship with yourself. – One of the most painful things in life is losing yourself in the process of loving others too much, and forgetting that you are special too. When was the last time someone told you that they loved you just the way you are, and that what you think and how you feel matters? When was the last time someone told you that you did a good job, or took you someplace, simply because they know you feel happy when you’re there? When was the last time that ‘someone’ was YOU?" By Nicole Wilkins

As women we tend to give so much of ourselves to care and nurture others. We sacrifice our dreams, emotions and hearts to ensure others needs are being met.

We often forget that we too need to be nurtured and taken care of. We need to feel valued and loved.

In the midst of caring for others we sometimes lose ourselves. We forget who we want to be and we lose our sense of worth.

We spend countless hours planning out our days making sure everything is running smoothly. We worry about bills, laundry, relationships, kids, husbands, dinner and upcoming events.

Why don't we do that for ourselves? Why don't we love ourselves, nurture ourselves and plan out our futures?

The common excuse I hear so many women make is "I just don't have time". We are so tied up filling gaps, playing roles and taking care of others that we neglect ourselves.

What happens when one day you wake up and realize that you are not who you want to be? Or that you don't even know who you are anymore beneath the layers of unhealthy weight, emotions, endless chores and responsibilities.

It can be hard to get back to the place of loving yourself, feeling worthy and deserving. We become so accustomed to making everyone else feel good that we forgot how to feel good.

Just the thought of smiling for our own pleasure, or doing something that makes us feel happy and free brings an uneasiness. We often feel guilty or selfish for allowing ourselves to feel that way.

Nothing is wrong for wanting to love and appreciate yourself by engaging in things that feed your soul. Of course many of us love taking care of others and feel a sense of peace knowing everything is in order but what if it's not. What if one thing is just left out of place and you take 30 minutes to fill your own cup?

We don't always have to have it all together. Life is not "perfect". Even in the imperfections there is joy and completeness. Even in the tears laughter can be found.

I speak this from my heart because I am a self confessed "perfectionist". Always trying to make everything "right" and in order. Nothing can be out of place without me blowing a gasket.

I have had to learn how to pull back and allow things to just be. Things are temporary but relationships, happiness and peace are forever.

Taking time to be still in my own silence and allowing the emptiness to fill my soul is what brings me joy. It is what fills my cup. Not allowing myself to be caught up in what others think is perfect but rather letting the spirit of God position me according to His perfect will.

This journey has been about repairing that relationship with myself. Allowing myself to be freed from the emotions, pain and disappointments that have paved my travels along this long road.

I am learning to accept that I am perfect. Not in this human form but perfect in God's spirit. How I perceive myself to be...."I AM". So rather than focus on what is external I must stay in tune with what is internal and nurture the change coming forth from soul.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It can be hard work

Trying to be healthy can be hard work. Now that I am learning about how to structure my diet to see better results it takes a lot of planning. I have to arrange food, manipulate numbers and do my best to stick to my meal plan or risk sabotaging the entire day.

I don't know what I would do without Having the calorie counting tool helps me tremendously to not only add my calories but also my protein, carbs and fats.

I am doing my best to eat what I should be eating because I want to finally see some amazing results. I kind of feel like my body has been at a stand still. I see changes but I always feel I should see them faster.

This week is my last week of the 12 week Livefit program I have been doing. I see more muscle on my body and my body has slimmed down but the scale has hardly moved.

I know it is possible to lose inches and not lose pounds but it can be very difficult to deal with. As much as I want to swear off the scale I keep going back to it.

I talk to it now. I have this very unhealthy relationship with it...LOL! I was just about ready to go on a walk with it and leave it in the dumpster.

I put it in my bathroom cabinet so I couldn't see it but I know it's there so I go there once a week and check. Why do I keep doing this to myself? When I see it's not moving I get so discouraged and depressed.

How do I overcome that battle and breakup with the scale?

I think I need to have someone hide it from me. I also need to really meditate on staying positive and just do my best to follow my meal plan, exercise and rest.

I have had a lot going on lately. My nerves are so bad and I am always upset or irritated. Is it the diet? Or is it everything else I feel that I am failing at?

I am still not done with my personal training exam. I still need to finish my case studies and essays. I keep feeling like I am going to fail so I don't even try.

Why do I do this to myself? I deal with these feelings so often and I know it is not healthy and it will not get me anywhere.

I keep remembering when I was training for the marathon and I didn't think I would be able to do it. I did it and I finished it without quitting or stopping.

If I was mentally and physically strong enough to run the marathon why do I keep myself from succeeding at everything else I want to achieve.

I know that many times we keep holding onto things we went through in our pasts. We remember how we were treated or how we "failed" at something we tried.

