Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day #153- No Sugar Day 12

Daily Thought: Live surrendered.....the possibilities are endless.

Food Journal:
10:00am Breakfast- protein bar (had to eat on the go on my way to church)
2:00pm Lunch- 2 plates of salad, 1 breadstick, a cup of chicken soup, 1 mini piece of low fat gingerbread and blueberry bread. (ate at Souper Salad after church with my best friend and our kids), unsweetened black tea, small cup of sprite (I had a bad stomach ache since last night):
5:30pm Snack- Terra Chips
6:30pm Dinner- 2 tbsps turkey taco meat, broccoli, 1 tbsp of rice, a bowl of fruit salad w/ walnuts
9:00pm sweet treat- 1/3 of a kiddie protein bar (shared with Jazzy)
Water, Water and lots more water

Workout Journal:
Today is a rest day but I did some walking around at a Nature Museum. I was pretty tired and ready for a nap when we left. :)

Final Thoughts:
Today was an awesome day. It was Youth Service at church today and it was a great time. I am a part of the youth ministry so I delivered the message today. God is good. I was able to minister from a very personal place because of the lessons I have learned in my life. Jazzy did good today along with the youth praise team. They have been requested to sing a lot at different churches in our area and we are so proud of them. God is doing BIG things and I am so excited to see what is to come.

After church Jazzy and I spent the day with my bestfriend Sue and her babies. They are like my babies :). Sue and I were pregnant with our girls at the same time. Jazzy is only 3 weeks older then Hannah. Hannah was supposed to be "Jerimiah" and they were supposed to get married...LOL! That didn't happen so now Jazzy and Hannah are bestfriends which is an even greater blessing because they are like sisters.

I can't wait for my trip in 4 weeks. I am excited to go to Disney with my babygirl and my mom. I am also excited to go to San Diego and visit some of my family. :)

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day #152- No Sugar Day 11

Food Journal:
11:30pm Breakfast- 4 egg whites w/ spinach and salsa, fruit salad w/ walnuts
2:00pm Snack- protein bar
4:00pm Lunch- 2 black bean patties, sweet potato w/ salsa
5:30pm Snack- fruit salad w/ walnuts
8:00pm Dinner- (Panda Express) chicken w/ green beans, chow mein, steamed veggies (Shared one order with Jazzy)
***Updated 2/28*******
12:00am Snack- 2 black bean patties w/ pickle slices (I was hungry...why does Chinesse food go right through you so fast??)

Workout Journal:
40 minutes of walking

I was planning on going hiking today with my brother and Jazz but he got up too late. We wanted to go early because it was overcast and it gets dark early. We didn't end up going so I was a little frustrated. Jazzy and I decided to go take a walk around our apartment complex. They have a beautiful walking path so we enjoyed exercising together. I wasn't sweating but my legs were burning so we did good.

Being sugar free is really good for me right now. I am over the initial torturous hump so I am feeling good. I am enjoying eating my fruit salad. There are 2 gallons of ice cream in the freezer but I am not tempted at all. I am proud of myself. We will see what the rest of the weeks bring. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day #151- No Sugar Day 10

Daily Thought: I CAN'T FAIL.

Food Journal:
8:30am Breakfast- 4 egg whites w/ salsa
9:30am Breakfast- 1/2 cup Kashi cereal w/ soy milk
1:00pm Lunch- turkey patty w/ spinach salad (spinach, salsa, balsamic vinegar, dried wasabi edamame, 2 pickle slices), protein bar (sweet treat)
4:30pm Snack- 1/3 cup whole wheat pasta w/ spaghetti sauce and turkey sausage
8:00pm Dinner- 1/3 c whole wheat pasta w/ spaghetti sauce and turkey sausage, fruit salad w/ walnuts, a couple of Terra chips

No workout. I was not feeling well today. I did walk my daughter home from school today but it wasn't too much exercise. I am going hiking tomorrow so I am excited. I hope it doesn't rain on my parade. :)

I made a yummy fruit salad today. I usually just want some form of chocolate when I crave sweets but I decided to make a fruit salad and see if it satified me. I bought some fresh strawberries, bananas, apple slices, canned peaches and pineapple in their own juice (no sugar or corn syrup). I cut everything up and sprinkle my serving with walnut pieces. It was so yummy. It is true how you begin to appreciate the natural sweetness of food when you are not eating processed sugar. I also bought sugar free applesauce because I love it. :)

So far so good today. I wasn't even tempted to eat any ice cream my mom bought. She even bought my favorite although she knows I can not eat it.

I forgot to mention I weighed myself today and I lost a little more then 2.5 lbs. I was so shocked. I know it has to do with not eating sugar. Wooohooo! I am so happy and motivated to stay on the healthy path.

Today was a great day. Thanks for supporting me.


Okay so I have heard many say "Don't set yourself up for failure". I totally understand what this means and I respect others opinions about it. We all look at this differently and apply it to our lives differently. I personally have lived believing in the concept for many years and created a wall of fear around me. I was afraid to believe in anything because I didn't want to fail.

As I think about it I even let myself stay fat for the fear of never reaching my goals and feeling aweful about failing. This belief has keep me from pursuing many of my dreams and goals. I didn't want to try and not achieve. I didn't want to believe and not receive. I would rather settle for medocrity then step out of my comfort zone.

The last year I have really worked very hard to break this image from my mind. I have tried to step out on faith and believe in what others think is impossible. I know that many times we want to protect ourselves and others so we minimize our dreams. We don't want to be embarrassed or look stupud and so we don't try. We don't want to feel disappointment or rejected so we don't pursue what we dream of.

I can't live with that mentality. I have to believe and move forward in my life as if I could never fail. Why? Because I don't see not achieving a goal as failing. Failing is never trying. Failing is making excuses and being complacent. Failing is settling for less then your best.

I personally can't fail because I believe that whatever level of success I achieve is ordered by God. He already knows my heart. He already knows the plans He has for me. My only job is to move forward in faith and believe. I will reach what ever goal and dream HE puts in my heart.

I will set myself up to succeed because failure is not possible. I may stumble but I will never fail. Every stumble only creates an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

It is also true that others slap the limitation of "not setting yourself up for failure" because that is their fear. They are projecting their own fears and insecurities on you. That is why it is so important to believe in yourself and trust in God's plan for you. You can not fail as long as you believe that your life has purpose and you pursue it will passion.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day #150- No Sugar Day 9

Daily Thought: You HAVE to believe in YOURSELF. Never give up on your dreams and the goals you have for yourself. No matter what others may think or say you have to know that you will overcome every opposition. You will reach the goals you have set for yourself if you stay diligent and surround yourself with positive people.

