Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Too much to do not enough time

I decided not to log my food on here anymore because it is too time consuming to log it in two differently places. Also my food will start getting really repetative because I officially started my body transformation challenge. I will pretty much be eating the same thing everyday for the next 12 weeks.

I don't have to eat the same things but I choose to in order to stay in control of my calories and macro nutrients. I don't have time for error. Every meal and every workout counts right now.

I was really scared to start this challenge because I am still fine tuning my food and seeing what works for my body and my lifestyle. I was also afraid to post my before pics for the public to see. But I guess I can't be in the closet forever.

It will also be extremely rewarding for others to see my progress and root me on. Although I am still embarrased about my revealing pics I have to stop being a baby and look at reality in the face.

I can't hide behind clothes anymore. The truth is the truth. I have lost a lot of weight but I have so much more to lose. My goal is to shed atleast 30 lbs over the next 12 weeks. That is a realistic and obtainable goal for me as long as I remain consistant with my food and my workouts.

There is no turning back now. My pics are submitted and I am officially registered for the challenge. Wish me luck. :)

I will keep coming on here to log my progress and thoughts. Thanks for following me this far.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Had a great weekend. I didn't workout on Saturday because I needed a rest day. Although I was supposed to rest on Sunday too I just couldn't do it. I was craving a workout so I decided to do some yoga. I really needed the good stretch and to get centered.

I tried the P90X yoga DVD that my cousin let me borrow over 6 months ago (I think:) I haven't really had time to try any of the DVDs but I made time yesterday. I am so glad I did. I really loved the yoga and I was surprised that I was able to do everything they did with the exception of the crown pose. I tried and fell right on my head...LOL!

I felt strong and rather flexible so I really enjoyed the entire DVD. It was almost 2 hours long. I think it helped me heal my body and restore it from all the heavy weight training I have been doing. I would like to be able to do this DVD atleast 1 to 2 times per week.

I am excited to do my workout today. I can't wait to sweat on the elliptical machine and do some new weight training exercises. I will update you tomorrow. :)

I was happy to see that I lost 2.5 lbs when I weighed myself this morning. Yay!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday.....Ending the week strong

So today is the last day of Phase 1 of my program. I have managed to stay on track with some minor food issues on certain days. Nothing too bad. I have it under control now.

This phase was all about building some quality muscle so I wasn't too concerned about calories. I needed the added healthy calories to feed my muscles. Now that I have a good little foundation it's time to build on that.

I will be doing some cardio now but nothing to crazy which is good. I tend to get a little crazy and intense on my cardio so I will have to restrain myself..LOL! I don't want to overdo it and compromise my muscle.

I will continue to eat every 2-3 hrs and structure my meal plans around good quality veggie protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. It's time to shed some fat now and start to see some of the muscle that I have been building. I feel them in there but the aren't peeking out at me yet. :(

Meal 1: 2 slices Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread, 1/2 tsp almond butter, protein shake (protein powder, water, strawberries)
Meal 2: 1 brown rice cake, 1/2 tsp almond butter
Meal 3: 1/4 c quinoa, 1/2 c. cannanelli beans, asparagus w/ peppers and 1/2 avacado
Meal 4: pre workout protein shake- water, protein powder, frozen strawberries, unsweetended cocoa powder
Meal 5: post workout protein shake- same as above
Meal 6: veggies w/ quinoa and 1/2 avocado
Snacks: banana, almond milk w/ 1/2 scoop protien powder

I was very nauseous at night and didn't know if it was because I might need some food in my body or what. I wasn't really hungry but maybe my body just wanted the nutrients after my workout. I tried drinking lots of water first but still felt sick. After I had my snack I seemed to feel better.

Workout: (shoulders amd abs)
front and side raises 3x10 (10 lbs)
upright row w/ barbell 3x10 (10 lbs)
shoulder press w/ dumbells 3x10 (20 lbs) I really struggled with my few reps of every set. This weight was pretty challenging for me. The weights at the gym seem so much heavier than my weights at home.
rear delt raises w/ dumbbells 3x10 (10 lbs)

Abs: seated twist w/ medicine ball, toe touches with medicine ball, wood chops w/ medicine ball, and ab holds for 15 seconds (5 times).

Had a good little workout. I have to becareful with my shoulders though because I felt a little pain with the upright rows. Maybe I need to use less weight next time. The barbell must weight about 5 lbs on its own so I think I will lessen the weight til I get stronger.

So angry

I was so angry with myself yesterday. I wasn't going to post about it but I have to be honest. I have to share all my hills and valleys. I not only want others to read about my struggles but I also have to see how I am feeling. It is good to be able to look back and see how far I have come.

So anyways yesterday I was so frustrated. I don't know why there are days my body feels like it's changed and other days I feel at a stand still. I have been working out so hard. I have only skipped one day of working out in the last month due to sickness.

I put on some pants yesterday and they fit but I thought they would be looser. I was so angry...rather pissed I must say. I wanted to choke someone. I felt defeated. I decided that it was time to do something about it. I know it is not my working out routine. I know it has 100% to do with how I eat.

I am going to look deeper into my eating regimen and really get alot more disciplined. If I wanted to look normal I can eat the way I am eating but since I want major transformation I have to be more disciplined and leave no room for mistakes or temptations.

Our body is a journal. It tracks every meal and exercise we do. It tracks our efforts and our discipline. I know I am improving and my body is changing but at times I feel so discouraged.

I felt like getting on the treadmill and running. I always feel cardio will do the job but it can only do so much. The man ingredient is food. So I am prepared for next week. Phase 2 is starting and I will be incorporating moderate intensity cardio (which is the fat burning cardio). I can't do high intensity cardio yet because it will burn my hard earned muscle.

I am now tracking my calories on myfitnesspal.com and I feel more in control. I also have to make sure my macronutrients are on target. Which means I am getting the right amount of carbs, protein and fats. So I will do that and see how the next 4 weeks go. I hope to really start seeing some major changes really soon.

I am also going to register for a MAD MUD RUN in April. My daughter will be doing the Muddypuppy with her bestfriend. I am excited to see her and also to participate in the event myself. My friend has agreed to run it with me. It is 4.6 miles including a muddy boot camp style obstacle course. I can't wait. I will definitely take lots of pics and post some.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I am taking control and making it happen. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching up..


I am very sore today from my workout yesterday. I don't know what exercise I did that really worked my upper back and caused lots of discomfort for me today. It is not injury pain just normal muscles soreness.