Sometimes we may even think we are not good enough to feel good, look good or be successful.

I know these are some of the things I have had to confront within myself. I have done so much work trying to repair myself and relationships but I realize there is still so much more to do.

Sometimes I just want to do something without thinking what others think. I want to be free from the self sabotaging thoughts I battle with on a daily basis.

"If God before me....who can be against me. "

This is just me being real because I don't always have it together. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cilantro Hummus

I love hummus. I prefer to make my own though because I can make it healthier by omitting oil and preservatives that many store bought brands have. It is really simple and inexpensive to make a great protein packed hummus.

The cool thing about making your own is that you can experiment with flavors and make it your own. I prefer to keep it simple.

Here is a recipe for a simple cilantro and lemon hummus. For my snack today I topped a brown rice cake with this hummus and added some sliced cucumber.

It had my protein, carbs and veggies all in one. I even got to eat two of them. :)


2 cans of garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
1 lemon, juiced
1/4 c. warm veggie broth (I like Pacific because it is oil free)
1/4 c. cilantro
3 gloves of garlic
1/2 tsp garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste

I used warm veggie broth because it helps break down the chickpeas and makes the mixture creamier. I also rinsed the chickpeas with warm water before putting them into the food processor.

Put all ingredients in a food processor and blend until creamy. Add salt and pepper to your liking.

Makes about 2 cups of yummy hummus.

Hummus is a great protein dip. You can bake your own pita chips in the oven or cut up fresh veggies and enjoy a healthy snack. It can also be used in a wrap instead of mayo. :)

Guiltless Chocolate Sauce

Who doesn't love chocolate? Some say chocolate makes everything taste better. I agree. Sadly many of the chocolate sauces sold at stores contain some not so healthy ingredients...some of which we can't even pronounce. Not to mention they are full of empty calories.

The worst thing possible is to top your ice cream or fruit with a mystery sauce and later feel the guilt of consuming it due to the high sugar content and whopping calories.

Here is a healthy and easy recipe for some amazing chocolate sauce. The greatest part is you only need 2 ingredients.

The recipe is for a single serving but feel free to double, triple or even mass produce it to satisfy your chocolate craving.

You can adjust the amount of coco powder depending on the consistency you are trying to achieve. This recipe makes a nice thick sauce that is great for dipping strawberries or any kind of fruit in. You can even top a sundae or drizzle it over your pancakes.

If you want to be extra healthy try freezing a few ripe bananas and then blending them in a food processor until they are creamy and then top it with this sauce and some chopped walnuts. OMG! What can be better than healthy and yummy?


2 tbsps of maple syrup (real syrup not imitation maple flavor syrup)

2 heaping tsps of unsweetened coco powder.

Slowly mix these ingredients in a small bowl until all the coco powder is incorporated and it looks like the picture above. You can even add some cinnamon for a Mexican chocolate flavor.

See it's simple and fast to make. No need for Hershey's mystery sauce when you are a few ingredients away from a great healthy sauce. :)

Let me know what you think. :)

Tip: If you add little more coco powder to it you might even be able to frost a cake or some cupcakes with it. :)

Roasted Veggie Tostadas

While I was grocery shopping yesterday I saw a pic of some yummy looking veggies tostadas. I decided to make them and put my own spin on them. Here is what I created.


1 cup diced butternut squash (I used frozen)
2 cups corn (I used frozen)
1 pint grape tomatoes, cut lengthwise
2 zucchini, diced
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
2 tbsp chili powder
2 tbsp garlic powder
2 cups fresh baby spinach leaves
6 corn tortillas
salt and pepper

I topped my tostadas with guacamole and Frank's Redhot sauce

Simple Guacamole:
4 ripe avocados
juice of 1 lemon
garlic powder
salt and pepper

Mash up avocados, add lemon juice and season with garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. If you want to kick it up a notch you can add a few dashes of hot sauce or jalapenos, diced onion, cilantro and tomato.

So for the tostadas you put all the veggies on a rimmed cookie sheet. Sprinkle with 1 1/2 tbsp of the chili powder and 1 tbsp of the garlic powder. Mix up and spread out on the cookie sheet. Bake on 375 degrees for about 20 minutes or until veggies are browned. When done salt and pepper to taste.

Warm up the beans in a small pot and season with remaining garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste. I sprinkled a little bit of vegan cheese in beans.

Put 6 corn tortillas on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle with remaining chili powder, a little garlic powder and salt. During the last 8 minutes of the veggies cooking put tostadas in on the top rack of the oven. Toast for 8 minutes or until golden brown and crunchy.

When tostadas are done top them with beans, spinach leaves, and roasted veggie mixture. Add you guacamole and a few drops of hot sauce. Enjoy!