Sometimes the negative people are hard to avoid but you have to do your best to create space. You have to protect your mind and spirit from the negative energy they are projecting. They may not intentionally mean to hurt you but their lack of knowlege or motivation might cause them to say things that do hurt you.

Just remember that God is on your side. He supports your pure intentions.


Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast- 4 egg whites w/ salsa, 1/2 cup Kashi cereal w/ soy milk
12:30pm Snack- protein bar
4:00pm Lunch/Dinner- chicken fajita (chicken, grilled peppers and onions, pinto beans, a little rice, salsa, chips
7:00pm Dessert- protein cookie

No workout. I was gone all day. I got home pretty late and I was extremely tired and didn't feel very well. I am planning on getting up early to run tomorrow morning.

Final Thought:
I was really hurt today by some comments my mom and brother made. I know they did not mean to hurt me but they did. I almost starting crying but I tried to brush it off because we were in pubic. What made me sad was their lack of support and belief in me. Just thinking about it right now is making my eyes get watery :((((

We were at Target and I was looking at an Oxygen (Fitness) magazine while my mom was shopping. I mentioned to her that I needed to become more disciplined, as I was admiring a woman's physique in the mag. She looked at her and said "Oh you can never look like that". Wow! what a blow to my heart.

I don't want to look like anyone but I want to be the best me I can be. I admire many female fitness models and bodybuilders because I know what great discipline and dedication is takes to achieve the kind of bodies they have. I know that if I put my mind to it I too can achieve that kind of success. What hurts is that no one else thinks I can or even cares about my dreams.

I was showing my brother a pic and he said that is ugly. Okay we each have our opinions of beauty but he too commented on how I couldn't look like that. I said yes I can. He said "no you can't not everyone can look like that....if you could you would already look like that".

I do agree that not everyones body can achieve some of those results due to genetics and such. We can all be our best according to our specific body shapes but not everyone can achieve some of the muscle tone that some women in those mags have. But to tell me I can't achieve that because they work out 10x harder then me made me feel sad.

I know I can do it but to not have anyones support really hurts. It makes me want to do it even more just to prove them wrong. I know it takes hard work but it has been my dream for several years to achieve those kind of results.

I have struggled with my weight for many years but I finally feel as thought I have a hold on it. I have a long road ahead of me still but I am doing it. I am becoming educated, disciplined and dedicated...little by little I will do it.

Thanks for your support. It means more to me then you know. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day #149- No Sugar Day #8

Daily Thought: It is important that you are proud of who you are. Never compromise your beliefs because someone doesn't understand them. There will be those that just tolerate you and then there will be those that celebrate you. Surround yourself with those that celebrate and appreciate your individuality. God has made you unique for His plan and purpose. Some may think you are crazy or a little far fetched but for someone else you may be their saving grace. Be who you are and make no excuses.

Food Journal:
8:30am Breakfast- 4 egg whites, spinach and salsa, water
12:00pm Snack- plum and kashi crackers, water
1:30pm Lunch- turkey sandwhich on wheat bread, sugar free applesauce, water
4:30pm Dinner- dijon chicken breast w/ portobello mushrooms and red peppers, steamed veggies, 1 mozzerella stick, chips w/ salsa, water
8:00pm- protein bar (wooohooo!)

I went to Applebee's for dinner. I ordered an entree from the New! 550 calorie menu. I skipped the roasted red potatoes and aged cheddar. I replaced the potatoes for extra veggies. BUT I did eat a mozzerlla stick and a couple chips w/ salsa. I still did good considering I am really wanting some sugary treats right now. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Workout Journal:
Rest day

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day #148- No Sugar Day #7

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast- 5 egg whites, salsa, pinto beans, hot green tea
3:00pm Snack- Terra Chips, Kashi crackers
6 peanut M&M's (hahahahaha! My mouth was watering)
5:00pm Lunch/Dinner- spinach salad (spinach, pinto beans, hard boiled egg, salsa, balsamic vinegar, deli turkey) 1/2 cup of turkey stroganoff w/ hot sauce (I shouldn't have eaten this but I wanted to taste it. I haven't had Hamburger Helper in a long time. Jazzy wanted to try it so I made it)
8:30pm Snack- Terra Chips, gerber graduates

Workout Journal:
1:30pm- 4 miles of running and walking (64 min of cardio)
My routine went as follows:
5 min walking at 3.3 (1 mile)
ran .75 miles at 4.0
walked .25 miles at 3.3
ran 1.25 miles at 4.0
walked .75 miles for cool down
7:30pm -resistance training (biceps, triceps, shoulders) Abs 250 crunches

I was going to go run at the park but it got late and it was a little chilly outside. I went to the gym at my apartments and ran on the treadmill. I was dreading being inside while running because it gets really boring. I prefer being outside looking at nature and breathing the fresh (toxic:) air.

When I started my first .75 miles I was hating it and almost stopped. I thought the treadmill was supposed to be easier but for me it is actually a little more challenging because you have to keep a steady pace or you will fall off. :) It has happened to me before :D

Once I got into my groove I felt good and could have kept running but I didn't want to burn myself out. I want to alternate my running and walking and gradually move into running the complete 4 miles as I get stronger. Today was a great workout. I look forward to running again on Thursday.

My food was not bad either but I did have some sugar.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day #147- No Sugar Day 6

Daily Thought: Your health is #1. Without your health you have nothing. Be diligent in your pursuit of a healthy will carry you a long way. :)

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast- 5 egg whites w/ spinach and lite sprinkle of cheese, a piece of wheat bread, water
12:30pm Lunch- minestrone soup, kashi crackers, water, Gerber graduates dried fruit
4:00pm Snack- Terra Chips (root vegetables)
5:00pm Dinner- turkey patty and spinach salad (spinach, sauteed mushrooms, roasted salsa)
8:00pm Snack- sugar free applesauce, Gerber graduates, Terra Chips
11:00pm Snack- 3 hard boiled egg whites, kashi crackers

Workout Journal:
45 minute Zumba class (high intensity cardio)

Today was a better day with my food and refraining from sugar. The lady at Fresh and Easy offered me a big cream puff (one of my favorite desserts) and I told her no thank you. She was shocked when I told her I couldn't eat sugar. She also offered me meatloaf and mashed potatoes and I turned those down too. :)

I was not able to go running today because it was really chilly. It actually snowed in the mountains which can be seen from my house. I didn't want to breathe in the cold air while I was running so I decided to wait until tomorrow. I was going to go run at the gym but I went home to eat breakfast and couldn't stay awake. I had some errands to run and went to visit my grandma so I made myself get up at about 12:00pm. What a lazy day.