Won't stop me from lifting again today. I am working chest and triceps today so no excuse to sit at home and be lazy. Lazy or inactive are not a part of my vocabulary anymore. I am way too motivated to take a lazy day. I even get anxiety on my rest days because I want to workout. But I know it is not good to overtrain. I have to let my body rest and recover.

Here is what I ate today:

Meal 1: 1 cup oats w/ almond milk and 1/2 small banana, 2 tsp of protein powder
Meal 2: 2 brown rice cakes w/ 1 tbsp almond butter
Meal 3: 6 meatless meatballs, 24 asparagus spears (thin ones), tiny (palm sizes) sweet potato, 3 tbsp salsa
Meal 4: pre workout: protein shake 1/4 c strawberries, protein powder and water
Meal 5: post workout: homemade veggie soup, 1/2 sourdough english muffin w/ earth balance
Snack: 2 c. tortilla chips (shouldn't have eaten them but I did:0)

I took my before and after BCAA supplements and also experimented with taking them during my workout. I opened three capsules and put them in my water. I noticed that I had more energy and my muscles did not fatigue. It was pretty awesome. I will keep doing it and see what happens.

I trained chest and triceps today. I will try to remember what I did. I have it written down at home.

Incline dumbbell chest press
Wide pushups
Dumbbell chest fly
Tricep kickbacks
Tricep cable extensions
Tricep pushbacks
Chest fly on machine

Seated side to side twist w/ medicine ball. (I am in sit up position while leaning back and creating resistance with the medicine ball as I rotate from side to side)
Crunches w/ medicine ball
Wood chops w/ medicine ball



Been trying to start up myfitnespal profile so I can track my calories and didn't have time to post my day. Here it is:

Meal 1- oatmeal, protein powder, 1/2 banana, almond milk
Meal 2- 2 brown rice cakes w/ 1/2 tbsp of almond butter and two slices of apple on each cake
Meal 3- small sweet potato, 6 meatless meatballs, 24 asparagus spears, salsa
Meal 4- Prework: protein powder, water, frozen strawberries
Workout supplements: 3 BCAA capsules in water
Post workout drink: protein powder, water, frozen strawberries
Meal 6- veggie soup, 6 meatless meatballs
Snack- small handful of hint of lime chips

Lots of water all day long. I drink atleast a gallon of water a day because I don't drink anything else. No juice, sodas or sports drinks.

Workout: (Legs and bootie)
I do so many random things while at the gym so I might forget to post them but here is what I remember doing. I have to say that the amino acids in my water that I drink while working out is amazing. My muscles don't fatigue and I have more energy to push through the workout. I am glad I found this out because Phase 2 starts next week and I will need the energy. I will be incorporating moderate intensity cardio and heavier weights with supersets and dropsets. It is time to push and really shred this body.

warm up with jump rope and 50 squats
Barbell squats w/ 40 lbs 3x10 (the dang bar was heavy on its own..LOL)
Leg extensions 3x10 (40 lbs)
Lying leg curls 3x10 (37 lbs) Weird weight system at the gym
Single leg glute press 1x10 (75lbs) 2x10 (100 lbs) each leg
Cable leg kickbacks 3x10 each leg (40 lbs) w/ skier lunges in between sets (12 reps)
Cable hip abductors 3x10 each leg(25 lbs) w/ side lunges in between sets (12 reps)
step ups 3x10 (50 lbs)
plie squats 3x10 (30 lbs)
calf raises on leg press machine (30 lbs) 3x10

Before I went to bed I did some abs. I did reverse crunches, crunches and windshield wipers.

Had a good workout. I am proud of myself for not overeating. According to my fitnesspal calorie calculator I am on track. I feel more in control knowing where I stand. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Morning workout

I had to come in late today and work from 11am to 5pm. So I decided to take advantage of the day and workout in the morning after I dropped my daughter off at school. I am not usually a morning workout person but I really loved it today.

It made me feel refreshed and energized for the rest of the day. I was really greatful this morning for my body. This is a change for me. I guess I am learning how to appreciate my body and develope a healthy relationship with it.

I am proud of my progress as far as strength goes. I can see how my fitness level is increasing since starting my new weight training program and I am super excited to see where it takes me.

I was thanking God this morning for the ability to move my body and use it to bring Him glory. I don't take my fitness or health for granted. I know there are many that don't have the capability or knowledge to do the activities I enjoy. I want to be able to learn as much as I can so that one day I can help them.

Like I have mentioned before I want to dedicate my life to the service of others. I want to help inspire others to be there best and live to their fullest potential. The only way I can do that is by reaching my full potential and being an example. I hope to lead with compassion, wisdom, passion and discipline.

Here is how my day went:

Supplements: 1 BCAA
Meal 1: pre workout: 1 slices of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread w/ almond butter
Meal 2: post workout: protein shake (water, frozen strawberries and protein powder)
Supplements: 1 BCAA
Meal 3: 6 meatless meatballs, 2 cups broccoli, 2 tbsp salsa, 1/2 avocado
Meal 4: 2 brown rice cakes w/ almond butter and apple slices
Meal 5: 3 cups of homemade veggie soup
Meal 6: 1 1/4 c honey o's cereal w/ almond milk

Workout: Back and biceps/ abs (love it:)

Dumbbell bent over row 3x10 (20 lbs)
Dumbbell bent over flyes 3x10 (15 lbs)
Wide grip lat pull downs 3x10 (40 lbs)
Seated low row machine 3x10 (46 lbs)
Single arm cable lat pull down 3x10 (20 lbs)
Alternating bicep curls 3x10 (15 lbs)
Hammer curls 2x10 (10 lbs)
Wide curl 2x10 (10 lbs)
Single arm cable curl 3x10 (10 lbs)
Incline bench bicep curl 3x10 (15 lbs) My favorite because I feel it the most!

Chop with medicine ball 3x10 (10 lbs)
seated twist w/ medicine ball 2x25 (10 lbs)
Oblique crunch 3x20 (each side) I lay on my side and lift my legs together up and down while keeping my shoulders off the ground. These suckers really burn. :)
planks with knees (mountain climbers?:) 2x10
crunch w/ medicine ball 2x40 (10 lbs)


Starting of the week strong

Yesterday I did really well with my food and had a strong workout. I am still concerned with the amount of calories I am eating though. There are times when I don't think I am eating enough. Why is this a problem?

