Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stepping Forward

I have been told by several people that my calling was to speak to women. I was told that I was going to be given a "platform" and that woman would know me by my name.

I have had visions and dreams of myself speaking in front of large crowds of women. I wasn't sure how and when this was going to manifest. I wasn't even sure what my "platform" was going to be.

Well this Saturday was my first glimpse into what I have been called to do. I actually spoke at a womans conference about health and wellness. It was natural. It flowed so freely from my lips.

The funny thing was that many insecurities and fears tried to tell me that I wasn't prepared for this moment. First of all I couldn't study. My mind was drawing a blank and I couldn't focus. Then I felt fat and bloated so I was a little depressed.

I thought "how are you going to go up there and talk about health and wellness and you are fat". Yes, that time of the month is coming so I was emotional....LOL! I also thought I didn't know enough to answer any questions that might arise.

Then I saw the people come into my workshop room and they were all older than me and looked intimidating. I said these people are not going to listen to me.

Then God spoke to my heart and reminded me that everything I thought I couldn't do or wasn't prepared for I had accomplished anyways.

I had to remember that God has prepared me for this moment in my life. All I had to do was open my heart and share my passion. I didn't have to know everything. I just had to relate to people and share my journey and story.

GUESS WHAT? It was more than a success. I had a powerful workshop and people were coming up to me telling me how awesome it was. One woman said "keep letting God use are doing amazing". That just confirmed that I was doing what He called me to do.

I passed out index cards to everyone and asked them to put their names, email address and questions or area of concern if they wanted me to be in contact with them. Out of about 80-100 people I got about 30 cards back.

I thought that was an awesome response for my first official "assignment". Don't you think?

When I went to thank the pastor for inviting me to speak I overheard a lady tell her how amazing my workshop was. That made me feel wonderful. :)

I really thank God for opening me up and allowing me to share myself with others. This has been my passion and I look forward to what this is about to open up. It is going to be AMAZING!

This journey has not been about has been about His people.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A step closer to another dream!

I DID IT! I enrolled into my personal training certification classes today.

I am so passionate about helping others get healthy. I can't wait to make a difference and inspire someone to live free of emotional and physical baggage.

I know my journey has not only been for me. I know I have struggled so that I can be relate able.

When I was at my lowest moment and heaviest weight I wished that someone would see my pain and help me. I wanted someone to take my hand and push me to break out of my emotionally obese shell.

I want to be that person for someone else. I don't care about making money from this. I just want to learn how to help others. I want to help lift the burden of obesity.

I am on my way. I can't wait.

Today's hard workout!

So I went running today. I was craving the treadmill beneath my feet and the feeling of accomplishment after an amazing kick butt workout.

I didn't focus on distance but rather intensity. So I did incline runs at 3.o percent incline and 5 mph. Then I did speed runs at 6 mph. This is faster than I usually run because I used to focus more on endurance and it was less tiring to run at a speed of 3.8 or 4.0 mph. After a 30 minute run I walked at a 10 % incline for about 5 minutes and gradually reduced incline until I cooled down. Then I did 8 minutes on the stairmaster on the fat burning program.

Today I said " I am going to break down some walls and challenge myself", and I did it. I haven't ran in a while so it was a little challenging to get back into it. I kept telling myself out loud "PUSH!". There were times I wanted to stop but I had to push through the pain and weakness.

The only way to get stronger is to push harder and break through the thresholds of pain. Of course you must be wise but many of us know when we can give more without hurting ourselves. I know my body and it's capabilities pretty well so I knew I could do it.

I was thinking "hey you are a marathoner.....if you can run 13.1 miles you can definitely run hard for 30 minutes".

So I got it done and will do my 2nd workout tonight. I am doing my extreme 90 days workout so I am scheduled to do the Extreme Ball DVD.

Here is what I ate:
Preworkout meal: small banana
Meal 1: steel cut oats w/ 1/3 banana and cinnamon, tofu scramble (tofu and potatoes) w/ salsa. I was still a little hungry so I ate a whole wheat tortilla.
Meal 2: a few apple slices
Meal 3: a few asparagus spears and a piece of sourdough toast w/ earth balance and garlic powder.
Meal 4: Sweet Tomatoes- large salad, 1 cup of soup, a brownie and a cup of coffee.
Post workout snack- a few veggie chips and a small box of raisins. Lots of water.