I did have a great Zumba class tonight. I try to keep my intensity up so I can burn some good calories. I do have to consider my students though because they will follow my lead and get too tired. My legs were really on fire today so I was happy with my workout.

The only thing that I don't like is feeling nauseous after my workout. I heard it is from your muscles secreting lactic acid. I tried to have a couple little snacks to see if it would help. I am going to go take a shower now and relax in bed. I want to get up tomorrow for my run so I have committed myself to get off the computer as early as I can. No later then 10pm. Asleep by 12am. We will see how it goes. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day #146- No Sugar Day #5

Daily Thought: Each day presents a new opportunity to learn and your heart and mind.

Food Journal:
12:00pm Breakfast- 4 egg whites, a banana pancake w/ low sugar strawberry jam, hot green tea (Yes, I ate a lil sugar):
2:30pm Lunch- half a turkey sandwhich (on my way out of the door)
6:30pm Dinner- naked burrito (rice, pinto beans, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce), water
12:00am Snack- I felt really hungry and sick so I decided to have a small snack.
1 piece of wheat bread folded with turkey deli meat and a pickle slice, a nectarine

Rest day. Abs only.

So this week was not 100% good when it came to being sugar free. You know what I have been dealing with and it has been pretty tough this week. I did not eat like I would normally be doing at this time but I did not stick to the sugar free challenge like I wanted to. I am okay though because tomorrow is a new day. Every new day is an opportunity to start again and make improvements.

I am so excited to go running tomorrow. I am actually really loving it. I enjoy being out of my house and breathing the nice cool air. I will post some more pics tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

What is your take on this?

Just had a thought that I wanted to share:

You can't poop out the calories that you eat.

Is that right?

Sometimes after I go to the restroom "I think okay I just got rid of that." BUT "the calories are still in me".


What do you think?

I know this is stupid but worth discussing. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update Pics

Above Pic: October 2009
Above Pic: November 2009
Above Pic: Feburary 2010

Day #143- No Sugar Day #4

Daily Thought: Actions speak louder then words. Be an example!!!!

Food Journal:
12:00pm (slept in late) 5 egg whites w/ spinach, baked veggie egg roll, a nectarine, 1/2 a plum and a cup of hot green tea
2:00pm- freeze dried fruit (Gerber Graduates:), water
4:00pm Lunch- orange chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli, water
7:00pm Snack- 2 pieces of flat bread (little triangles) w/ roasted chicken salad, a couple of tortilla chips w/ salsa, water
9:30pm Dinner- 1/2 bowl of tomato basil soup, 10 kashi crackers, no sugar added chocolate pudding, water

I know that some of the food I ate today contained some form of sugar in it but not in a large quantity. I went to a jewlery party today and was good. I did not eat any of the cookies or brownies they had there. :)

The party I was invited to was at my old High School buddies house. We have reconnected on Facebook. My other HS buddy also went and we did a lot of catching up. My friend Jennifer has lost a huge amount of weight over the period of a year. It was inspiring and really cool to talk to her about her new healthy lifestyle. She too feels like she has no one to relate too now that she has adopted a new healthier lifestyle. We talked about raising children to be more conscious of nutrition when they have been brought up on fast food. She also mentioned how people look at her like she has two heads because of how she eats and looks at food. I can so relate to her and it was so refreshing to have this conversation with her.

Knowing how long it has taken her to lose all of her weight made me feel relieved because I feel like I am right on track. I know I have lost several inches but the pounds are coming off slow and it can become discouraging. I am taking off the pressure of trying to reach a certain goal by a certain time. I am also removing the goal of the pounds I want to lose. I am going to just focus on becoming educated about nutrition and being healthy. If I just relax it will actually help me in my process because it will remove the stress of unrealistic expectation that make you gain weight. This does not mean I am not motivated anymore or that I don't have a goal but I will not make it stressful for myself. I realize it is a journey and not a race. "He who endures to the end wins."

I am very proud of my progress this far and look forward to all the new things I will be learning now that my friend and I share similiar beliefs when it comes to nutrition. I would also like to mention she has given birth to 5 children and works full time. There are definitely no excuses. IF you want it you can have it. Just get up and do it! Be the example.

Workout Journal:
Running (1 lap walking to warm up/ 4 laps running non stop- maybe only 1/2 a mile)
150 crunches

I went jogging again today and took my daughter with me. We walked one lap and then we ran one lap together. I kept running and she followed me on her scooter. I planned on running 3 laps, walking 1, running 3 more and then cool down with one more walking lap but my plans were interrupted. I was listening to my daughter following behind me and then I didn't hear her anymore. I turned around and she was off in the other direction. I was upset and only finished that last lap. I was going to finish 2 more laps but I had to use the restroom really bad so I stopped and went home. I didn't really sweat a lot but I am proud of my running.

I remember trying to run at the park before and getting extremely winded. I have really worked my edurance up with my at home workouts. I am really proud of my accomplishments so far. I am still overweight but I am able to jog with no problems as long as I am breathing well and keep a good steady pace. Wooohoooo!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day #142- No Sugar Day 3

Food Journal:
12:00pm Breakfast- egg white burrito (4 egg whites, spinach, hot sauce in a tortilla)
1:00pm Snack- Gerber Graduates freeze dried fruit (yummy and no sugar)
4:00pm Lunch- 6 inch turkey sub on wheat bread (subway), sunchips and water
6:00pm Snack- coffee and Munchies
8:30pm Dinner- orange chicken, broccoli, brown, veggie eggroll (Trader Joe's brand)
11:00pm Snacked on some freeze dried fruit w/ my daughter

NO workout. I was out of the house all day and when I got home I was extremely tired and hungry. Tomorrow is my scheduled rest day but I will workout anyways since I missed today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day #141- No Sugar Day 2

I went running this morning after I dropped my daughter off at school. I was a little nervous to begin running again but I am soooo happy I did. I actually really loved it. I did not get tired cardiovascularly. My body was more tired then anything but I finished strong because I was determined to accomplish my goal.