Although we are lead to believe that we should eat less to lose weight. The opposite can actually be true. You can actually make your body believe you are starving and your body will hold onto the fat in order to have energy. When you are trying to build lean muscle you can also compromise new muscle growth by not eating enough calories to sustain the new muscle.

So it is important that I learn to keep track of my calories. I don't plan on adopting this as a lifestyle habit but rather just a path along this journey of body transformation. I calculated my calories the way I was taught and I should be eating between 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day based on my activity level.

Anything less than 1,500 calories will make me lose muscle. I don't want to do that so starting next week I will pay closer attention to my calories. That is kind of another topic that confuses me. Hopefully when I get my custom meal plan I will be able to learn a little more about what my body really needs in order to change the way I would like it to.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

Meal 1: 1 c oatmeal w/ unsweetened almond milk, spoon of protein powder, 1/2 banana, and pumpkin spice
Meal 2: 1 brown rice cake w/ almond butter and 2 slices of apple on top
Meal 3: homemade veggie soup (kale, sweet potato, green beans, zucchini, celery, carrots and onion)
Meal 4: brown rice cake w/ almond butter and a few apple slices
Meal 5: pre workout protein shake (water, powder and strawberries)
Meal 6: post workout: kale salad w/ steamed asparagus and 6 meatless meatballs

I experimented and make some yummy vegan cheese crackers that taste exactly like Goldfish crackers. I was super excited because my daughter loves Goldfish crackers and hasn't been able to eat them since we became vegan. She loved them but said they were a little salty. So I will make some changes on the next batch I make.

I also baked some kale chip for myself. I often crave something salty at night and for some reason kale tastes salty to me after they are baked to a crisp. I didn't even add anything to them. I just put some chopped kale on a baking sheet and baked until crispy. :)

I mentioned this to say that I had a few crackers and kale chips last night too just to taste. But nothing really unhealthy about those snacks.

Workout: (Legs and bootie....Oh my poor little legs:)
I love to beat up my legs because they are so slim I really want to bulk them up. My favorite part to train are my biceps and triceps but to be honest I love weight training all my body parts. :) I am addicted to weight training.

Warm up: 20 jump ropes, 10 squats (3 times)
Squats 3x10 (60 lbs)
Leg presses 3x10 (85 lbs)
Leg extensions 3x10 (40? lbs)
Leg curls 3x10 (40? lbs)
Sumo squat 3x10 (35 lbs)
Deadlifts 3x10 (60 lbs)
Cable hip abductions 3x10 (20 lbs)

single leg cable kickbacks 3x10 (40 lbs)

I found this website that has animated exercises for each body part. I think it is a neat little tool to show you what exercises you can do to sculpt certain parts of your body. http://www.thetrainingstationinc.com/exercises.html. Let me know if it helps you.

So I am proud of my day and look forward to what the rest of the week has in store. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Failed relationships....failed diets

I read somewhere that we should desire the same relationship with food that we have with people. That really hit me hard. That explains so much about the last 10 yrs of my weight issues. I had such a negative relationship with food because my personal relationships were also issues in my life.

From an abusive childhood to a cheating husband. My life with filled with broken relationships. I remember at one time feeling like I was invisible....like no one loved me. That was a feeling that I struggled with for many years.

Then I discovered that I was worth loving. I began to unravel my emotions and took control of my life. I got off the roller coaster and decided that no matter what happened I was going to evolve. I was going to become the woman I knew I could be.

It didn't matter that I was disappointed about my failed relationships. I could either crumble beneath the weight of my emotions or I could pull myself out of the rubble. I decided to rise. I decided to grow and travel the path of my destiny.

I was not going to let my past determine my future. I was not going to continue to live in the shadows of my pain. I had to get up, wipe my eyes and move forward. Although the journey has been extremely difficult I am grateful for the lessons I have learned.

I can now look back and see the purpose in all the pain. It was part of me growing. I was being strengthened through my pain. With every inch I struggle to get out from under the rubble..I became stronger.

I was getting ready for work this morning and had a revelation or what others may call an "ah ha" moment. For years I have been on a treadmill....running but staying in the same place. Recycling through my emotions. Although the load got lighter as I let go of certain things in my life I was still in the same form.

Now I have decided to use what I have gone through...the weight of my pain and emotions....and I have used them to gain strength and build a new life......BUILD A NEW ME....tranforming this vessel and for once being proud of who I am.

I can now pick up and put down the weight and let it transform me. I have the strength to get through. My mind has changed, my spirit and faith have gotten stronger and I know who I am. When you know how you are at the depth of your soul....nothing can hold you back.

A trainer at the gym commented the other day and said "you must be on a mission because you are here everyday". I sure am on a mission. Not just to lose weight but to release the emotions that caused me to gain the weight. I am releasing the pain, rejection and disappointments.

I am on a mission to completely tranform my life and create a discipline and strength within that nothing can destroy. I know I am worth every rep, every set, every drop of sweat, every sore muscle, every mile, every ounce of healthy food, and every pound I lose.

I know my struggle and pain has not been in vain. I have gained so much along this journey and I hope that it may encourage someone to live today. I pray that it may turn on a switch in someones mind to chose themselves first and go for their dreams.

Inside each in every single one of us is a desire to be our authentic self. To live fully as ourselves and embrace life. Instead of hiding behind layers of guilt, shame and pain we must take a stand and for once take control of our lives.

We are worth it and we must begin to mend the brokeness that brought us here. We must create a successful relationship with ourselves, our bodies and the food we eat. Let the process begin......

Rounding the week off.

I had another good day yesterday with my food and workouts. I am proud of my progress this far. I am working through my meal plan issues and hope to be able to get the help I need next month. I am going to hire someone to structure my meal plan for me.

As I stated in my post I struggle with creating a plant based meal plan that will support my body transformation.