I am going to try to incorporate more raw meals since it is lighter on my body. I will refrain from eating more than a cup of grains and beans per day. That is my diet goal for this month.

I am finally back and it feels so GOOD!

I was off today from work for the holiday. I was ready to get on the treadmill and kill it. So I got up early this morning and headed to the gym. It was cold and I was very tempted to stay in bed and sleep in but I AM AN ADDICT and I was craving a kick butt workout. I absolutely LOVE to workout hard.

I guess my biggest hindrance in achieving my weight goals has been my eating. Although I eat rather healthy, I eat way toooooo much. I eat even when I am not hungry. I overeat because I am bored or emotional.

I have struggled with this for many years. I am a lot better than I used to be because I can control myself at times and I am eating more healthy but I still have work to do. I guess we all can stand to make some improvements....right?

Well I can't use that excuse anymore. If I really want to see the pounds drop and body transform I must be extremely diligent with my meal planning and eating. I am going to test my new method for a whole month and see what I can achieve.

I am motivated by an event that will be happening next month. I will be traveling out of town to attend a family members Sweet 16 and I want to feel good. I want to be able to buy a really nice dress and feel confident wearing it. So my journey begins. :)

I am still dealing with a small cold but today's workout was the kick in the butt I needed to refocus and stop feeling sorry for myself. My pants are fitting me tighter and my rolls are coming back. I don't want to start all over so I must regroup and rededicate myself to my healthy active lifestyle.

The good thing is that I am not tempted with any naughty food. I am also looking into starting my Plant Based Nutrition course with Cornell University and getting certified to be a personal trainer. Those were the goals I set for myself to accomplish this year. This year I will also reach my weight goal by shedding 30 lbs. Oh and it's time to get strong and sexy. :)

Well it feels amazing to be back. No time to turn back now. I am on my way.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scheduled comback

I will be back to my supreme workout on Monday. I have to change the way I do things when I come back to prevent getting sick again.

Here is the plan:
Get more sleep (at least 8 hrs per night)
Eat extremely clean
Drink green tea everyday
Take vitamins (for added stress to body from exercising and muscles rebuilding)

I know I can come back strong as long as I stay disciplined and begin to get back to my roots. I have to remember that I must treat my body with respect and honor it for the sacred temple that it is. :)

So I am excited to get back to kicking butt soon. I am also going to have to start marathon training in June. It is kind of up in the air if I am really going to do it again. The training is so strenuous and I have to really be dedicated if I am going to tackle this new challenge.

I am definitely more motivated to start doing some hardcore weight training instead. I have a trainer lined up and I am really looking forward to that. I am actually going to get free training and I love that.

I am just working on getting some transportation and a gym membership. Let's see how the ball rolls. :)

I have also wanted to get my certification for personal training and plant based nutrition. I am going to start looking into that soon and making plans to accomplish that this year.

I really feel that my journey and passion for health and wellness can really be a motivation for someone else. My goal has always been to help inspire others to live a long, healthy, happy and prosperous life. Part of that comes from knowing who you are and not settling for less than the best.

So I will continue to strive to be my best so I can help others as well. :)

See you Monday.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Still under the weather

Well I am so sad that I haven't been able to workout. I really want to get back into the swing of things but I have to let my body heal.

I can't even walk up the stairs without feeling wiped out so any form of exercise is a no no. In order to get better as quickly as possible I must rest rest rest.

I have to admit that it has been really hard being lazy. I don't like laying in bed all day. That used to be a part of my unhealthy, inactive lifestyle but not anymore. So when I have to do it I really hate it.

Well I am trying to keep my food intake under control so I don't gain any weight. Funny how we can gain it so easily but it takes lots of work to burn of one pound of fat...LOL!

Hope to be back soon. Let's pray I am back on Monday.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Screeching halt!!!!!!!!