I walked a little to warm up and then I started running. I ran for about 10 minutes without stopping. Then I ran up and walked down a steep grassy hill 25 times. I went up backwards too to target my hamstrings more.

Then I went onto the soccer feild which is the size of a football feild and walked it once and ran it twice with out stopping. I was really proud of myself. I did some stretching and then came home and ate breakfast.

Today is my two workout day so I will be doing more cardio tonight.

Food Journal:
8:30am Pre-workout meal- 1/2 c puffed brown rice cereal, 1/2 banana and soy milk (not good with the soy milk), a Cliff fruit bar

10:30am Post-workout Breakfast- 5 egg whites w/ spinach, salsa and deli turkey, and a nectarine
12:30pm Snack- steamed broccoli
1:30pm Lunch- Spinach salad w/ taco meat (turkey), drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Nectar bar
Here is where the trouble started:(
3:30pm- raviolis
6:00pm- at Fresh and Easy I sampled a tiny piece of Taramisu and lemon pound cake (there were tiny pieces but still sugar)
6:30pm- 2 pieces of bbq chicken thin crust pizza, 1 slice pepperoni (frozen pizzas) (these pieces were very small but still a no no and they had sugar in the sauce of course)
7:00pm- shared a strawberry shortcake popsicle with my nephew (OMG! What happened to me)
10:00pm Post workout snacks- nectarine, plum and rice

Once again my hormones are soooooo all over the place. I am extremely tired today. I ate things with sugar but tomorrow is a new day. I will not say I failed. I just tripped up a little :))))

Workout Journal:
Morning Workout- running and walking at park
Evening workout- 40 min circuit training DVD

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 140 - No Sugar Day 1

Today was my first day of the No Sugar Challenge. I did rather well but it was crazy to see just how many things contain sugar in them. Even if they do not contain refined sugar they have cane juice or some other "healthy" form of sugar. I am not sure if I am refraining too much or if I am doing it the right way. I will continue this way and see what happens.

I found some sweet treats that are like protein bars made with dates, walnuts, unsweetened cocoa and vanilla. They taste pretty good for not having sugar in them. They are actually too sweet. I can just eat half of one and be okay.

I am not going to lie I did eat one tiny piece of chocolate today. It was dark chocolate w/ raspberry in it. I gave the rest to Jazzy to take to her teacher tomorrow. I don't trust having them in the house. They were squares of gharadelli (sp?) of my favorite chocolates. I also had a sip of Sierra Mist at the bowling alley. Other then that I did great.

Here is what I ate today:

9:30am Breakfast: 7 egg whites w/ spinach and salsa
1:00pm Lunch- turkey patty and a spinach salad (no dressing)
4:00pm a piece of a soft pretzel w/ mustard and cheese (I know the bread had some kind of sugar....:), fruit bar (no sugar)
5:00pm piece of dark chocolate w/ raspberry filling
6:00pm Dinner- 2 turkey patties and a spinach salad
10:30pm half a baked burrito (no sugar in tortilla)

Today was my rest day so I did not exercise today.

I did consume a small amount of refined sugar today but I didn't do so bad considering it was my first day and also I am waiting for my you know what to start.

My hormones were sooooo all over the place today. I was a bit crabby and I usually run to sweets during this time but I didn't. I am proud of myself. I bought some fresh fruit so I should be good tomorrow. :) I hope my cousins did good today because they are doing the NO SUGAR challenge as well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Sugar

I am going to start a NO SUGAR 30 day "challenge" tomorrow. I don't like the word challenge because it makes it seem hard and scary. If we create the illusion in our minds that a task will be a "challenge" then we make it seem impossible and feel defeated before we even start. This kind of mentality almost always makes us give up or give in to the temptations.

My way of taking on "challenges" is to have it made up in my mind that I will do it. I will refrain from sugar. Not because someone told me too or as a fad diet but because of the benefits of it. Sugar is like a poison and has more negative side affect then good ones. Aside from Diabetes and obesity it also makes you feel sluggish.

Many fast food places put sugar in their foods in order to make you addicted so that you keep coming back. Many processed foods have added sugar in them and disguise the additive with long names that we don't understand or identify. It is important to become educated on these schemes and use caution when shopping.

Alternative Names for Sugar:

Corn sweetener
Corn syrup, or corn syrup solids
Dehydrated Cane Juice
Fruit juice concentrate *okay for this challenge*
High-fructose corn syrup
Honey *okay for this challenge*
Invert sugar
Malt syrup
Maple syrup
Raw sugar
Rice Syrup
Sorghum or sorghum syrup
Turbinado Sugar

I am not an expert on nutrition or sugar but I do know how it makes me feel when I eat it. I am more then happy to start this new journey and I know I will be a success at it.

The first thing I must do is eliminate all excuses. Then I must take the bull by the horns and press through. I know I can and will do it. I am not saying that everyday will be easy breezy but I do know that if my mind is made up I can do anything.

I will be posting about each day of this journey on this blog. I am sure I will find new and exciting ways to eat without sugar. I am allowed to consume honey and fruit. I am not a fan of honey but I know a lot of natural foods use it as a sweetner. Many natural and healthy foods also use fruit juice to sweeten their foods as well.

I am also going to include dairy in this "challenge". I will try new dairy alternatives such as soy, tofu, rice and almond. There are many wonderful cheese and milk substitues that contain these ingredients in them.

Since I am beginning tomorrow (2/17) my 30 day challenge will run through 3/18 and end on 3/19.

Day #139

Daily Thought: Step by step....I will surely meet my destination.

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast- 4 egg whites w/ spinach and salsa. soy yogurt w/ strawberries, banana and flaxseed supplement. green tea latte w/ soy milk.
11:30 Snack- wheat thins, 1 tbsp of low fat vanilla ice cream w/ a lil hot fudge
2:00pm Lunch- turkey patty w/ sauteed balsamic mushrooms and salsa, salad (spinach, walnuts, dried edamame, jalapenos, and drizzle of raspberry vinagerette), grapes, water
4:30pm Dinner- spaghetti sauce w/ turkey italian sausage, 1/3 c. pasta, asparagus w/ lil' butter, lemon, salt and pepper, water
8:00pm green tea latte w/ one tbsp of ice cream
Lots of water all day!