So here is what I ate yesterday:
Supplements: 6 juiceplus capsules
Meal 1: protein shake (water, frozen strawberries, protein powder)
Meal 2: protein drink (water and powder)
Supplements: 2 multi
Meal 3: large salad w/ lemon juice, veggie patty and steamed broccoli
Meal 4: apple slices and a few almond (pre workout)
Supplements: preworkout 1 BCAA
Post workout 1 BCAA
Meal 5: 3 small veggie patties w/ ketchup, mustard and a pickle slice and a small salad w/ lemon juice, 1/2 piece sourdough bread
Drank the cup of milk from my daughters cereal (soy milk, sweetened by cheerios :)

Workout: (legs and bootie)
DB squats 3x10 (60 lbs)
Leg press 3x10 (85 lbs)
Leg extensions 1x10 (each leg at a time) 2x10 (both legs together) 46 lbs
Leg curls on stability ball 3x10 (lay on floor with heels on a stability ball, lift your hips off the floor and curl your legs bringing ball towards your bootie, keep hips up through entire set)
Individual Leg lifts on machine (bootie) 3x10 (60 lbs)
Standing Cable leg lifts (bootie) 3x10 (20 lbs)
Cable Hip adductors 3x10 (each leg) (20 lbs) with pulsing squats in between each set
DB sumo squat with calf raise (35 lbs)

ab hold "plank"(15 seconds each) 6
side plank (15 seconds, each side) 4
ab hold with knees into chest 3x12 9 (I guess you can call these mountain climbers)
crunches on stability ball with 10 lb medicine ball
wood choppers with 10 lb stability ball 3x12 (on each side)

That was my super girl workout for the day. :) Felt good. I will not be going to the gym tonight. I will do shoulders and abs at home. I am going out with my friend for dinner tonight. I plan on eating well but having an adult beverage..LOL:) Sooo see you on Monday.

My motivation

It is difficult at times to make changes in your life. It is more comfortable to hold onto what you have known for so long. Making changes in your life requires a lot if you really want to see some significant transformations. That is true for any part of your life. Rather it be physical, mental or emotional.

This tranformation for me started as a spiritual transformation and when I was ready I started to change physically. None of it has been easy. There were times when I just wanted to give into the pitty parties that my emotions were inviting me to. Other times I wanted to stay warm in my bed, watching tv and eating junk food.

BUT eventually my desire to change became so powerful that I couldn't make excuses anymore. I decided that it was either me or the crap. I had to take charge of my life and begin to transform myself because I was slowly dying. Not physically but emotionally.

It has been a small struggle for me during this body transformation because there are so many different points of view out there. I struggle with the thought that in order to transform my body into the lean green muscle machine I want it to be I must consume a large amount of protein.

Protein is acutally a nutrient that our bodies do need in order to help synthesize the muscles. We need amino acids (what proteins are composed of) to help our muscles grow and repair. The crazy thing is that many associate protein with meat, chicken, fish, turkey, milk...etc. But protein is really just a nutrient and comes in many forms.

Vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds all contain protein. They are not a complete source of protein individually on their own but when you eat all of them throughout the day you will get the nutrients you need. So eating a plant based diet does support muscle growth and recovery.

I have struggled a lot with being vegan and obtaining the body I desire. I am trying to structure my diet in a way that supports my goals but it can be a challenge since this is all new to me. I question rather I am eating enough calories, getting enough protein, eating too many calories and if I am supposed to be counting my calories.

So this has lead me to do a lot of research and the more I do the more I become discouraged and frustrated. I don't know which way to go. Am I just not patient enough to see the results? I don't want to be spinning my wheels and be working out really hard and not complimenting the workout with proper nutrients. That won't get me where I want to be.

So as you can see I have small obstacles but I stay motivated knowing that my struggles will ultimately be my ammunition when it comes to working with my clients. I will have stories to share and the knowledge (through my own trial and error) to help them with their own success.

My motivation to do everything I do comes from wanting to help others. True strength comes from knowing who you are and offering it to the world. That is what this journey has given me....STRENGTH.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scale not dropping but my pants are!

Ok, yesterday was a good day in the neighborhood...LOL! I ate well and worked out really hard. I am trying to lift as heavy as I can while making sure I keep proper form. Nothing is worse than using momentum to get the weights up. That does not really work the muscles as well as contracting the muscles to get the weights moving.

I told myself I would not step on the scale til the end of this phase of my program but I do it anyways. I was ready to throw the darn thing across the room today. I could have gotten discouraged but I know better than that. I will stay focused because I see the changes in my body.

My hips are slimming down and my body is getting stronger. I can feel the results of weight training so I must stick to it. This phase of the program is not the weight dropping phase anyways. I am building lean muscle so I won't see the scale move too much. I will look smaller but the scale won't move much. I have to keep reminding myself of that and keep looking forward.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Supplements: 6 Juiceplus capsules (to get rid of my cold and boost my immune system)
Meal 1: protein shake (water, protein powder, frozen berries), 1/4 c potatoes with tofu
Meal 2: apple slices w/ 1 tbsp raw almond butter
Supplements: 2 multi, 2 fatty acids
Meal 3: large salad (mixed greens, quinoa, raw sunflower seeds, 1/2 avacado, raisins, shredded carrots, broccoli slaw, hummus, salsa)
Meal 4: apple slices w/ 1 tbsp raw almond butter
Meal 5: (preworkout) 4 meatless meatballs w/ small salad
preworkout supplements: 1 BCAA
postworkout: 1 BCAA
Meal 6: (postworkout) 5 meatless meatballs w/ salad
Sweet tooth: 1/4 c cheerios, almond milk

Workout: (Chest and tris) DB=dumbbells
wide pushups 3x10
DB chest press 3x10 (25 lbs)
Incline bench chest press 3x10 (25 lbs)
DB chest flys 3x10 (20 lbs)
Machine chest flys 3x10 (46 lbs)
skull crushers 3x10 (15 lbs)
narrow press ups 2x10 (15 lbs)
single arm cable extensions 2x10 (15 lbs) 1x10 (10 lbs) (each arm)
dips on bench 3x10

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trying to stay on top.....Tuesday

I started the week off with a small head cold. I do not want to be down and not able to continue with my program so I have been loading up on vitamins and raw fruits and veggies.

I seem to always get sick when I start to workout hard. I don't know why but I have come up with some conclusions: don't sleep enough, don't eat enough or a combonation of the two.

I will try some new things and see if it works. I workout yesterday but I ate well. I did have two vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies though.

