Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday- Cranking out the miles

Food Journal:

Breakfast- couple sips of a smoothie (water, berries and banana)

Lunch- I went to a vegan potluck and sampled a couple of dishes. I didn't eat too much but I got really full. They had no bake cookies there for dessert but I only took a small bite too taste. I gave the rest of the cookie to my brother and I ate a few dried apple slices. I was proud of myself BUT THEN.......

I ate a few dark chocolate covered almonds.

Dinner- 1/2 vegan hotdog on one slice of wheat bread, 1/4 cup hash browns with ketchup

Snack- 1/2 vegan hotdog on one slice of wheat bread


5 mile run around my apartment complex

I was supppppper sore right after I was done. Some parts of the run were up hill and I had to run them at a faster pace so I wouldn't slack off. It was like a mental game for me.

I was listening to my MP3 player and during certain songs I would run faster for an added calorie burn. I really prefer to run on the street rather than the treadmill. It is more exciting to me and more of a workout. My muscles feel it right away.

I realized that I was not stretching enough after my workouts and that prevents my muscles from healing properly. I have to make time to stretch properly so my muscles recover and grow stronger.

I know I am not following my workout schedule and have to get back to it as soon as possible. I started working part time and from home so I am trying to fit it all in. Training is my priority right now so I have to make time for it no matter what. Even if I don't get a long run in at one time I have to put in the miles. A few miles in the morning and a few more at night is good too so I will do my best to commit to that.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday- Yoga....woohoo!

Food Journal:

Breakfast- 2 plums
No lunch
Dinner- tater tots w/ ketchup and hot sauce
Snack- two sips of a smoothie

I have not been very hungry lately. Not sure why but I don't really crave food. I try to make myself eat but then I get a stomach ache.

Workout Journal:

Yoga Meltdown Level 2
Weight training- bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, shoulder raises, shoulder press, dead lifts

I haven't done any workout tapes in a very long time. I was not up for running or any intense cardio so I decided to do Yoga. It was a great workout.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday and Sunday

I have not had a big appetite the last couple of days. I actually lose another 2 lbs. I haven't worked out either because I have not been feeling very well. I have also been busy getting my daughter ready for junior high. We also had her best friend over our house for a couple of days so I had to entertain two 11 yr olds.

I plan to get back to the hard workouts on Monday. There is not time to be a slacker.

Food: Ate well not sure what I ate but it wasn't much and it was all healthy.
Workout: 5 mile run

Food: Not sure what I ate.
No workout

Brown rice farina, soy milk, cinnamon, banana
tofu scramble wrap
veggie wrap
black bean burger

No workout

black bean patty on 1 whole wheat bread w/ ketchup and mustard
(Sweet Tomatoes) salad, pinto bean and brown rice soup, brownie

Workout: abs and push ups only.

I went to Target today and tried on a dress. I was actually pretty surprised because it look good. I am down about 6 dress sizes and it feels amazing. I still need to work on more toning and my abs but so far so good.

I did take pics I will try to post them tomorrow. My mom thought I should buy a sexy dress for a date I am going on next Saturday. I am not sure if I am ready for that dress yet....lol!

Wednesday- Down 5 lbs. and pics

Before: October 2009

Current: August 2010

Total pounds lost this far: 40
Pounds left to lose to reach goal: 18
:)))))) Feels good.
I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale and saw I had lost 5 lbs. I haven't been working out these last couple of days but I also haven't been eating a lot either. I feel that this also has to do with me being really happy right now. I am releasing stress and my body is responding. TRULY AMAZING how that works.

Funny thing is that two people told me this would happen once I got certain stresses out of my life. Just crazy how fast it actually happened. I am releasing the stress and the weight. It feels good.

