Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating Clean

Today was my first day of my Eating Clean Diet. I don't like to use the word "diet" because it sounds restricted and temporary. I hope to adopt this diet or way of eating into my new healthier lifestyle.

My goal is to be commited and extremely disciplined so that I can finally shed these last 20-30 lbs I would like to lose. I have a goal to lose atleast 20 lbs by the end of August because I have plans to take a little vacation to a water park this summer. I know the way I want to look and feel so that mental picture and feeling stay in my head and keep me motivated.

I took pics of the food I ate today. Everything I ate was very delicious but the all the vinegars I used in my salad made my tummy a little upset.

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana, 4 walnuts, large glass of water, 4 juiceplus supplements

Post-workout meal: black bean burrito in a brown rice tortilla, green tea

Lunch: 1 1/2 cups of lentil and brown rice salad

After lunch dessert: brown rice cake w/ PB, banana and raisins, water

I worked out really hard and I was still feeling hungry.

Snack #2 (on the go): small orange and a few walnuts

Dinner: bbq tofu, sweet potato mash and corn

Sweet treat: 1 cup homemade sorbet (frozen banana, straberries and mango, water), a sprinkle of walnuts

I am learning how and when to eat. I have learned that you should never eat carbs alone. They should be paired with a protein. I do eat nuts which are high in fat but my muscles need them. I don't over do it on them. I just eat a few with my snacks which might add up to about 1/4 cup per day and 1 tsp of peanut butter.

Some of the things I am trying to do is use small salad plates instead of dinner plates and eat slower. This ensures I don't over eat. I also don't drink anything while I am eating. I drink a little bit after I am done with my food if I am thirsty. This ensures proper digestion.

Workout: Cardio Core and Balance

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking today off

I couldn't workout today. I was going to workout in the morning although I was very tired but I couldn't find my house keys. I finally found them after 20 minutes and by then I had to start getting ready for an appointment I had.

I was going to workout in the evening but my upper back and chest (breast area) were hurting sooooo bad. That time of the month is coming and I did a lot of push ups and plank work the last two days.

I decided to skip today's workout and resume with it tomorrow. I really didn't want to skip it but I thought it was best in order to avoid injury.

I did get a lot accomplished today. I went grocery shopping for all of my clean eating food. I have a menu prepared for the whole week and I wrote out my grocery list so today's shopping was easy and stress free. I know what I need to eat everyday and for every meal.

I also prepared some of my meals today to ensure a successful week. I made lentil and brown rice salad, lentil spread (to eat with raw veggies), a large pot of black beans (for salads and burgers), and barbecue sauce to marinate tofu.

I will post some of these yummy recipes so you can try them out if you want. I got them for the Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Diet book.

Well I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday/Tuesday....Recovery Week

This week is my recovery week but I still think the workouts are pretty intense. They are definitely not INSANE but they are still challenging. This week of recovery focuses more on the core and balance.

I like the DVD because it is challenging yet easy to keep up with. I know that I better enjoy it while it lasts because next week it's about to get a whole lot of crazy. :)

I have been really good with my food. I have wanted to eat candy but I decided to throw it all away on Sunday so I wouldn't be tempted. If it's in the house soon enough it will win the battle.

We do have candy at work but I manage to avoid it because the girls at work are watching. They see when I get candy and it makes me feel accountable so I don't do it. Yesterday I grabbed a mini Mr Goodbar and said "how bad do you want this". I decided that the feeling of achieving my goals was more delicious than a tiny piece of candy so I put it back.


Here is my food journal and my workouts for the last two days.