Meal 1: whole grain cereal w/ almond milk
Meal 2: protein powder and water
Meal 3: brown rice, 3 meatless meatballs, broccoli, black beans w/ drizzle of soy sauce
Meal 4: brown rice, broccoli, black beans
Meal 5: large salad, apple w/ almond butter
Snack: 1 c tortilla chips w/ salsa

6 juice plus capsules (for my immune system...trying to beat this cold)
Meal 1: oatmeal w/ almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon, 1/3 scoop protein powder
Meal 2: apple and almond butter
Supplements: 2 multi and 2 fatty acids
Meal 3: salad (mixed greens, sunflower seeds, raisins, kidney beans, broccoli slaw, lemon juice and salsa), apple slices and almond butter
Meal 4: small salad, same as above
preworkout: protein shake (strawberries, banana, water, protein)
Supplements: BCAA (pre)
Supplements: BCAA (post)
Meal 5: green beans, 4 meatless meatballs, 1/2 c udon noodies w/ teriyaki sauce
Snack: (I made some hummus so I wanted to try it. I had 1 tsp of red pepper hummus and 1 of lemon cilantro humms and 1/2 c tortilla chips)

Workout: (Back and biceps)
I am lifting heavier now so I am doing less reps. I also finish all my sets before I move onto the next exercise. This helps me concentrate on the movements and really focus on the exercise I am doing.
5 minute elliptical warm up
lat pull downs 3x10
narrow grip row machine 3x10
single arm bent over row 3x10 (each arm) 25 lbs
wide arm pushups 2x10 (warm up)
alternating hammer curl 3x10 (10lbs)
cable bicep curls 3x10 (20 lbs)
incline bench bicep curls 3x10 (10 lbs)
side twists w/ medicine ball 3x10 (each side) (10 lbs)
I raise ball above my head on the right side and then bring it down across my body ending on the left side by my leg. I do 10 reps on each side and then switch to the other side. I love this ab exercise!
oblique cruches 3x10 (each side)

My back feels really tight and strong today. My biceps really got a killing so they are a little sore today. I try to do a few reps with heavier weight and then switch to lighter weight. I did a couple of reps with 15 lbs dumbbells.

I am loving my workouts. I can't wait to see what the following weeks bring. I can see my hips slimming down although I am not even doing cardio. I am trying to eat as clean as I can and as consistant as I can. I stare at the clock a lot waiting for my next meal.

I am still working on my eating because I know there is room for improvement. Not sure if I am going to start my new meal plan yet or if I am going to wait til I am done with this 12 week program.

This 12 week program is a great foundation for the body transformation I am seeking to obtain. I still have some tweaking and customizing to do though in order to see the results I am looking for.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspiring Bio


Here is a bio of the man that I have chosen to help me along this journey. I admire his positive outlook and beliefs. I can relate to so much of what he says. Not just on a physical level but on a spiritual level as well.

When everyone else is trying to fit in we must keep pushing forward and break the mold. :)


This weekend I took a rest from the grind of workouts. I am so addicted to weight training right now that I was anxious for monday to come so I could workout again. Today my gym is closed so I will need to do the best I can at home.

Saturday and Sunday I ate really well but I was really hungry Sunday night because I didn't eat a lot during the day. I went out to eat with my mom and had a piece of salmon. I have been craving a nice piece of fish. I had an option of rice, mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potato. I know that all of these options were not clean as they may have butter or other ingredients so I asked for steamed veggies. I was so disappointed when all the brought me was a piece of fish, 1/4 c of peppers and 4 pieces of plantain.

Luckily I had raw veggies with white bean hummus dip for an appetizer so I got full really fast. Needless to say as the evening came I started getting hungry. I ate a few snacks such as 2 mini homemade pancakes with almond butter and jelly (my sweet tooth), asparagus, and a few tortilla chips.

I was still not satisfied but I stopped eating and went to bed. Can't wait to workout tonight. I heard back from the guy I emailed last week. I am going to have him create a meal plan for me only. I want a training program too but I am going to wait for another few months. I am so excited to see how it all works out.

I filled out the questionaire he asked for but now I need to send in my payment and he will have the plan written up for me in 5 days. I hope to start off my 12 week transformation challenge with this new eating plan.

I will keep you updated.

Friday, January 13, 2012

12 week...LIVE FIT

Not sure if I mentioned this 12 week program I am on. I am too lazy to read my blogs to see if I did so let me share it with you now. I am currently following a program on www.bodybuilding.com called Live Fit created by Jaime Eason.


So far I am loving it. I am also planning on sign up for the 12 week $100,000 transformation contest on the website. Check it out and tell me what you think. I have til the 31st to sign up so I am making sure I am ready before I get started.

I wanted to make sure I felt good with my supplements and had my workout routine down. I am a little nervous to take my before pics but I know that this is a way for me to stay accountable and motivated.

Crazy because last time I had the goal of training for a 1/2 marathon and this time I was like what can I do. I didn't want to sign up for a bodybuilding competition where I would have to parade on a stage in a bikini. This is the closet thing to it for me. So I am nervous yet excited to get started.

Week 2 done....10 more to go!

So yesterdays workout was the end of my second week. I feel good about my progress. I weighed myself this morning and guess what? I lost the 1.5 lbs I though I had gained. I guess it was the inflammation and water retention from my hard workouts. I am going to do my best to avoid the scale until the end of week 4.

I had a good day yesterday with food and my workout. I also did a lot of research on vegan athletes and bodybuilders. Although I don't want to compete in a bodybuilding competition I do want to achieve a lean, strong physique. I know that there are many misconceptions that you can not build muscle without animal protein.

I know that is false but I still question what kind of food I should be eating. Currently I eat beans, quinoa, soy and tofu for my protein sources. I know that protein is a nutrient that is found in many foods but those 3 sources are my staples. I also drink protein powder made from pea, artichoke, quinoa and amaranth protein. I think I might be changing it though because it is too sweet for me. I also want to avoid eating so much soy products. I don't eat too much of it now but I eat more of it than I would like to.

So yesterday I read the profiles of several vegan athletes and bodybuilder on www.veganbodybuilding.com. I was so inspired by their stories and success of achieving amazing, healthy bodies. Many of them were even raw vegasn. I have thought about experimenting with a raw vegan diet and I think that I am going to implement that on my rest days. I am going to avoid all cooked food as much as possible on the days I don't workout.

I know that eating this way will help my body rest and repair itself. I might actually go 90% raw vegan during the summer when I enjoy eating raw fruits and veggies the most. Can't promise I will stick to it but I definitely want to try to see how I feel.

So during my research I found a local vegan bodybuilder and was super excited to see if he could meet up with me and possibly train me. I emailed him and anticipate his return email. I will keep you updated on that when I get more info.