Food Journal:
Breakfast- smoothie (water, frozen berries, banana)
Lunch- 1 black bean patty, 1 piece of whole wheat bread, 1 cup of veggie soup
Snack- apricot bar (Sooooo yummy but too sweet for me. It didn't even have any sugar in it.)
Dinner- vegan nachos (cheezy sauce, black beans, guacamole, multi grain corn chips, and salsa)
Dessert- dried apple rings

3 mile run (finished in 30 minutes...not bad....I am aiming for 25 minutes next time)
100 push ups

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday- Not feeling well and I am in pain

I woke up this morning with a bad headache and neck pain. I guess I slept wrong. I also had a sore throat. Come to find out that my mom found the A/C set to 74 degrees. That would explain why I got up a little under the weather.

I didn't workout again today because I was in so much pain. I don't like to take any medication but I had to take an Excedrin back and body. It was that bad. I ate well though so I am not worried.

I also bought a new pair of pants the other day and fit into a juniors size. I haven't been able to do that in a realllllly long time. It felt great. I have dropped 2 pant sizes and that feels great.

Sometimes I think I should be dropping it faster but I am doing it the healthy way so I am letting nature takes it's course. I am proud of myself this far even though I often feel pressured to be thinner.

My wellness coach believes that stress has played a role in my body not releasing the weight as fast as I would like it to go. She said once I get through all of this drama I will shed it like snake skin. I agree. I am ready to shed it. :)

Food Journal

Breakfast- 1 c hash browns with ketchup
This was not a good hearty breakfast. I was in a hurry to get to a meeting I had to attend. Jazzy made me these hash browns while I got ready.

Snack- 2 mini pieces of vegan pizza, watermelon, tangerine, water
I ate this while at my meeting.

Lunch- grilled veggie salad (lettuce, peppers, black beans, a little corn, lemon juice)

Dinner- 4 cactus salad tostadas (yummy...one of my favorites;)
Homemade tostadas w/ black beans and cactus salad. Cactus salad ingredients: fresh cooked cactus, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, mango and lime.

No workout.

On a good note....I have some really nice things happening in my life. I have starting working...kind of part time. I have a new friend in my life that is really awesome and makes me smile. I have managed to save money since I don't have a car payment anymore. AND I have been blessed with the opportunity to buy another car with out a car payment.

I definitely feel very hopeful. I know my obedience has brought forth these blessings in my life. Now I am just learning how to let go and flow with God. I have experienced so much heartache over the last 10 years so this new part of my life feels kind of awkward. It is almost like I am afraid to step out and enjoy it. I kind of feel like I am trying to hide behind the shadows of my pain because it has been all I have known for so many years.

But little by little I am walking forward and embracing this amazing part of my life. It is all happening so fast so I might as well jump on board and enjoy the ride.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Food Journal:
Breakfast- 1 cup of brown rice, black beans w/ corn
Snack- orange
Lunch- (Sweet Tomatoes) salad, soup, grapes, 2 slices of honey dew
Dinner- hashbrown w/ ketchup (I wasn't really hungry)

No workout. I wasn't home all day. I went to hang out with my friend that came to visit from Texas. I hadn't seen her in 3 years. I also went to speak at a Women's Conference in the afternoon. I did sweat a lot because there was no air in the building. It was pretty horrible.

Food Journal:
Breakfast- hashbrowns w/ ketchup. 2 tofu scramble tacos w/ spinach. smoothie (banana, strawberries and blueberries w/ water)
Lunch- (Sweet Tomatoes) salad, brown rice and pinto bean soup, slice of bread, banana nut muffin, orange cranberry muffin.