Starting a 30 day NO SUGAR and DAIRY "challenge" tomorrow. I had my last bowl of ice cream w/ hot fudge and bananas at about 9:30pm. It tasted so yummy but made me feel like caca (dodo, poop). I am getting used to consuming less sugar so this challenge should be rather easy. (see my separate post)

Workout Journal:
40 min toning DVD (No More Trouble Zones)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day #138

Daily Thougth: Be diligent and stay will pay off.

Food Journal:
10:00am Breakfast- 4 egg whites w/ spinach and salsa, soy yogurt w/ fruit salad and flaxseed
1:00pm Snack- roasted almonds
2:00pm Lunch- turkey patty, salad and a small bowl of veggie soup
4:00pm Treat- small banana split
6:00pm Dinner- spinach salad (spinach, dried blueberries, walnuts, dried edamame, and raspberry vinagerette), grilled cheese and turkey sandwhich w/ a pickle slice and jalapenos
10:00pm Snack- Spinach salad, green tea latte

Workout Journal:
40 min Zumba

I did good with food today. It was a beautiful warm day so I went to visit my little neices and nephew and we made banana splits. I made one with half a banana, low fat vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and hot fudge. I used a little kiddie bowl.

My Zumba class was very intense today. I did a good amount of cardio. I will start my running at the park tomorrow. I want to start working out 2 times a day 3 days a week. The other 2 days I will just do one workout. I will ensure I get my 2 days of rest so that I don't get burned out and get sick.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day #137 Happy Valentine's Day

Daily Thought: I am in God's will.

Food Journal:
10:30am- green tea latte w/ almond milk
1:00pm- roasted almonds, a piece of chocolate
2:00pm Lunch- shrimp scampi, coucous, broccoli, mac n cheese, bread (leftovers)
7:00pm Dinner- turkey patty on spinach w/ roasted salsa, sauteed onions and mushrooms w/ balsamic vinegar, pickle slice, drizzle of ketchup, jalapeno, and tater tots w/ ketchup. a glass of moscato w/ orange mango juice.

7:30pm Dessert- one scoop of fruit salad (Jazzy made it:)

No workout today. I am soooo tired and have a headache. Jazzy's little BFF stayed the night and we were all up until 2am this morning. Then we got up to go to church. I have Zumba class tomorrow so I will for sure get some cardio.

2-16 Update: Did about 200 crunches while watching TV.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day #136

Daily Thought: Show love everyday!

Food Journal:
11:30am Breakfast- 5 egg whites sprinkled w/ cheese, coffee
1:30pm Snack- roasted almonds (about 10) (salted)
4:00pm Lunch- chicken sandwhich, animal crackers (about 8)
8:00pm Dinner- (Valentine's Dinner) shrimp scampi, lemon saffron Israeli coucous, steamed asparagus w/ lemon butter, baked mac n cheese, bread w/ butter, red velvet cake, a glass of moscato w/ guava juice (wine cocktail)

No workout.

Tonight, I prepared dinner for some of the special ladies in my life. My mom, mother in law, my daugther and her little bestfriend all enjoyed a home cooked feast. I did eat more then I usually do for dinner but I let myself enjoy it. I did not over do it but I was super stuffed. I also cooked an appetizer but my mom and mother in law ate them all. I made some stuffed baby portobello mushrooms. They were supper yummy but I only got to taste too tiny ones. They ate almost 24 of them by themselves....greedy butts...LOL!

Anyways, I had a wonderful night celebrating Valentine's and eating a delicious dinner. I did not have time to workout today because I was busy shopping and preparing food. I will workout tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow! <3 <3 <3

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day #135

9:30am Breakfast: 4 egg whites, avacado, black beans, 1/2 c cereal w/ almond milk
1 oatmeal cookie
12:30pm Snack- smoothie (soy yogurt, almond milk, frozen strawberries, flaxseed supplement)
2:30pm Snack- wheat thins w/ Tapatio (hot sauce)
4:30pm Late Lunch- 12 inch turkey sub on wheat (turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, olives, banana peppers, cucumbers and sweet onion dressing), doritos, and lemonade
7:00pm- 1/2 chocolate chip cookie, one truffle
9:00pm Dinner- cereal w/ almond milk

No workout. Got home late and I am still sore from yesterday. I am also very tired.
Abs only. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day #134

Food Journal:
9:00am- supreme croissant from Jack in the Box, couple sips of coffee (I removed the ham, cheese and bacon. I only ate the croissant and egg.)
11:30am- hashbrown, couple more sips of coffee (left over from my Jack in the Box breakfast meal)
2:30pm Snack- smoothie (soy vanilla yogurt, almond milk, mixed frozen berries)
4:00pm Late Lunch- 1 slice of pizza, large salad (@ Chuck E Cheese)
9:00pm Dinner- a bowl of veggie soup w/ a spoon of chicken chili

Workout Journal:
40 min DVD (No More Trouble Zones) strength training circuits and lots of abs!!!

Today was an awesome day. I went to volunteer and got a lot of exercise while packing lunch bags. I got to also pick up my nephew and take him to play and eat at Chuck E. Cheese. This was such a joy for me because I love my family so much. For the first year and 1/2 of his life we were not allowed to see him. Now he is with us almost every other week. I am so happy and grateful to God.

We got home late at about 7:30pm and I was extremely tired but I still worked out. I try my best to not make excuses. I got through the whole workout and it feels good. I am proud of my consistency. I really want to fine tune my eating but I keep struggling with getting started. I am doing okay but definitely know I need to clean it up a lot more.

See you tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day #133

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast: 4 egg whites w/ avacado and jalapenos, black beans
Took supplement w/ 1/2 cup apple juice
1 cup of coffee w/ almond milk and french vanilla creamer (powder)
1:00pm Lunch: Veggie soup w/ grains
6:00pm Dinner: 2 slices of veggie pizza, small cheese tamale (I know, I know but I was in a hurry and needed to just eat whatever was easy. I need to go grocery shopping too)
Cup of hot gree tea (I had a tummy ache)
10:30 1 chicken tamale and a protein bar

Workout Journal:
Rest Day

I had a lazy morning. After I picked up Jazzy from school I was pretty busy. I went to visit my grandma and fed her dinner. Then I came home ate something and cooked a dozen tamales for someone who placed an order. Next I went to church and didn't get home til after 10pm.