I am so disappointed that this day had to come. I got sick. I tried to muscle through but I just couldn't do it. I come in contact with so many people on a daily basis that I must have picked up a bug somewhere. That combined with the weather change and my new workout schedule.

Yesterday at work I got extremely nauseous. I don't know what happen but my body just broke down. My mind was not fully functioning and I felt like I wanted to puke.

I didn't eat very much because I didn't have a great appetite. My taste buds were blah!

I came home from work and then left to go eat some salad at Sweet Tomatoes because I was NOT in the mood to cook. I wanted some soup too but all the soups were no no's. They all contained some form of dairy.

When I got home I couldn't just lay down and rest. I so badly wanted to work out so I got my exercise ball and did about 200 weighted and non weighted crunches and reverse crunches.

I felt horrible after but I had to get something done. My daughter said I should go on the weird obsessions show because I always want to work out....LOL!

Well today (Tuesday) I went to work and got sent home by my boss. I made so many mistakes yesterday because my mind wasn't good so she knew I wasn't feeling good. She said I needed to go home and rest. I did just that.

I did get some exercise in today because I had to walk to go pick up my daughter from school. I walked about 1/2 a mile so I don't feel so bad. I am still nauseous and my body is weak so I can't do anything else until I recover.

Once I am back 100% I will pick up where I left off with my workouts. I am itching for them...LOL!


Forgot all that I ate yesterday but it wasn't a lot and it was all healthy.


Meal#1: Nothing

Meal#2: 2 tofu soft tacos in brown rice tortilla with salsa, 1/2 can ginger ale

Meal#3: 1 1/2 c. brown coconut rice w/ pinto beans and salsa, 1/2 can ginger ale

Cup of white pomegranate tea w/ soy milk

Meal#4: 1 slice of veggie pizza w/out cheese

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SUPRME Day 5 and 6

Day 5

I was busy today but I didn't make that an excuse to cancel my workout. I also had a tummy ache but I muscled through and got my workout done.

Meal #1: smoothie

Meal#2: a few apple slices w/ PB

Meal#3: large salad (greens, steamed veggies, garbanzo beans and salsa)

Meal#4: 3 baked sopes (sope w/ pinto beans, lettuce, salsa, guacamole and olives)

Cup of chocolate tea w/ soy milk and tsp of raw sugar

1/2 glass of milkshake (soy milk, banana, frozen strawberries, u/s cocoa powder)


Shoulder and arms


My workout was awesome. I had a great stretch afterwards which helps me with not being sore the next day.


Day 6

Not only are my muscles confused but they are tired. They say muscle fatigue is good because it breaks down the muscle and then rebuilds it stronger. So I am hoping my ripped body is coming this year because these workouts are challenging me. :)

Meal#1: smoothie (water, protein powder, banana and berries), 1 piece of whole wheat sourdough bread w/ smear of Earth Balance

Meal#2: asparagus and 1/2 cup of brown rice pasta w/ tomato sauce, a few bites of a banana

1 hershey kiss (didn't taste good to me)

Meal#3: 1 1/2 big hard pretzels w/ mustard

Meal#4: black bean burger on lettuce (no bread), a few baked fries w/ ketchup, milkshake (soymilk, banana, strawberries)

Meal#5: 1/2 black bean patty w/ ketchup, 1 piece of sourdough bread, 4 fries, 1/2 cup of soy chocolate milk ( I was feeling really nauseous after working out so I refueled my body with some food)


Cardio Challenge DVD (this incorporates dumbbells as well)

Pussycat Doll workout

My thoughts

I wanted to let you into my mind today because I believe that creating a healthy life starts in the mind first. You must meditate on positive things and release all that is toxic.

Detoxifying your life is important when you want to be healthy. Weight loss is not the only part of being healthy. Managing a healthy weight is a product of discipline, dedication and hard work. You can only manifest those characteristics when you have a strong mind.

WILL POWER. The power to change your will.

We have the power to take back our lives, our health and relationships. We have the power to change our current situations by changing the way we think. You can't just make positive changes without changing the way you feel about things. You become what you think.

If you think everything is opposition and you allow it to consume you.....then you will become a product of fear and never accomplish what you desire.