Meal #1- protein shake (water, protein powder, banana, frozen mango and strawberries)
Mid morning snack- carrot bread (whole wheat flour, applesauce, carrots, banana)
Meal #2- broccoli w/ white kidney beans, salsa and lettuce, 1/4 c. mac n cheese
Meal #3- a few baked fries w/ ketchup and hot sauce
Post workout meal- protein shake (same as morning)
Meal #5- I was still hungry so I had a small serving of broccoli and 1/4 c. mac n cheese (I make the cheesy sauce from soy milk, garlic powder, sea salt and nutritional yeast....I pour this over quinoa pasta)

Core Cardio and Balance (Insanity DVD)
350 crunches before bed


Meal #1- protein shake (same as Monday)
Mid morning snack- brown rice cake w/ 1/2 tsp peanut butter (organic unsalted,no sugar)
Meal #2- broccoli, white kidney beans w/ salsa and lettuce
Mid afternoon snack- tiny apple w/ 1/2 tsp peanut butter
Snack- 6 baby carrots w/ hummus
Meal #3- white bean patty (beans, brown rice, squash), lettuce and salsa
Dessert- brown rice cake w/ smear of PB, topped with raisins and 3 slices of banana
Post workout meal- protein shake (water, protein, 1/2 banana, berries), 1 potato baked into fries w/ ketchup and hot sauce

Core Cardio and Balance

I managed to avoid overeating and binging on sweets so I am proud of myself. It looks like I eat a lot but I eat smalls snacks and healthy meals. I did eat lots of carbs today but it helped me get through my workout.

This next phase of my workout program requires me to eat more carbs to fuel the intense cardio workouts.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Back on the crazy train

I took an out of town vacation last week and was really tired when I got back home. I didn't work out at all but I did a lot of walking at Disneyland on Wednesday. I also did some situps, bicep curls and tricep extensions last night (sunday). I get anxiety when I don't workout.

I didn't eat badly really. I did have some chocolate covered almonds and maybe some other treats I don't normally eat but nothing really stands out as being too bad. I also indulged in some jelly beans and whopper eggs.

I am back on the train today. Last week was supposed to be my recovery week with Insanity but I am doing it this week. I watched the DVD last night to be prepared and it is not a recovery....LOL! It isn't as tough but it is still insane. :)

I am supposed to do 6 days of that DVD and then next week is my phase 2 of Insanity. I am determined to make it through eating clean so I can achieve maximum results.

SOOOOO please please please hold me accountable. I need all the help and encouragement I can get.

See you later <3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Healthy Eating Tool

I posted this link to help some of you that might not know how to substitute some of the naughty food you are eating.

Let me know if it helps you out.

I have to be INSANE

Let me just start off by saying that I am officially INSANE. I don't know why I continue to do this workout day after day. It is so intense. To be honest I still hate doing it but I love the way I feel when I am done.

I also love the way my body is responding to this workout. I caught my reflection in the mirror the other day and was like "who is that?". I started noticing things changing with my body and I like it.

I still have areas that need lots of work...such as my abs but they are coming along too. My legs are definitely tight and my bootie is getting firmer and lifted too. I am smaller on the bottom and carry most of my wait around my stomach but things are starting to shape up nicely. My clothes are also fitting looser and that makes me feel great.

This is my 4th week of Insanity and I have managed to lose 5 lbs. Not much but I know I am gaining lots of lean muscle. So I don't want to focus on the scale instead I will go off of the way I feel and look.

I have also noticed that I get a lot hungrier I guess because I am burning more calories and have more muscle which requires more calories to sustain it. Don't know but I want to eat all the time. :)

Next week is my last week of phase 1. It is all about Core Cardio and Balance. I haven't done that DVD yet so I hope it is enjoyable because I have to do it the whole week.

After that I get to get more Insane and kick it up to the next if I wasn't doing enough already...LOL! Just as I am getting stronger with these workouts I have to get out of my comfort zone. That is good though because I don't have time to plateau. I will start seeing more results and I love it.