Tomorrow I have a busy day too. I have volunteering in the morning, errands and then I am picking up my little 2 yr old nephew. I am taking him to play and eat at Chuck E Cheese after I get my little princess at school. I will workout tomorrow night matter what. ;)

Since I already ate pizza the last two days I will make myself a BIG salad as long as the salad bar looks clean.

It was a good day. Thanks for checking on me! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day #132

Daily Thought: I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!

Food Journal:
8:30am Breakfast- cereal w/ almond milk
12:30pm Lunch- 1/2 c chili w/ sprinkle of cheese, 1 slice of wheat bread
1:00pm caramel nut brownie protein bar
4:00pm Snack- 1/3 of a Nathan's all beef hot dog from Sam's Club (shared w/ Jazzy)
While at Fresh and Easy I sampled apple crisp and a valentine cupcake (yummy)
Took Supplement
5:30pm Dinner- 1 slice of veggie pizza, 1 cheese tamale (homemade)
9:00pm Lemon Zest protein bar
10:30pm 1 slice of veggie pizza (I was naughty but I wanted another piece:)

Workout Journal:
40 min DVD (Burn Fat Blast Metabolism)

My knee is feeling better but I made some moderations with the jumps just to be safe. I was able to complete the whole workout without any pain though. It was a tough workout today but I finished strong. The plie squat jumps are killer after about 10 burpees. Holy Cow!!!! The second round of that circuit is even worse cuz your legs are already screaming for mercy. I totally recommend this DVD for an awesome workout.

Did I mention........I HATE JUMPING JACKS!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

My eating was kind of all over the place today. I ate some things I don't normally eat but I tried to eat them in moderation. You have to enjoy things sometimes so you don't feel deprived and then overindulge just to fill that desire. Overall it wasn't that bad....I am not going to dwell on it....tomorrow is a new day.

The Cute Girl

I don't know if I have ever posted about these feelings I have had but I was moved to write about them today.

During my journey I remember being so frustrated with my weight that I had just settled with the fact that I would always be chubby. I convinced myself that I would just have to be the "cute girl". I would never be the sexy or beautiful girl because I was too fat.

As I began to understand why I had eating issues I realized that I was trying to hide. As much as I wanted to lose weight I also was somewhat "comfortable" being fat because it was safe. I could hide from people and not draw attention to myself because I didn't think being fat was attractive.

I had seen women that were overweight and attractive but I didn't feel that way about myself. I guess what I thought was beautiful about other overweight women was something that was radiating from the inside out. They were confident with themselves and it showed on the outside.

I, on the other hand, was not confident in myself and I felt it. I was so miserable with myself and insecure with myself that I was living in my own hell. I was depressed and felt so lonely. For years I did a pretty good job of hiding these feelings and insecurities around other people.

I was able to be the "funny one" and the "strong one" but little did people know I was so weak. I was so miserable and depressed. I didn't even have the nerve to look at myself in the mirror. I hid from picture opportunities and did my best to hid behind large clothes.

I secretely hated the summer because I wouldn't be able to wear my hoodie or sweater that I used to cover up my fat. I have spent most summers wearing jeans the whole season even in 100+ degree weather because of my body image issues. Even though I have small legs, they made me feel misproportioned and self conscious.

I do love dresses, shorts, skirts and tank tops but I never felt confident enough in myself to wear them. I own them but stuck to my old reliable jeans and big baggy t-shirts.

I couldn't wait until the winter because it was easy for me to hide behind sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans and oversized clothes. I could blend in with everyone else and mask my insecurities. It was easier to just hid then to work hard to change. It was safer to mask my pain then it was to recieve more rejection or disappoitment because I couldn't measure up to the images of perfection and beauty.

I also remember sitting on the couch and hiding behind pillows because I didn't want anyone else to see my rolls. I tried my best to even be in denial of my own body issues because they were just to painful to tackle.

I tried year after year to take off the weight but always went back to my "I will just settle for being the cute chubby girl". BUT, I will no longer settle for that medocrity. I have found a new confidence in myself because I know that there is more to me then my outer appearance.

I am worth the time and effort it takes to achieve the body I desire to have. It is my duty and responsibility to take care of and respect this body God has blessed me with. I am His temple and His temple is sacred.

Coming to this realization has changed my perception and therefore has begun to change my body. The process has been slow but the results of the journey have been priceless. I don't have to strive to achieve anyone else's idea of perfection as long as I know I am in God's will. I am careful to hear His voice and direction, acknowledging Him in this process.

I now know and have embraced the fact that it is okay to be sexy, strong and confident without being vain and superficial. My goal is to become obedient and disciplined which will ultimately allow me to be all that God designed me to be. I don't have to settle for mediocrity because I am not mediocre. I am a powerful, strong and confident women and that IS BEAUTIFUL.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day #131

Food Journal:
9:15am Supplement
9:30am Breakfast- 5 egg whites w/ avacado and hot sauce, 1/4 c blackbeans, 1/2 c cereal w/ almond milk
12:00pm Snack- smoothie (1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 soy vanilla yogurt, frozen fruit)
2:30pm Lunch- veggie soup, tricuits, hot cocoa made w/ water and 1 tbsp of vanilla bean ice cream
Snack- Tricuits
5:45pm Supplement
6:00pm Dinner- small sweet potato w/ 1/2 c. chicken chili, sprinkle of cheese and dallop of sour cream
8:00pm Snack- Protein bar
9:30pm- cup of veggie soup
10:00pm Hot cocoa made w/ almond milk

Workout Journal:
30 minutes of strength training and leg work (no squats)

My knee is still a little swollen so I did some leg lifts and incorporated my resistance band.

I forgot to mention that I bought vanilla almond milk. The brand is Almond Breeze and they make it sweetened and unsweetened. The sweetened milk is 90 calories for an 8oz glass. The unsweetened milk is 40 calories per 8oz glass and tastes just like 1% milk. It is really yummy in cereal and smoothies. I am trying to eliminate all dairy products little by little. I found some soy ice cream that is pretty yummy too. It is made by So Delicious the same brand that makes my soy mini ice cream sandwhichs.
I also enjoy soy yogurt from Silk and The Wholesome Co. My next adventure will be soy cheese. I have heard Tofutti makes yummy sour cream and cream cheese so I am going to try them out. I will let you know what I think.