So here is how I did yesterday:

Supplements: 2 multi, 2 fatty acids
Meal 1: oatmeal (oats, almond milk, pumpkin spices and 1/3 banana)
Meal 2: apple, celery and almond butter
Meal 3: 1 cup yellow split peas with 1/2 cup brown rice
Meal 4: protein drink (protein powder and water)
Supplements: BCAA (pre workout)
Meal 5: almond butter and strawberry sandwich on Ezekiel bread
Supplements: BCAA (post workout)
Post workout protein drink (powder and water)
Meal 6: 3 cups of steamed broccoli, homemade nachos w/ nutritional yeast cheesy sauce, refried pinto beans, lettuce and salsa.

I have 3 rest days this week. I will rest for 2 days but I plan on doing some yoga one day. I love yoga because of the stretching, mental focus and body weight training.

I had a great week. See you on Monday with my update on the weekend. No cheat days or meals for me so I plan on eating clean all weekend. :) I have a babyshower to go to on Saturday. I plan on eating lots of raw veggies and fruit. You know they always have fruit and veggie trays. No cake for me. I will also take a protein drink with me just to keep me full and make me less likely to make any mistakes...LOL!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Second guessing

Yesterday I was second guessing my no cardio workout routine. I do get to implement cardio towards the end of the program but can't really do any strenous cardio for 2 months.

I am one of those brain washed women that think their bodies will change only by doing hard long cardio sessions. Of course you will lose weight but your body won't really reshape into anything other than a smaller version of your once fat self.

True sculpting takes some form of resistance training. Whether it be from body weight movements, resistance bands, or weights. To achieve the results I am looking for it is going to take some weights.

So I was discouraged yesterday when I saw that I gained 1.5lbs. I was like what the heck! I quickly had to realize that I am lifting weights and building muscles. Not only that but my body can also have some inflamation caused by the breaking down of my muscle tissue. So the scale does not really show the hard work I am putting in.

I bought some jeans on Saturday and they fit snug around my waist. I figured I wouldn't be able to wear them for another 2 weeks but today I tried to put them on and guess what??? They fit. They still need to fit a little looser to make me feel more comfortable but they fit. I usually like my jeans to fit loose around the waist and stomach area because I tend to get indegestion or gas if they are a little snug.

So today was proof that all my clean eating and hard weight training workouts are really paying off. Just to think that I am only in the first phase of my program. I still have 10 weeks left and the last 4 weeks is when the fat really starts melting.

I am even more motivated to continue strong on the journey. I can't wait to see what the following weeks bring.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Meal 1: protein shake (frozen strawberries, water, nitofusion powder)
Meal 2: 6 meatless meatballs, sweet potato w/ salsa, and asparagus ( I was hungry so I ate my lunch early)
Supplements: 2 multi vitamins, 2 fatty acids
Meal 3: celery and apple slices w/ almond butter,protein drink (water and nitrofusion powder)
Meal 5: 3 cups of steamed broccoli with salsa (pre workout)
Supplements: BCAA (pre workout)
Post workout drink: protein drink (water and nitrofusion powder) Immediately after workout.
Supplements: BCAA (post workout)
Meal 6: meatless patty (made from soy flour and dry seasonings) w/ lettuce, salsa and a pickle slice, green beans with salsa
Sweet treat: frozen banana (I take ripe bananas, peel and cut them and freeze them for smoothies) I like to eat these when I want some ice cream. So yummy.

Workout: Legs, glutes and calves
4 min elliptical warm up
DB squats (50lbs) 2x12
Leg press (85 lbs) 3x12
Leg extensions 3x12
Lying leg curls 3x12
kneeling leg lifts on machine (40 lbs)
DB sumo squats 3x12 (30 lbs)
DB side lunges with reach 3x12 (each side) (50 lbs)
Let me explain these. I love these because they really target each glute individualy. So you lunge to the side and then reach down with the dumbbells towards your foot. Man can you feel the burn on the side of your bootie. OUCH!
calves press on leg press machine (20 lbs) 3x12
Abs (seated twists, v sit ups)

I like to do my workouts in circuits. So I do one set and move on to the next machine or exercise. Then I rest a minute and start again.

Had a great workout and a good food day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good day....some emotional eating

Food Journal:
Meal 1- protein shake
Meal 2- almond butter and strawberry sandwhich on Ezekiel bread
Meal 3- stuffed portabellos, aparagus, apple slices and almond butter
Meal 4- celery and almond butter
Pre workout supplement: 1 BCAA
Meal 5- veggie burrito, 5 homemade raviolis
Snack- apple slices and almond butter (I am currently addicted to almond butter:)
1/2 cup of OJ
cup of almond milk
We ran out of water so I had to drink this stuff that I don't normally drink.

I made homemade raviolis. I fried some and steamed the others. I shouldn't have eaten any of them but they were yummy and I was a little sad. I didn't do bad but I was a little disappointed with my lack of discipline. :(

Workout: (Back and biceps)
wide grip lat pull down 3x12 (40 lbs)
underhand cable pulldown 3x12 (40 lbs)
seated row machine 3x12
standing row ( w/chest press machine)
single arm bent over row 3x12 (25 lbs)
alternating bicep curl 2x12 (15 lbs) 1x12 (10 lbs)
preacher curl 2x12 (15 lbs) 1x12 (10 lbs)
wide curls 1x12 (10 lbs)
hammer curls 1x12 (10 lbs)
cable curls 3x12 (15 lbs)
abs with medicine ball (varies moves)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful MOMent....Day 8

I talked my mom into going to the gym with me. She has always been very active until she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor over 5 years ago. She went through chemo and radiation and never really got back to her active physical self. She struggles to walk at times and she has been falling down a lot lately.

The crazy thing is that after such a horrific diagnoses she was never sent to rehad to learn her basic motor functions. Although she is normal when you look at her, she is not as strong as she could be.

I have become increasingly frustrated with her situation because her health and physical abilities concern me. I have told her over and over to get back to the gym so she can regain some strength and prevent herself from falling so much.


I started her off slow with some moderate paced walking on the treadmill. Then I wanted to work on her most concerning area which is going up and down stairs and curbs. She has fallen several times trying to step on and off curbs.

I used a step (used for step aerobics) to work on her stair climbing skills. Then we did 2 sets of squats with a shoulder press using 5lb weights and 2 sets of curls.