I am also looking into doing some kickboxing classes twice a week starting next month. I met an ex pro golden gloves boxer and he said he was willing to work with me. I can't wait. I love boxing. It is great cardio and really gets you ripped without weight training. :) It is also a great stress reliever.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Better Days

The last 4 days have been great with food and workouts. I love when everything goes as scheduled. I haven't been writing down what I eat like I want to but I am conscious of my calorie intake and have been good at only eating when I am hungry. I am learning to control my emotional eating again.

I like being in control and on schedule. I managed to lose another pound so I believe that is almost 5 lbs this far. I am proud of my progress since I decided to watch my calories and be consistent with my Insane workouts.

Here are my workouts and what I ate today (Thursday)

Monday: Insanity- Pure Cardio and abs DVD
Tuesday: Insanity- Cardio Power Resistance DVD
Wednesday: Insanity- Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Thursday: Insanity- Cardio Recovery DVD

Thursdays Food Journal

Meal #1: protein shake (water, protein powder, frozen berries, mango and banana)

Prework out meal: 1/2 spicy lentil wrap and a few potato chips (about 5) w/ tsp of guacamole

Post workout meal: asparagus, zucchini, white beans, salsa, lettuce, 1 piece of spinach flat bread

Small piece of homemade carrot cake (no sugar) w/ little bit of icing

Meal #4: 1/2 cup jasmine rice, 5 veggie meatballs w/ corn and peppers, drizzle of soyaki sauce and hot sauce

small piece of carrot cake w/ out icing


I made a yummy carrot cake from scratch last night. My daughter wanted to buy one at the store but I decided to try making one myself. A clean one. She found a mix for icing at Trader Joe's so I let her buy it so she could put icing on her cake. We didn't put it all over the cake, just on our individual pieces if we wanted it.

I used 2 cups of grated carrots, 1 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, 1 ripe banana, raisins, 1 tbsp vanilla, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour, 1 tsp baking powder, and 1 tsp baking soda. Then I baked it for 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

It was super yummy. It was not a spongy cake like regular box cakes. It has the consistency of a firm bread pudding. It's not custardy but dense and moist.

The frosting was just powdered sugar and some other ingredient I can't remember. The recipe called for 4 oz of butter and 2 tbsp of hot water. I used Earth Balance of course instead of the butter. This frosting is not necessarily healthy and a clean eating staple but it's better than a lot of the other frosting on the market.

I let me daughter enjoy things like this every now and then so she doesn't feel deprived of indulgent treats. She doesn't like to have them all the time but when she does I try to give her healthier options.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday/ Saturday and Sunday

Friday I did okay with my food. I didn't get to do my Insanity DVD because I had to go to a bridal shower dinner after work. I did get a 2 mile fast walk in because I had to pick up my daughter from school after work.

I was actually pretty sore from that walk. It was also a nice walk. I enjoyed walking and chatting with my daughter.

Saturday I was not able to workout because I was not feeling well. I had an alcholic beverage the night before and it made me feel really sick. I didn't get drunk or anything but my body was just not happy with my choice to have that drink. I had a headache and felt nauseous. I definitely could not do my intense cardio DVD.

Sunday was my scheduled rest day and I also had a babyshower to attend after work so I didn't workout. I did walk and climb a lot of stairs at work though while checking our vacant apartments. I had to check 40 units so I got a good workout.

I ate well and didn't go overboard with anything. I am doing better at being conscious of what I am eating so I am proud.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tedious Task

So I HATE counting calories but as a part of this INSANITY workout program they strongly encourage that you do in order to get the best results.

I know I do need to be more accountable of the calories I am eating because I tend to overeat. I don't eat bad things but I know I am eating over the right amount of calories for my body and to ensure weight loss.

I figured out the calories I should be eating daily in order to loss weight and it is a little over 1,600. So this means if I eat 5 small meals a day, each one should be around 300 calories with a little room left for a larger meal maybe for lunch.

I really don't like counting calories but I am going to go back to it and see what my results are. I actually started this today so I will post my meals and calorie intake later tonight.

The positive side of calorie counting for me is I will feel more in control and less likely to binge.