Today was a good day.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day #130

Daily Thought: Embrace each moment of your journey....they each have a purpose worth experiencing.

Food Journal:
Supplement: 8 oz of water w/ 3 tbsp of supplement
Breakfast- 4 egg whites, salsa, avacado, 1/2 cup of coffee
Snack- Triscuits
Lunch- nachos (chips, melted cheese and hot sauce), soy mini
Supplement: 6 oz of apple juice w/ 3 tbsp of supplement
Snack- homemade chili in a small sweet potato (made chili w/ ground chicken breast)
Dinner- homemade veggie soup w/ grains
Dessert- mint chocolate protein cookie (Luna bar brand)

No workout today. My knee is still bothering me a lot. I think it is best to let it heal and resume working out once the swelling goes down. If it is still hurting tomorrow I will just do some resistance training with my upper body.

I made some veggie soup today. I love when I have a big pot of this made. I enjoy it so much and it makes me feel really good because I am putting something healthy in my body. These are the veggies I used today: yellow squash, grey mexican squash, zucchini, chayote, bok choy, leeks, celery, carrots, onion, cilantro, and fire roasted tomatoes. YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!

I also started taking my new supplements today. It tastes pretty good but the flaxseeds give it a gritty texture so it tastes better in juice. It actually gave me energy because it helps stabilize my blood sugars. It also helps with your digestive system so of course I was no stranger to the bathroom. It was nothing horrible it just helped ease things along.

I also bought a new protein cookie. It is made by Luna Bar but it is an actual cookie. It was a mint chocolate cookie and it tasted pretty good. It has about the same calories as the bars, maybe a little less. Try it and let me know what you think.

My mother in law commented today about how she can notice I am getting smaller. She said I look more narrow. That made me feel good for someone else to notice the hard work I am putting in. She told me I needed to buy new pants because the ones I have are getting baggy. I am waiting until I lose another 10 lbs before I do that though. I told her that the scale was moving very slowly but she told me not to focus on that because she could definitely tell I am shrinking. :))))) That feels good!!!!

Today was a good day. Thanks for checking in and keeping me accountable.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day #129

Food Journal:
12:00pm- burrito (lean ground turkey, tortilla, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, salsa)
2:30pm- 1/2 grilled chicken torta, sprite
6:30pm- 1/2 cheese tamale
Almond Joy, and 1/2 a cookie
9:00pm- quesadilla (1 tortilla w/ cheese and turkey, avacado, salsa, sour cream)
10:00pm- Tricuits
11:30pm- cereal w/ almond milk

No workout. Abs only.

I was gone alllll day. It was horrible outside with the rain but I had some things I had to do. My knee was hurting today I don't know why. I think I may have hurt it from my workouts and since it is cold and rainy it caused it to swell. I don't know but I had to take an 800mg ibiprofen. I hope to workout tomorrow.

I bought a supplement today at the mexican market. It says that it helps reduce blood sugar, lower cholestoral and helps with weight loss. It has different fruits, cactus and flaxseed in it. I am supposed to mix it in water or any other liquid and drink it 10-15 minutes before my meals. I am going to try it out and see what it does.

I also bought a lot of fresh veggies to make a big pot of soup tomorrow. Yummy. Nothing better then soup when it is cold and rainy. I read an article that says veggie soup helps your body detox, strengthens your immune system and helps with weight loss. I totally agree!!!!

See you tomorrow! ;)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day #128

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast: cereal w/ 1% milk and 1/2 banana
12:00pm Lunch: citrus chicken w/ rice (frozen entree), salsa, avacado and kashi crackers
Snack: apple sauce
Treat: soy mini ice cream sandwhich
6:30pm Dinner: 2 mini taco cups, 3 mini chicken empanadas
7:30pm hot cocoa (w/ water) 1 tbsp of vanilla bean ice cream in my hot cocoa (yummy)

No workout today. I am very sore from the last two days of working out so I decided to rest.

I tried this new thing I saw on Oprah today. I was already planning on making burritos for dinner but I saw this really cool idea on a cooking segment she did.
You take Phillo dough and put them in a muffin tin and bake them in the oven until crispy. Then you fill the cups with all the stuff you would put in a taco. So you skip the calories of tortillas and frying. It was a really cool idea. Luckily I had some left over Phillo dough so I got to try it out.

I put a little bit of butter in each muffin cup and folder the sheets of dough until they fit forming a little cup. I made taco meat out of lean ground turkey meat and fresh guacamole. We topped the taco cups with sour cream, shredded cheese, and salsa. They were so yummy. I will definitley be making them again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day #127

Daily Thought: God has marked my territory and established my boundaries. Who is to say I can not achieve what He has ordained for me? With God nothing is impossible.

Food Journal:
11:30 am Breakfast- 4 egg whites, salsa and avacado, coffee
Fat free brownie (about 110 calories)
2:30 pm Snack- Kashi veggie crackers
5:00pm Dinner- grilled chicken salad (Only a drizzle of dressing. I squeezed some fresh lemon and lime juice on it instead)
6:30pm half of a fat free brownie (They are all gone thanks to me. Just kidding. I baked 11 of them. I gave away two, my mom ate one or two and I ate the rest. WOW! That was too many brownies for me to be eating. I can't bake those ever again; I know they are fat free but not calorie free. I was not supposed to eat the whole batch in 3 days;)
7:00pm Dessert- soy mini ice cream sandwhich (as if the brownie was not enough):
11:00pm Snack- Kashi veggie crackers

No More Trouble Zone DVD (toning circuits)

I have been fighting a little cold the last couple of days. I have had this dry cough that has been waking me up early in the morning and keeping me up for atleast 30 minutes. I am getting rid of it, I think. I bought some cough medicine and have finally been able to sleep through the night. Thank God. ;) I don't want to get sick because it will once again take me off of my routine. I do not want another opposition getting in the way of my progress. I have finally met one of my goals and I don't want to go back. :(

I worked out pretty late tonight. I prefer working out earlier because I am too sluggish at night. I was really anxious to workout but I had to wait until my mom was done watching a movie in the living room. My workout got done and I am happy. I was really sore today from my workout yesterday. The feeling of accomplishment and progress...ahhhh....I love it!!!!

Oh I forgot to tell you.........I HATE JUMPING JACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have had people comment on how I am confident. That is kind of a foreign word to me because I have always struggled with insecurities. What people perceive to be confidence is really just faith.