No workout. Rest day. Abs only.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Food Journal:

Breakfast- large bowl of brown rice farina w/ soy milk, blueberries, banana and cinnamon

Lunch- brown rice, pinto beans, vegggie

Frozen fruit sorbet (no sugar. only frozen fruit)

Smoothie (cantaloupe, kiwi, mint, grapes)

Dinner- slice of vegan pizza, 1/4 cup grain and edamame salad, 1/2 vegan brownie (from Whole Foods)

1 cup pasta with veggies (I went to dinner with my friend but I didn't really eat too much. Jazzy and I shared a plate. She ate most of the pasta and I ate the veggies)

Workout Journal:

A. M.- 1 1/2 mile run

I hurt a nerve in my booty or something because I couldn't put a lot of pressure on my leg. I would get a sharp pain in my glute. Not sure what happen but I wasn't able to workout in the evening.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday- Feeling the pressure

So I am a little discouraged. YES! I am. I feel like I should be losing weight faster. I feel like I am still fat. Just keeping it real. I definitely see lots of progress but I think it should be more. So I have decided to look at my food journal and workout journal and make some adjustments.

I am going to start cleaning up my eating and running more often. I feel the pressure right now and I am a little insecure and self conscious.

I know we all have those moments and I thought it was important for you too see that I have them too. I don't always feel fabulous. Sometimes I still struggle with insecurities. I guess it is part of the journey.

Food Journal:

Breakfast- small smoothie (soy milk, strawberries, blueberries, banana). whole wheat pita w/ Daiya cheese, bell peppers, bell pepper and tomato paste. water

Snack- couple of piece of a soft pretzel. water.

Lunch- baked tostada w/ black olive hummus, lettuce and tomato. two crackers w/ Lima bean spread. grapes. water

Snack- 2 quesadilla (corn tortilla, Daiya cheese, bell peppers)

Dinner- brown rice, zucchini, sauteed mushrooms and onions w/ Bragg's

Dessert- 4 small vegan chocolate covered strawberries.

Jazzy has been wanting to make chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. I let her make them today and I ate 4 of them. YUMMY! I won't get to eat these for a really long time so I let myself eat them today.

I am going to be eliminating a lot of foods in order to prepare my body for this 1/2 marathon. It is important to start treating myself as an athlete. If I am demanding more of my body I have to learn to treat it well.

I need to eat better and cleaner as well as sleep more. I will be doing this next week. I am going to make a clean eating list and ensure my kitchen is fully stocked and ready to go on Sunday.

Some of the foods I will be eliminating are Tofu, Gluten and SUGAR. I need to really dedicate myself to this because 4 months will be here in a jiffy.

Please keep me on track and hold me accountable to my goals. Thanks :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Food Journal:

Nachos (same as last night)

Dry cinnamon cereal (I had a sweet tooth)

tortilla chips w/ pico de gallo

Red quinoa and Edemame salad, 1 bite of potato salad, piece of vegan chocolate chip cookie, piece of vegan brownie (all vegan food from Whole Foods)

Pita pizza (whole wheat pita bread, Daiya cheese, tomoto paste, red and green bell pepper, diced black olives and spinach)

Workout Journal:
2 sets of 20 Bicep curls, tricep extensions, overhead presses
300 situps with Bender Ball (I love this ball)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Food Journal:

Breakfast- PB&J sandwich

Lunch- soba noodles, steamed veggies, fruit plate (watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe). water

I had a hard time finding something healthy to eat at the mall food court. Asian cuisine is usually pretty good at giving you healthy vegan options. They made sure to tell me that the options I chose had NO meat in them. They were very nice. I was really full afterwards but about 2 hours later I was hungry again. :) My metabolism must be speedying up.

Snack- smoothie (soy milk, berries, banana)

Dinner- nachos (homemade tortilla chips, cheesy sauce, black beans, pico de gallo, black olives, guacamole and hot sauce)

Everyone loved dinner tonight. I made an awesome cheesy sauce out of soy milk, arrowroot and nutritional yeast. I poured that over baked tortilla chips. Then I topped it with black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, black olives and hot sauce.

Workout Journal:
2 hours of walking at the mall (took my niece school shopping)
We did a lot of unnecessary walking because we got lost. But it served the purpose of giving me some cardio time..LOL!
strength training (upper body only)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday- Hot Summer Run! 9 miles

Food Journal:

Pre-workout: banana

Post workout: brown rice farina, whole wheat pita w/ tofu and black beans

Snack- shared a soft pretzel w/ Jazzy, chocolate chip cookie

I regreted the cookie. It was nasty and so not worth the calories. BUT guess what....I ate it anyways. :( It was an emotional indulgence.