I know a lot of people don't read this blog but it helps keep me accountable so I will keep posting my progress on here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Cardio Recovery (Insanity DVD)
Pussycat Doll workout

Meal #1: Ezekiel cereal w/ soy milk and banana
Meal #2: salad w/ brown rice, beans, veggie protein, spinach and salsa. PB&J on a whole wheat pita bread.
Meal #3: Larabar (banana bread)
Meal #4: Ezekiel cereal
Meal #5: small piece of veggie lasagna


I started getting serious about studying for my certification and boy is it hard. I am like "wow I have to know all of this". I am studying anatomy and physiology right now and science was never my strength. I will take it day by day though and fill out my workbook. As long as I work with the workbook I will be prepared for the examination.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Sunday: NO workout. It was my rest day and I was going to work out but decided that resting would be best. This workout program is intense so I can't always push when I want to. I have to let my body recover for the next week of INSANITY.

Monday: I was supposed to do my 2nd FIT TEST as a part of the program to see how much I have improved from day one but I didn't do it. My daughter was having a very emotional day so I decided to skip my workout and spend time with her. We watched movies and just relaxed.

Tuesday: It was on a popping again...LOL! I did my scheduled and dreadful PLYOMETRIC DVD. It was a late workout but I was determined to not miss another day of working out. I ate very well with the exception of a few bite size pieces of chocolate.

Wednesday: I completed my scheduled daily workout. Today was a PURE CARDIO and ABS day. No sit ups involved! It was very intense.

My knee started hurting again today. This time it was the opposite knee. I really need to be careful. I am glad tomorrow is my Cardio Recovery day.

Pre work out Meal #1- 1/2 cup tofu scramble w/ salsa, small glass of a smoothie (soy milk, strawberries, mango, banana and spinach)
Post workout Meal #2- protein shake on the go (water, protein powder, strawberries and mango)
Snack- Larabar (apple pie), water
Meal #3- large veggie salad (spinach, asparagus, peppers, red and white kidney beans, black beans, salsa, red wine vinegar, beets), water
Meal #4- a small plate of bbq pulled shreds (made from wheat gluten) on a tiny slice of whole wheat toast, a few baked fries w/ organic ketchup

water, water, water

I had a good day today. I weighed myself as this is the beginning of my 3rd week. Although I have not kept my food completely clean I have managed to shed 3.5 lbs. I could have lost more and maybe did but I know I am bloated today and I have also gained lean muscle mass. I am not completely disappointed with my weight loss because I feel the improvements. My clothes are looser, my muscles are stronger, my endurance has improved, and my body feels tighter.

So I will celebrate my accomplishment. I celebrated by buying a new dress in a smaller size not with a piece of chocolate cake...LOL!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I had trouble posting the last blog I wrote so I am going to give you a brief update here. I have done great with my scheduled workouts. I haven't done too bad with my food. I did eat some naughty sweets because well I had a weak moment. That time of the month is coming and I had some other things going on. So my emotions had me a little vulnerable last week.

Wednesday I did my PURE CARDIO Insanity DVD. I was having issues later that night with my knee. I know it has to do with all the jumping.

Thursday I had a rest from cardio with my CARDIO RECOVERY DVD. This involves a lot of deep muscles movements, yoga poses and stretching. This gave my knee the much needed rest it was asking for. It felt much better.

Friday I did my CARDIO POWER AND RESISTANCE DVD and it was great.

Saturday I was scheduled to workout but I had some things to do after work and didn't get home until late. I also had a sinus headache so I went home and did some biceps, triceps and abs. I did 3 sets/14 reps of biceps and triceps curls varying the movements from hammer curls, basic and wide. I did 250 abs crunches.

So, today I am scheduled to rest but I need to workout so I will do the workout I missed yesterday. I have noticed my clothes are getting lose and my muscles are stronger. I am motivated to keep staying consistent BUT now I have to really be serious about my food.