When you desire something with all of your heart then you must begin to walk this Earth as if you are already in possession of it. You must hold your head high with confidence and allow that energy to change your situation.

You have the POWER to change what you WILL do!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Meal #1: tofu scramble in a brown rice tortilla w/ salsa

Meal #2: smoothie, 1 pretzel

Meal #3: asparagus (12 spears were only 25 calories, I ate about 24 for 50 calories...LOL!)

Meal #4: 1 c. brown rice w/ mushrooms, 6 meatless meatballs w/ soyaki sauce on a bed of lettuce

Dessert: 6 oz. milkshake (soy milk, u/s cocoa powder, banana and frozen strawberries w/ 1 tbsp of raw sugar

Cup of hot white pomegranate tea w/ soy milk

Tabata Inferno DVD
Pussycat Doll Workout DVD

I was inspired to do two workouts today. The first one was very intense circuit training and left me feeling like I was going to puke on several occasions. It was all cardio mixed with a little strength training.

It incorporates about 6 different circuits that each have 3 set in each of them. Each set does one exercise for 20 seconds and then rests for 10 seconds and moves on to the next move. For example:
1 circuit: burpees (20 sec), rest (10 sec), push ups (20 sec), rest (10 sec), bicycle crunches (20 sec), rest (10 sec), mountain climbers (20 sec) do this set 3 times

Rest 1 minute and then on to the next circuit. This DVD was 45 minutes long.

It was pretty intense!!!!!!

Then I did another DVD that my mother in law bought. It was the pussycat doll workout. I loved it. I was fun, sexy and an awesome cardio and toning workout.

That was my active day. :) I felt great.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SUPREME Day 3 (Rest Day)

Today is a rest day. I don't get another one for 7 days (I think) so I forced myself to rest. I really wanted to go to the gym and do some cardio but I convinced myself that I need to follow the program as it is until I see how my body respondes. There are not many rest days, about 1 every 7 days, so I know I have to let my body rest when the calendar tells me to.

Tomorrow is an intense cardio workout DVD so I will need all my energy.

Meal#1: smoothie (water, frozen banana and berries, spinach)
Meal#2: veggie patty on whole wheat sourdough bread w/ organic ketchup and mustard, and lettuce, 1 piece of raisin toast
Meal #3: veggie and black bean salad (lettuce, steamed veggies, black beans, salsa, lemon juice
Snack: 1 hard sourdough pretzel
Meal#4: 1/2 c. brown rice w/ Bragg's Amino Acids, 1/2 c. pad tai noodles, 10 asparagus spears, 2 veggie egg rolls (baked)


WOW WOW WOW! I am really going to get ripped because these workouts are challenging. I haven't done any extreme cardio yet but the strength training is intense for me.

I have been used to more cardio like running so this is just another way to challenge my body. I know my body will definitely start changing because it won't have time to adapt.

Seeing the amazing bodies of the girls in the videos also keeps me focused on my food intake. I picture my body the way I want it and the nasty food just doesn't appeal to me.

I started meditating and doing visualization again to get me refocused and ready.

I definitely know that you CAN NOT ask your body to do something that your mind is not focused on. Try it! If your make excuses or think something is too hard then it will be. If you see it as just a challenge that you must overcome to reach your goals then you will press through with determination and SURELY reach them.

Okay so here was my day:

Meal#1: smoothie
Meal#2: 3 cups salad greens w/ 1/2 cup black beans and salsa, 2 brown rice cakes w/ Earth Balance
Meal#3: apple slices
Meal#4: 1/2 tofu scramble wrap w/ salsa and a bowl of homemade split pea soup
Dessert: 1 cup soy ice cream w/ 1/2 banana
Meal#5: 1 pita pocket w/ tomato paste and spinach, 1 c. grapes

Lots of water all day long. I have no problem drinking tons of water. I can't live without it. :)

Workout: Core Dynamics
This DVD had lots of plank exercises. My upper body and abs got a killer workout. Staying consistant with my workouts and clean eating will definitely reap the abs I want this year. I am claiming them right now. :)