Lunch- lavash bread w/ bbq tofu and black beans

Dinner- brown fried rice (not really fried;) (brown rice, sauteed mushrooms, mixed veggies, Bragg's and spices)

Post workout snack- fried rice

Workout Journal:

A.M. workout- 3 mile outdoor run

I went a little late and the heat finally got to me. I also didn't eat much, sleep much and didn't bring water. It was not a good combination. I wanted to run 6-7 miles but it did not happen in one workout session.

P.M. workout- 6 miles on treadmill

I was pushing during the beginning of this run but after I got to 3 miles I got this energy that carried me to 6 miles. I could have ran more but it was getting late and Jazzy had to get home and get ready for bed. It felt amazing and I enjoyed my run.

I loaded some songs onto Jazzy's MP3 player and I listen to my favorite 4 songs over and over again. I like fast rock n roll kind of music. I also like rap and techno when I am running.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday- New Dress (pic)

Food Journal:

Breakfast- PB&J (Yep, I have been going crazy with these:)

Lunch- veggie soup, pita pizza

Dinner- (Sweet Tomatoes) large salad, cup of soup w/ rice, apple crisp, water, bread

Snack- whole wheat pita, tofu spread, and salsa

Workout Journal:

Rest day. 200 crunches

I bought a new dress today. Here is a pic. What do you think?

The pic was taken today but the date on my camera is wrong. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday- Run Forest Run!

Food Journal:

Breakfast- 3 tofu scramble tacos w/ spinach. bowl of brown rice farina w/ soy milk, cinnamon and banana

Lunch- PB&J sandwich

Snack- smoothie (water, strawberries, blueberries, banana)

Dinner- pita pizza, bowl of veggie soup, bite of a banana

Workout Journal:

6 mile run

I finally got another run in today. I didn't get up early enough to run outside so I ran on the treadmill. Today my knees and ankles hurt soooooo bad. My new shoes can not be worn on the treadmill. I think I will wear them only when I run on the pavement. I think it has to do with the insoles I bought. I took them out during the last mile and it didn't hurt as bad. I can still wear my old ones when I do treadmill runs.

Although I was in pain I pushed through the entire workout. I really had to push towards the end because my ankles felt like the little bones were broken. OUCH! I made sure to stretch really well and rotate my ankles. I hope I am okay for another run on Monday. I am sure I will be.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pics of my new shoes and other updates

Here are pics of the new running shoes I bought. I used them on Thursday and they were pretty nice. I am not sure if there is a big difference. They feel a little stiff. I think I still need to break them in. I am going to try them out on the road and see what happens. I might need to take the insole out too. I bought extra padding and I don't think I like them. I like the feeling of the gel in the shoe without the padded insoles.
In a month or two I am going to go get my feet analyzed and fitted for new running shoes. I need to make sure I have to right arch support and so on. I am excited to see what shoes fits my foot best. I definitely do not want any blisters or busted up toes after the marathon. :)
My daughter has an MP3 player and I loaded some running music on there. I hope this helps me out too.
I went to try new sports bras on today and they didn't really work the way I thought they would for $67. My friend recommended one from Nordstrom's but I wasn't feeling it. I still had too much bounce for my liking. I am going to keep shopping.
I am really getting beat up without having the proper bra. This might be too much info for some but I have to keep it real. I want you to experience my journey with me. So anyways, my bra rubs under my breasts and I get burns. They are so painful. I have to keep band aids on them. So a new bra is way up on the list of essential running gear.
I also need some new workout clothes. I only have one pair of pants that fit me and they are getting too big now. So slowly but surely I am buying what I need.
Just wanted to share something my friend posted on her Facebook:
"Words of a 12 yr old marathoner: A marathon is not hard.....just get over yourself"
I love it. You definitely have to get over yourself and become extremely disciplined to run a marathon. I am only running 1/2 of one and I struggle at times to stay focused. I am going to remember these wise words when I am dragging during my training. Definitely inspiration.

