Sunday, July 24, 2011

My first bathing suit

So I had to shop for a bathing suit last week. I am going on a vacation to a waterpark in a few weeks and want to enjoy it with my daughter and bestfriends. I am definitely having a difficult time with this.

I have a large chest and can't find suits that give me support in the right places..LOL! If I get a larger size to accomodate my top half then the bottoms are too big and so is the rest of the suit.

I found one that looked good but it had a tear in it that I didn't notice until I got it home. I had to take it back and they didn't have another one in the size I needed.

So I am back on a mission to find my first bathing suit as an adult. I can't remember the last time I even wore a bathing suit because it was when I was a small child.

I am happy to say that I will wear one this summer and it is because I am learning to accept myself as I am. I am still not at my goal. I know it is taking long but I am learning so much along the way.

I do plan on wearing swim shorts on top of my bottoms though because I am very modest and don't feel comfortable walking around in panties...LOL! But I am not going to cover up my body with a t-shirt and that makes me feel amazing.

I will try to post pics of me in my bathing suit in a couple of weeks. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick Update

HI! I just came to check in and give you an update on my status. I am currently taking a break from blogging and being on the computer in general. I am resting my mind and working on some other important things in my life.

I am still eating well and working out when I have the time. I do not do as much cardio as I used to. I am focused more on strength training and eating well. I have been doing really well with the exception of a few bad snacks or binges.

It is really hard for me when that time of the month comes around because I tend to lose control of my sweet cravings. I don't eat really bad things but I do tend to eat more naughty things that I want to.

I am learning to not put so much pressure on myself and just listen to my body. I am not going to beat myself up. I am going to learn to let go and live this healthy lifestyle.

I am not just trying to shed this weight I am trying to shed the unhealthy thoughts that have caused me to become and remain overweight. Poor body image and low self esteem have kept me overweight so it is important to address those issues as well.

So far I have managed to lose 8lbs since April. I am happy for that progress. I see many changes in my body. I have much more muscle definition and my tummy feels a lot tighter.

Best of all I feel good in my body. I am wearing clothes that I wouldn't normally wear. I am not going to allow my mind to control my life and emotions anymore. I am who I am and if I don't like it I know I have the power to change it.

So that is what is going on right now in my weight loss journey. Lots of changes are happening in my life and I am excited about them. I give God thanks everyday for every single victory and blessing. I acknowledge His strength, power and wisdom along this journey and know that I couldn't do it without Him.

Thanks for reading.