It was a little challenging for her but she made it though. Most importantly she was super excited to get to workout again. It has been about 7 years since she has worked out like this. I am happy to have the opportunity to finally rehabilitate her and give her some much needed confidence.

My main goal with her is to strengthen her muscles and teach her how to connect her mind with her body. This will also help strengthen her brain.

As for me I did great with my workout and food. Here is what I did.

Food Journal:
Supplements: 2 multi, 2 fatty acids
Meal 1- protein shake (frozen strawberries, Nitrofusion protein, water)
Meal 2- almond butter and strawberry jelly (no sugar) on Ezekiel bread
Meal 3- 4 stuffed baby portabellos, asparagus, raw almonds
Meal 4- 4 meatless meatballs, broccoli (preworkout)
Supplements: 1 BCAA (preworkout)
Meal 5- butternut squash, peppers, and mushrooms sautee, 1/2 banana
Supplements: 1 BCAA

Workout (chest and triceps)

5 min treadmill warm up
1st circuit:
Wide pushups 3x12
Dumbbell chest press 2x12 (30 lbs) 1x12 (20 lbs)
Chest fly machine 3x12 (forgot weight....second pin hole:)
Chest press machine 2x12 (forgot weight)

2nd circuit:
Skull crushers 3x12 (10 lbs)
Narrow chest press 3x12 (10 lbs)
Bent over tricep extensions 3x12 (10 lbs) palms facing up
Cable tricep extensions 3x12 (10 lbs)
tricep dips on bench 1x12 (I was already weak and shaking...LOL)

I have to do better at logging the weight I use at the gym while I am there so I don't forget. I need to log it in order to know where I started and increase the weight when it begins to get easier. I don't want my muscles to adapt and stop getting stronger.

I like to squeeze the muscles (contract) at the top of some of my reps. I also like to do little pulses after the last set to get a nice burn. I don't include that as a rep it is just a little something extra.

Overall I was pretty happy with my day.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend...Rest Days

I took the weekend off to rest and recover. I wasn't lazy though. I went out shopping and cleaned my storage room under my stairs. I had to make space to put away all my Christmas stuff.

I did enjoy sleeping til 10:30am on Sunday morning. I actually woke up early and made myself go back to sleep. I have to buy a new mattress though because my body aches. My mattress is way to firm for me.

I am not too sure about my food journal but I did eat very well. I indulged in some desserts on Saturday because I went out to eat with my family at a buffet. I had a really huge salad and then I had a few little nibbles of desserts. Nothing too bad but I did eat sugar.

Sunday, I made pizza for dinner and had 2 small slices and some stuffed portabello mushrooms. I was craving pizza. I prefer to make my own because it avoids the hidden calories and preservatives.

I topped the pizza with marinara sauce with textured veggie protein (ground beef alternative), vegan Daiya cheese, purple onions, and mushrooms. I even attempted to make it a stuffed crust and it worked. It was delicious. I love a crunchy thin crust pizza so that is how I made it.

So I had a great weekend and I am ready to start this new week off strong.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feeling good.....Day 5

Yesterday I was still sore but I muscled through my day and went to the gym after work. It was a shoulders and abs day. I ate really well but noticed that I am not really getting full. I guess my body is demanding more food since I am really working it out hard..LOL! My muscles are like "Hey we don't work for free".

Food Journal:

Meal 1: tofu and potatoes
Supplements: 1 multi, 2 fatty acids
Meal 2: protein shake
Meal 3: large salad (romaine lettuce,tomato, chickpeas, guacamole), sweet potato w/ salsa
Meal 4 pre workout: protein shake
Supplements: 1 BCAA (before workout)
Supplements: 1 BCAA (after workout)
Meal 5 post workout: quinoa, chickpeas, spinach, onion and mushrooms w/ salsa
Meal 6: 2 AB&J sandwhichs (raw almond butter, no sugar added strawberry jelly on Ezekiel sprouted bread)
Meal 7: 5 meatless meatballs, asparagus

Workout: Shoulders and abs
front raises 3x12 (10 lbs)
lateral raises 3x12 (10 lbs)
Shoulder press (20 lbs dumbells) 2x12
Shoulder press machine 1x12 (forgot weight used)
bent over delt fly 3x12 (10 lbs)
bent over delt row 3x12 (10 lbs)
exercise ball crunches 3x12
seated side to side twist w/ 10 lb ball 3x12
crunches on floor with 10 lb ball overhead

I bought a new soy free, vegan protein powder. The protein comes from different sources such as peas, quinoa and amarath. I love it. It is called Nitrofusion. It has glutamine and BCAA's which is great for muscle buidling and recovery.

Mood: Felt strong and great. Loving my new workout and consistancy.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Much needed rest....Day 4

I got my haircut yesterday. I went a little shorter than I normally go. I love it. I got the inspiration from a pic I have on my fridge. This is my motivation picture. My mom asked me who the girl in the pic was. I said "ME!". Hahahaha!

I don't like to idolize anyone but I admire the body of this woman and so it motivates me to be consistant. It also helps me to visualize my body the way I want it....and with hard work I WILL ACHIEVE IT!

Well yesterday (1/5) I took a rest day. Not my scheduled rest day but I had to listen to my extremely sore body. My legs are so beat up from my workout. I have a hard time walking straight let alone up and down my stairs at home. I even struggle putting on my clothes. I know it is just because this workout is new. I haven't used heavy weights in years.

So I rested yesterday, got my haircut and went to have dinner with my daughter and mom. I was in bed by 8pm and feel asleep around 9:30pm. I really needed the sleep because my new work schedule has me working 6 days a week. I am only off on Sundays.

Food Journal:
Meal 1- tofu and potatoes
Supplements: 1 multi, 2 fatty acids
Meal 2- protein shake (frozen strawberries, banana, almond milk, protein powder)
Meal 3- sweet potato with chickpeas, spinach, salsa and guacamole
Meal 4- (sweet tomatoes) salad (romaine lettuce, kidney beans, beets, raisins, seeds, lemon juice, vegan pasta salad, zucchini) 4 small cups of split pea and barley soup. water.
Meal 5- chickpeas, spinach, salsa, guacamole. 2 pretzel rods with 1/2 tsp PB.

Mood: Felt great but very sore and tired. Had to listen to my body and rest.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some inspiration.