Friday- Yep I have excuses!! :)

Food Journal:

8:00am Breakfast- 3 tofu scramble tacos, potatoes w/ green peppers and onions, ketchup and hot sauce. water.

3:00pm Lunch- 1 1/2 PB&J sandwiches, water

8:00pm Dinner- toasted veggie wrap (whole wheat lavash bread, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, spinach and tomatoes). smoothie (water, soy milk, banana, strawberries, blueberries)

No workout.

I am so so so extremely tired. I felt sick all day because I am so exhausted. I forced myself to get up early and stay up so that I can get used to going to bed early again. I have not slept much the last couple of days and my body is feeling it. I know I shouldn't make excuses but I have them today. I am definitely drained. I will get a good run in tomorrow morning. I PROMISE!!!!!

Thursday- Our Body IS Amazing!

Food Journal:

Breakfast- shredded wheat w/ soy milk and banana
Lunch- brown rice, black beans, zucchini w/ Bragg's and hot sauce
kale salad, bean salad, quinoa salad (while at a pre-movie food sampling party at Whole Foods)
Dinner- brown rice, black beans, mixed veggies
Dessert- Kashi granola bar

Workout Journal:
5.25 mile jog

I was super tired. I only got 4 1/2 hrs of sleep but I had to do this workout. I only had 1 hr to workout so I wasn't able to do more. I was also extremely low on energy so this run was definitely challenging. The music couldn't even motivate me.

I watched Forks Over Knives today. Wow was it amazing. It is not available for the public to watch until March 2011 but we got to do a pre-screening. I knew a lot of the information contained in the movie but I learned some interesting things about the body that I had never known.

This is one of the most interesting things I found out. Our stomach has receptors on it. There are stretch receptors and density receptors. When you fill your tummy with nutritional dense foods it takes a lot less calories to set off all the receptors. When you eat high calorie foods that are not nutritional dense your tummy does not get full so you then eat more leading to obesity.

I know this is common sense to many but I never saw it illustrated the way the movie depicted it. I also didn't know we actually had little receptors or sensors on our stomachs that were triggered by the foods we eat. It amazed me and made me realize just how awesome our bodies are. God knew exactly what He was trying to do when I designed us.

Sadly many people don't understand how marvelous the human body is. We take our bodies for granted and billions of people are paying the consequences of their lack of knowledge. Our bodies are divine and they have the ability to heal themselves if we put the right foods in them.

There were several people in the documentary that reversed their degenerative diseases by dietary intervention. One lady had been diagnosed with breast cancer, beat it and now at the age of 75 is competing in triathlons and Ironmans. AMAZING!

Old age and family medical history does not have to slow you down. You can still live a long, healthy and fulfilled life if you learn how to take care of your body. I feel blessed to be living this life now. It is still new to me but I am learning things everyday. My prayer to God was to show me how food affected the body and He answered my prayer.

I now pray that He gives me the opportunity to share this wisdom with everyone that will listen. Some may think "oh that is too extreme to live and eat that way. I need to eat meat and consume dairy". I think having to get your chest ripped open to undergo a bypass surgery is extreme. Why let your loved ones suffer heartache due to your ignorance? Why live a lower quality of life when you can live a full abundant and healthy life free of disease?

It is possible but you must make some decisions to go against the grain and start your own journey. Being healthy is not a luxury it is our God given birth right. God wants us to "have life and life more abundantly" according to His scriptures. We are the ones that chose to subject ourselves to unnecessary suffering and pain.

I believe life is too precious to be playing games with our health. Being thin is not the goal being healthy is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday- Got to meet Dr. Pam Popper

I had a busy evening and was not able to workout. I know I could have gotten up earlier but my body would not let me. I was extremely tired so I let my body rest and restore itself. I made myself get up at 12:oo pm.

