Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 2

Today's thoughts: Consistancy is Key!!!

Food Journal:
Breakfast: No breakfast slept in late
Lunch: Soy patty in corn tortilla quesadilla W/ salsa
Dinner: baked turkey meat chimicangas, lite ceasar salad
Soy ice cream sandwhich
water, water and more water

45 min sculting DVD (turbo scult and tone)
20 min cardio DVD (turbo jam)

Final thoughts:
I am proud of myself for sticking to my workout schedule. Food intake was not to bad. I do need to make it a point to eat breakfast. I must work on that tomorrow. Even if it's just a protein shake.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 1

Today's thoughts:
I am the temple of God. I must think of my body as a sacred vessel because I contain the spirit of God. I am in control through God's spirit of what goes into my body. If I am diligent in my food intake and exercise then I can live a long, healthy life. I don't have to die from a disease. I can educate myself on proper nutrition and exercise. Today I feel strong and ready to begin this journey.

Food Journal:
Breakfast: cheerios, half an english muffin with lowfat cream cheese and a slice of turkey breast.
Liquid life vitamins
snack: handful of raw almonds
Lunch: didn't eat lunch today. (not good, I know)
Snacked on some chips with Jazzy. (not too good, I know)
Dinner: fish, rice and brocoli (lean cuisine)
Treat: soy ice cream sandwhich (90 calories)
Lots of water all day long and green tea

45 minute workout video (Turbo Jam)

Ending thoughts: Today was the first day of this journey and I am pretty happy with it. I didn't eat lunch because I had a late breakfast and wasn't really hungry. I did have a snack and had an early dinner. I know I must keep up my eating and be consistant with my meals because it will ramp up my metabolism. I need to go grocery shopping so I am better prepared. I did fill up my water jugs so I can drink one gallon of water a day. Overall I think I did a great job but I know I have room to improve. It is not about deprivation. It is about moderation and making the right choices. See y'all tomorrow.

Weight Loss

I created this post to take you along my journey of weight loss. I believe that it is important to log your emotions as well as activities and food intake during this process. Many times our eating habits are associated with our emotions. We eat because we are happy, sad, depressed, bored or lonely. I know this has been one of the reasons that I have struggled with my weight loss. At my heaviest I weighed 245 lbs. I began to try to lose weight because I wanted to feel better about myself. I thought that if I changed my apperance I would be happier. I achieved an initial 50 pound weight loss but still continued the struggle with my weight and body image for several years.

What I have come to realize since then is that the journey of weight loss is much deeper then what we have been focused on. Many times we do seek weight loss for vanity issues and sadly we sabotage our efforts. It is deeper then what we eat and how much we work out. It is about our emotional and spiritual well being. We must start the work within before we can ever achieve successful and permanent weight loss.

Due to my frustration I began to seek God and came to the realization that my body is a reflection of my obedience and self control. It is not just about me taking care of my spiritual being that brings honor to God. My natural body is also an image of God. I have to be a reflection of His love through how I treat my body and love myself. I must learn to respect and honor this vessel that God has made to contain His spirit. The bible tells us that we are temples of God. Our bodies are His temple. His spirit dwells within us. How can I bring honor and glory to God if my body is falling apart? How do I manifest His strength if I can not walk a flight of stairs without passing out? We must manifest God's glory naturally as well as spiritually. I can't just focus on transformning my spiritual being. I must also be diligent about how I keep God's natural body.

God tells us in His word according to Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap". This has a natural and spiritual meaning. God's word can be applied in many different ways. The way I would apply this to the up keep of my temple is that what ever your sow into your body that shall you reap. So if I am eating processed and high fat foods then my body will reap the harvest of that seed. Disease and obesity form when we are negligent and ignorant about the food we consume and how they affect our bodies. God made this temple and I should educate myself on how to take care of it so that I may be an effective vessel and bring glory to His name.