Just wanted to share this link with you. It is a blog from a female vegan body builder. I am totally inspired by her. There are misconceptions that you can not be a body builder without eating animal protein. I think this blog shows you that you can be. :) I hope to get some pointers from following her blog and facebook page. I like everything she eats so I will start added some of it to my meal plan. :)

Holy Cow.....Day 3

Wow wow wow! I did legs yesterday and they are sooooo weak today. I could barely walk up and down the stairs without them giving out. I feel like Bambi when he was learning to walk...lol!

Well I had an other awesome day. I ate well and also worked out really hard. I did get to go to the gym last night. I don't like their equiptment but it will have to do for now. The machines are kind of old school and don't move smoothly. They also have a weird weight system. I can't really explain it. But it's a big weight block that slides alond a rod and you adjust the weight by moving it back and forth along the rod. Never seen that kind of machine before.

I did the best I could and I am pretty proud of my strong girl workout. :)

Here is what my day looked like:

Food Journal:
Supplements: Multi, 2 omega fatty acids
Meal #1- Tofu w/ potatoes and a little ketchup, protein shake w/ spinach.
Meal #2- 4 homemade protein bars
Meal #3- sweet potato w/ sauteed spinach, black beans and salsa
Meal #4- quinoa, black beans, salsa and guacamole
Supplements: Multi, BCAA (preworkout)
Postworkout Meal #5- grilled veggie wrap, green beans, protein shake
Supplements: BCAA
Snack- 2 pretzel rods w/ 1/2 tsp PB
Lots of water.

Warm up- 10 min treadmill (3.8mph)
Leg press 3x12 (90 lbs)
Leg extensions 3x12 (70 lbs)
Sumo dumbbell squats 3x12 (40 lbs)
Lying leg curl 3x12 (50 lbs)
Standing calf raises 3x12 (30 lbs)
Squats w/ dumbbells 2x12 (40 lbs)
Side lunge w/ reach 2x12 (each side) (30 lbs)
Curtsy lunge 2x12 (each side) no weights
Cool down- 9 min bike (levels 5-10)

Mood- Amazing but a little weak

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On my way.....Day 2

Food Journal:
Supplements: 1 multi, 2 MRM
Meal #1: protein drink (almond milk, protein powder) 1/2 c. oats w/ cinnamon and tiny drizzle of real maple syrup.
Meal #2: protein shake (strawberries, protein powder, almond milk)
Meal #3: sweet potato, salad w/ mixed greens and berries (from Fresh and Easy)
Remember I haven't gone shopping so I had to stop at the store this morning to buy this salad. This is the only one they had without cheese or meat. It had candied pecan and I took them off and threw them away. I only put a very small drizzle of the dressing. I usually only use lemon juice on my salads.
Supplements: 1 multi
Meal #4: 4 protein bars (homemade)
Supplements: (pre-workout) 1 BCAA
Meal #5: brown rice couscous, black beans, sauteed onions.
Supplements: (post workout) 1 BCAA
Meal #6: quinoa, green beans w/ salsa
Snack: 2 pretzel rods with 1/2 tsp peanut butter

I was soooo hungry late at night. I know I can eat if I am hungry but it was late so I didn't want to get into a bad habit of eating that late. I let myself eat a little snack just to take the edge off. I also drank lots of water to help fill me up. Needless to say I woke up very hungry this morning.

Weight training does make you a little more hungry because your muscles need the protein to repair and grown. So I need to make sure I eat more calories during the day rather than at night. Maybe that will help me out.

Workout: (Back and biceps)
Military press 3x12 (25 lbs dumbbells)
Seated row using resistance bands 3x12
Bent over fly 2x12 (25 lbs) 1x12 (20 lbs)
Single arm row 3x12 (each side)
Alternating bicep curl 3x12 (20 lbs)
Single arm curl 3x12 (20 lbs)
Single arm curl w/ resistance band
Rotation curls 1x25 (20 lbs)

Weighted reverse crunch 2x25 (using ankle weights)
V-up 2x12 (painful but oh so effective)
Resistance band crunches 2x25
Resistance band sit ups 2x25
Side crunch 2x25 (each side)

Okay so it is try that abs are made in the kitchen. Getting awesome abs has so much to do with the way we eat. BUT.....building the muscles beneath the layers of fat is also important in my opinion so I have incorporated weighted exercises. I feel the difference with the burn and also the tightness. I know my six pack is under there and as long as I continue to eat clean I will eventually meet them. :) Note: I don't use a lot of weight just enough to feel some resistance. It is also important that you squeeze your abs and not let them protrude when you do these movements with weights. :) Okie doke enough of my commercial for six pack abs...lol.

Today was an awesome day with food and workout. I resisted the temptation to eat late at night and eat sugar. I feel good. I know that being consistant, eating clean, sleeping well, meditation, stress management and weight training will get me to where I desire to be.

Mood: Super happy, excited and motivated. :)

The New Journey Has Begun

Well yesterday was my first day of my program. I did really well with my food until I got home. I haven't gone grocery shopping so I kind of ate some things that were not on my meal plan.

Food Journal:
Supplements: 1 multivitamin, 2 MRM
Meal #1- protein shake (berries, sm. banana, 1/4 c oats, protein powder, almond milk, water)
Meal #2- 4 protein bars (homemade)
Meal #3- quinoa and red kidney beans and a few raw baby carrots
Meal #4- (here is where it went downhill....lol)
2 brownies (my homemade brownies w/ a little bit of organic sugar)
2 pieces of ciabatta bread
1/4 c. quinoa pasta w/ marinara sauce
Supplements: 1 BCAA
Post work out Meal #5- protein drink (unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop of protein powder)
Supplements: 1 BCAA

I drinks tons of water all day long. No juices or sodas.

Workout: (Chest and Tri's)
Wide pushups 3x12
Dumbbell bench press 3x12 (20 lbs)
Narrow pushups 3x12
Dumbbell flys 3x12 (20 lbs)
Overhead tricep extensions 2x12 (10 lbs)
Tricep kickbacks 2x12 (10 lbs)
Dips (bodyweight) 2x12
Narrow chest press (targeting tris) 2x12 (5 lbs)
Skull crushers 2x12 (5 lbs)
50 crunches

My gym was closed yesterday so I had to do this workout at home. I really blew my arms out. I did the last set of exercises with small weights with the intention to make my muscles extra fatiguesd. It sure did work. I could barely wash the dishes when I was done.

Thanks for checking in. I will update you again tomorrow. :)