I have a lot of making up to do. I have missed two days of workouts. I will be busy tomorrow evening too. I attended a lecture by Dr. Pam Popper tonight. It was sponsored by The Nevada Wellness Forum so I had to work tonight. Tomorrow is the movie screening of "Forks over knives" so I will be busy with that too.

We are having a pre-event party at Whole Foods as well. They are making vegan no oil meals for everyone to sample. I am really excited to watch the amazing documentary tomorrow night. I know it is going to spark and even greater desire in me.

I know God has a specific calling for me in this lifestyle and I am being careful to not fit into anyone else mold. I admire and look up to many people but I don't want to be like them. I have my own shoes to fill. :)

Food Journal:

Brown rice farina (like cream of wheat but made from brown rice) w/ soy milk, banana and cinnamon

1 cup of mac n cheese (Non dairy. Sauce made with soy milk, arrowroot and nutritional yeast)
2 oranges

Veggie sandwich

strawberry and banana smoothie ( I was craving something sweet and this hit the spot.)

No workout but I did help set up and take down folding chairs. Not a big workout but I was a little active today...LOL!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday- A new gift for me!

I bought some running shoes today and I am soooo happy. I really needed them because my legs were in so much pain from yesterdays run. I did not have enough cushion to absorb the pounding from running on a harder surface. My legs got tired way too early as a result.

I am so excited to start running more. I wasn't able to workout today because I was gone all day. I had to attend an event at my mom's work and got home late. I wanted to go for a run but I don't want to run late at night by myself. I will get up early tomorrow morning for my run.

Food Journal:

No breakfast

Lunch- (Tropical Smoothie) Veggie veggie wrap, orange, water

Snack- fruit cup

Dinner- (Panda Express) chow mein, steamed veggies, a few crunchy noodles, a fortune cookie
The crunchy noodles and the fortune cookie are definitely not vegan because they have egg in them but it was okay. I was really hungry and I was craving chinesse food. I guess you can say I commited adultery with my food today. ;) ...LOL!

No workout.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday- Hit the street

Food Journal:

Pre-workout- PB&J on whole wheat bread

Post-workout- sandwhich (gimme lean meatless sausage on whole wheat sourdough and ketchup), strawberry banana soy milkshake.

Dinner- (Sweet Tomatoes...yes again:) salad, cup of soup, 2 bread sticks w/ tops off, apple crisp
My mother in law has never been to this restaurant and wanted to go. I have to say that I can eat there everyday if I could. I love, love, love this place. :)

Workout Journal:
5 miles (NO treadmill:) Yay for me!

I was planning on running on the strip today but didn't end up going. My tummy was kind of upset and I didn't want to have to go to the bathroom while on the strip so I stayed close to home. It was beautiful outside this morning so I decided to run around the block a couple of times. I also wanted to see how different it was to run on the street versus the treadmill.

Let me tell you that I need some new shoes. Running on the hard surface was definitely more challenging and I could tell I need more padding and support on my feet. My endurance was perfect but my legs got weak towards the end. I also felt a few blisters forming as a result of my shoes.

I am going to invest in some new shoes and an ipod. I really need these items now that my goal is to try to run more on the streets. The weather will be cooling down soon and I need to get used to running long distance on the pavement.

Although I can train on the treadmill I still need to experience the road so my body and legs are use to the pounding.

I tracked my miles today with this awesome tool: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ . I don't know if you have used it before but it is great. You can put in your address or the address of where you started your run and then map out your run and it will tell you your mileage. According to this pedometer I ran a little under 5 miles. I didn't even realize I ran that much. I am pretty proud of myself.

I plan on running this path atleast twice a week but I need to buy some new shoes first. My feet really got beat up today. :(

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I bought a Runner World magazine today and realized that I have to make some changes to my running schedule. Once I start running more I will have to give myself more time to rest and recover.