I know that my outer appearance is far from what others may perceive to be perfect. I have yet to achieve many of the goals I have set for myself. I still have a lot to learn and a lot to work on.

The one thing I have learned though is that who I am has nothing to do with what others can see with their natural eyes. The confidence that others see is really my faith in God. I trust that God has designed me for His plan and purpose. I am confident in His love for me and therefore I can walk with my head held high. I know that who I am and all that I will ever be is wrapped up in Him.

I don't build my confidence on the way I look because my flesh is flawed and it changes. I am confident in who I am in God's eyes because He sees me as perfect. I am purposely designed to fit His divine plan. Having that realization sets you free from the mindset of never being good enough, pretty enough or skinny enough.

You no longer strive to fill in someone else's shoes or live up to someone else's expectations. You rest in your identity in God. You trust that where you are and where you are headed are controlled by Him. That is faith.......and true confidence.

Day #126

Daily Thoughts: Give with a pure heart and you will always reap a plentiful harvest.

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast: 4 egg whites w/ turkey, salsa and avacado
fat free brownie
12:30pm Snack- Kashi veggie crackers, grapes
2:30pm Lunch- teriyaki chicken w/ rice and veggies (frozen entree), chips and salsa
4:30pm Dinner- 2 tbsps of red beans w/ rice and ground turkey, 1 1/2 cups of broccoli, 2 mini pieces of garlic bread
7:30pm green tea latte w/ soy milk (Starbucks)
10:00pm supreme croissant sandwhich w/ avacado, chips w/ salsa
fat free brownie

50 minutes intense cardio (Turbo Jam w/ weighted hand gloves)

Today is a rest day for me but I decided to workout. I didn't feel like doing my Jillian workout so I did one of my old workout tapes. I noticed my fitness level has increased. I know that the circuit training I have been doing has been really working for me. I notice the changes in my body as well as in my endurance.

I kind of went overboard with my brownies today. I think I actually ate 3 but I am not sure. I am about to start my "you know what" so my hormones are a little off. :)

Jazzy and I went to volunteer today and we had to pack some pretty heavy bags. I think we each made 40+ bags. I lost count but it seemed like a lot because they were extra heavy. My back, hips and left arm were really hurting today. I am sure I burned some good calories with this activity too.

The bags we packed had 2 cans of beef stew, 1 can of beans w/ franks, 3 chocolate milk boxes, 1 juice box, 3 applesauces, 3 granola bars, 3 bags of sunflower seeds, 3 packages of cheese crackers, 3 packages of fruit snacks, 3 tapioca puddings, and 3 single serving cereal boxes. The bag had to atleast weigh 10lbs. They were heavy enough to make my arm go numb...LOL!

I will be going again tomorrow. I hope the bags are not as heavy as today :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day #125

Daily Thoughts: Loving myself is not vain.

Food Journal:
9:30am Breakfast- 3 egg whites w/ turkey and avacado, small bowl of cereal w/ 1/2 banana

2:30pm Small Snack- a couple of wheat thins
3:30pm Sampling at Fresh and Easy- chicken tortilla soup, pasta primavera, chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookie (Guess this was enough food to count as lunch;)(these are served in little dixie cups)
4:00pm Snack- chips and salsa
5:00pm Dinner- 1 1/2 c. of red beans and rice w/ ground turkey meat, 3 mini slices of bread w/ butter

Dessert- 1 fat free brownie (No Pudge Fudge Brownie;)

9:30pm Snack- Kashi veggie crackers and some tortilla chips

Workout Journal:
40 min DVD (Burn Fat Blast Metabolism)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Keep Pushing

Everyone may not understand or support the goals and vision you are pursuing but you have to keep pushing. You can't let the lack of support keep you from moving forward towards them. I have posted before about different people I have come across along my journey. There are some who don't understand or maybe even care about what I am trying to achieve. Not matter who is or isn't in my corner I will keep pressing.

There are some people who may think you are crazy for the thoughts and beliefs you have. They may not agree with the paths you chose to take in order to reach your destined place. Some may say "we have your back...we are here to support you" and then they leave you because they lose interest and never really cared in the first place. I have ran across all of those people.

The thing with me is that I take things very serious. I don't just look at things one way. I really try to see everything I do through the eyes of God. I try to approach things from a spiritual stand point. That may turn a lot of people off but I don't care. It used to hurt my feelings but I know that there is no other way I would rather do it. I know how far I have come doing things the way I do. I can never and will never change who I am or the way I believe for anyone but God.

So no matter what your thoughts, beliefs, goals, dreams or visions are for have to keep pushing forward. Never let anyone or anything steal your vision or desire to want to achieve your goals. Keep a positive attitude and NEVER give up.

Day #124

Daily Thought: Living in fear of the future only keeps you from living in the present.

Food Journal:
12:00pm Breakfast: burrito (3 egg whites, turkey, avacado, lite mayo, tortilla)
3:30pm Lunch: teriyaki chicken bowl (frozen entree) w/ avacado, hot cocoa made w/ water
5:30pm Snack: cereal w/ 1/2 banana (bought a new yummy cereal)

This cereal is yummy because it is not too sweet. It is sweetened with fruit and cane juice. It was on sale so I bought it to try out. I will continue to buy this cereal as often as I can. This is also a yummy snack for little toddlers (like Eddie;) to snack on while mommy is making her own meal.
8:30pm Dinner: pasta salad (pasta, turkey, avacado) tossed in herb dressing

Dessert- apple sauce, grapes and 4 almonds (Jazzy made it for me:)

11:30pm Snack- grapes

Workout Journal:
45 min Zumba

Today was a good day with my food. I will be going shopping tomorrow for some veggies. I want to eat some fish but I am really funny about what kind to buy. It can also be pricey for good, healthy, clean fish. I prefer fish that is not fishy. I know salmon is good but I can't get into it. I have eaten some good salmon but it is too fishy for me. I prefer Talapia, Mahi Mahi and red snapper. I heard Orange Roughy is not bad either. I will have to try different fish out and see what I like the best. Shrimp is also good but it can also be fishy.

I had a good workout today. I taught my Zumba class and worked up a good sweat. It is about 35 minutes of non stop dancing, 9 min warm up and 5 min cool down. I try to keep my energy level pretty high when teaching so it makes me work harder and sweat. I couldn't record the class because I forgot to buy batteries for my camera. I will record next weeks.