I was inspired by reading a lot of the articles contained in the magazine. I am super excited and actually started crying thinking about how amazing it is going to feel to accomplish my goal. I am so proud of myself because I am actually doing it. I have grown stronger physically and mentally and it feels beyond words.

I would love to participate in the Disney World Marathon one day. That will be another goal of mine.

Food Journal:

Breakfast- banana

Lunch- bacon burger (smart bacon, gimme lean meatless sausage on wheat sourdough bread w/ organic ketchup and lettuce). chocolate strawberry banana soy milkshake.

Dinner- (Sweet Tomatoes) large salad, cup of soup, two focaccia bread sticks (I removed the cheesy top and only eat the bread), apple crumble, peanut butter chocolate chip muffin

Fruit twist bites

Rest day. No workout.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Food Journal:
Breakfast- PB&J sandwhich
Lunch- veggie chili, 3 corn tortillas
Snack- chex mix (about a handful)
Dinner- veggie and smart bacon sandwich
Dessert- chocolate strawberry banana soy milkshake. (I was craving ice cream so I made this yummy milkshake. It really satisfied my craving.)

Bender ball ab workout

I have been wanting the Bender Ball for a long time. I found it at Target today and bought it. I really need to focus a lot more on my abs. I don't work on them enough and they are my major problem area. I am sure this will work along with my cardio and clean eating.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday- Keeping focused

"Suffering is evidence that weakness exists"

I heard this quote today in a movie and it really resonated with me. I remembered the scripture in the bible that says "My strength is made perfect in weakness". This made me understand this quote in a different light.

We suffer...feel pain....experience heartache when we don't lean on the promises of God. God said "lean not unto your own understanding but acknowledge me in all your ways and I shall direct your path".

So I suffer when I lean on my own understanding. When I try to analyze and figure out why something is happening in my life. When I try to manipulate and force things to play out the way I want them to. When I allow my emotions to control me. When I let my circumstance define me.

But when I lean on my faith and trust that God is in control then I stop suffering. Although life may be spinning out of control I know it is not out of God's reach. I allow myself to be strengthened by God and therefore come out victorious and remain in perfect peace.

Food Journal:

1:00pm- (Sweet Tomatoes) large salad w/ rice wine vinegar, garbanzo bean and lentil soup, 2 focaccia breads w/ tops removed because they are sprinkled w/ cheese, 1 brownie, a taste of apple crisp

9:30pm- bowl of mini wheat cereal w/ soy milk and banana, 1 cup veggie chili, 1 piece of bread w/ PB&J

Workout Journal:
2 mile run
10 mile bike ride

I was not feeling the 6 mile run today. I still went to the gym and I am glad I did. I continue to stay focused on my goals regardless of my current circumstance. Working out helps strengthen my mind not just my body.


Food Journal:
6:00pm- banana
7:00pm- black beans w/ tofu, whole wheat lavash bread, 2 oranges
10:00pm- baked fries w/ ketchup and hot sauce
a mexican candy (watermelon flavor w/ chile powder licorice)

No workout.

I had a very emotional day and wasn't up to working out. I was pretty much drained and just wanted to be with my little princess.

I continue to hold onto my faith and trust only in God because He has been my constant source of strength. It is amazing how even though I am going through some REALLY difficult times right now my spirit is at peace. I know that my meditation practice has helped me endure these trying times.

The resistance will only make me stronger. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday- Lots going on but I am staying focused!

Food Journal:

Breakfast: smoothie ( frozen bananas and strawberries, water and spinach), mini wheats w/ soy milk and banana

Snack: plum

Pre workout Lunch: 1 pita pizza (whole wheat pita bread, tomatoes, spinach, and sprinkled with nutrional yeast), salad (romaine lettuce, chickpeas, rice wine vinegar), cutie (mini tangerine)

Post workout snack: orange slices

Dinner- veggie lasagna

Workout Journal:

3 miles sprints and uphill runs
7.25 miles bike ride (various speeds and intensities)
I also did some ab work while pedaling the bike. I leaned back and engaged my ab muscles. It was a pretty good burn.
250 crunches

I have some crazy things going on in my life but I am staying focused and positive. I can't let anything negative distract me from my goals.

Life happens but we don't have to be a victim of it. We can still control our emotions and lean on our faith in the midst of adversity.

Everything that comes agaist me is only there to strengthen me. So I surrender to it and let it serve it's purpose. It does not define me and it can not destroy me so why stress out about it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Food Journal:

Breakfast- 2 large glasses of a green smoothie (water, frozen banana, papaya, strawberries, and spinach)

Snack- plum

Lunch- 2 whole wheat pita pizzas (whole wheat pita bread, tomatoes, spinach, purple onions, and nutritional yeast), small bowl of watermelon

Snack- granola bar

Dinner- mashed potatoes, veggie gravy, corn, orange

I LOVE BEING PLANT STRONG because I don't have to worry about calories as long as I am eating well. I can eat yummy foods and not feel guilty if I want to eat more. Eating whole foods is gentle on the body and it is readily available for the body to use.

Did you know that animal protein is actually very hard on the body and many Americans eat way too much of it. Our daily protein needs are actually only 2.5% of our calories. Americans have been lead to believe that they need much more than that to be healthy. In reality many over consume animal protein and the body can not use it.

Excess protein in the body must then be excreted through the kidneys which is why so many Americans die from kidney disease every year.

Protien can be found in veggies, fruits, beans and grains and it is readily usable to the body. It converts it into the energy you need and helps sustain your body much more effectively than animal protein.

Workout Journal:

Resistance training and abs

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday- Mission Accomplished!!!

Food Journal:

Breakfast- onion bagel. mini shredded wheat w/ soy milk and banana. 4 JuicePlus+ supplements

Pre workout meal- brown rice. 3 black bean tacos (corn tortillas, black beans, spinach and hot sauce. 2 JuicePlus+ supplements

Post workout meal- PB&J on whole wheat bread, 2 oranges

Large salad and a whole wheat pita bread (romaine lettuce, tomato, chickpeas, rice vinegar, 1/4 c. green chile curry tofu mixture from last nights dinner)

Workout Journal:

6.25 mile run (including 5 minute warm up and 3 minute cool down) varied speed from 4.7 mph and 5.5 mph.

I didn't do my normal 1 minute rests after each mile. I tried to push through the workout and only stopped for a few drinks of water. I did have to stop and walk for about 2 minutes after 4 miles because I was feeling really tired. I thought I was done but I was determined to accomplish my goal of 6 miles. There is no room for excuses at this point. I only have 4 months to prepare for the BIG day. :)

I made two videos to upload and post on here but they took way toooo long to post. One video was 4.29 minutes long and it still wasn't loaded after 3 hrs. I don't know what the heck is going on. :( Sorry, I wanted to share my thoughts on video but it didn't work.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Food Journal:

Breakfast- smoothie (watermelon, strawberries, banana, spinach, water), onion bagel w/ Earth Balance

Snack- plum

Snack- brown rice chips w/ avocado, 1/2 c. hemp milk ice cream

Dinner- brown rice w/ green chile curry tofu
This was an yummy new recipe I tried. I bought a green chile curry simmer sauce from Trader Joe's and added cubed firm tofu, onion, celery and mushrooms. I poured that over brown rice and it was awesome. My mom even loved it. It was too spicy for my daughter.

Dessert- Orange

Workout Journal:

No workout.

I took of the entire weekend to rest because next week is the beginning of a hardcore workout schedule. It may not be hardcore for everyone but it is for me. Running 15 miles in a week was at one time a unimaginable dream. I pray I can get through it and don't get burned out.

I actually think I need to have two days of rest but I am going to try it for a week and see how it goes. I definitely know that once I start running more I will have to rest 2 times a week.

It is imperative that I do get enough rest so my legs are ready and fresh for my big run days. We will see how it goes.